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How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program

How to Make Money from Hostgator Affiliate Program

It’s been more than an year, that I’m an affiliate with Hostgator. Every month, I make almost 1200$+ from Hostgator Affiliate program. Just in case, if you are new to Hostgator, you should check our Hostgator review.

Hostgator offers unlimited hosting with quality customer support and being a user of Hostgator myself, I had no issues referring some one to Hostgator. This way, it’s a win-win situation for me. I recommend people for one of the finest shared hosting and every successful referral makes minimum $50 for me. Have you ever thought instead of paying for hosting, you may end up make money from Hostgator hosting. Like all other hosting, Hostgator also offers an affiliate program.

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Hostgator Affiliate program

Hostgator Affiliate program:

Hostgator affiliate program is open for all and anyone can sign up with them without requirement to have a hosting account with them. Though my advice would be, it’s better to use something before you recommend it to anyone.

Check out Hostgator hosting

How to get started with Hostgator Affiliate program:

Before we get into details about Hostgator Affiliate program, here is a quick income proof from Hostgator aff. prog.

hosgatoraffiliateincome thumb

Signing up with their aff. program is easy and anyone can join them right away. Go to Hostgator site and click on affiliate and sign up for a free aff. account.

Once you signed up with them, go to your account information and update your payment settings.

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Payment option:

You can get paid by Check or PayPal. For easy and quick payment, I would suggest use Paypal.

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Custom coupon code:

Hostgator also allows you to create custom coupon code, using it you can offer 25% off or $9.94 coupon code. Though never use you own coupon code for signing up.  These coupon code will be very useful in branding. For example, I have created coupon codes “Shoutmeloud” “shoutmeloud25” “Wphostingdiscount” and so on. This way, I can offer different customized coupon for my different websites. Be wise, when you create a coupon code, as limit for custom coupon code is 10.

customcouponcode thumb

Unlimited Affiliate income:

The best thing which I like about Hostgator affiliate program is they pay you according to number of referrals. For example if you refer 9 people, you will be earning

  • 9 * $75: $675
  • 11* $100: $1100
  • 21 *$125: $2625

So more referrals you will have, you will be making more money out of it. I usually target 11+ referral every month.

Some issues with Hostgator aff:

Though many users have reported about unpaid payment from their aff. program and many referrals shows as inactive, or fraud.

hostgatorfraudissues thumb

Hostgator pays only for active account and not for those account who signed up but never uploaded website on their server. More over, a user can sign up for only one hosting account, if they sign up for another hosting account, the referral is voided.

So far, I have not faced any issue with Hostgator affiliate program and successfully running it from an year. At the time of writing, they have made total payment of $12000+ to me and more than $4000 is unpaid. It worked for me and if you do it in the right manner, this hosting affiliate program will work for you too.

Here is a video showing how to get started with Webhosting affiliate program:

Sign up for Hostgator affiliate program.

Do let us know if you were aware of make money from Hostgator affiliate program or you completely new to this concept? If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Nitin

    Hello Harsh,
    Is there any article on your website to fill Form W8-BEN (for foreign residents and companies) on Hostgator.
    Because I started my website recently. and i got commisiion on Hostgator but they are requiring to fill form W8-BEN for non US resident.

    I have PAN card(India) only and have a bank account and active Paypal account.
    I am getting so problems to fill these form because I have no “SSN or ITIN or EIN”, “Reference number(s)” and all below text field in hostgator affiliation.

    So please allow me to know “How to fill this form”
    Must reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Tarun Gautam

    I have a doubt!!!! I checked Hostgator-In website and there the rate for per signup is different.i am lil confused abt it ..Do they pay according to signup location or clear my thoughts suppose I got a sale from India so i will get a comission as per Hostgtor.Com or .in ???

  • neha gajjar

    Thank you so much Mr. Harsh Agrawal for sharing your knowledge with us. i am really njoy your article and whenever i visit your blog i found something new.
    again thank you so much.

  • Raj Kumar

    Hi Harsh, Your article is very useful I have one question i.e if any one only purchase hosting from hostgator using affiliate link or coupon and linked it from other domain which he purchased from other service provider like go-daddy etc. then an affiliate get commission or not?

  • Danish Ahmad

    Sir, kindly let me know one thing. If I promote the affiliate link on my facebook page also besides my website, will that violate any of HostGator’s policy or terms?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      You dan promote it on your Facebook page..That’s not against their policy… But if you are using Facebook ads or Google Ads to promote your affiliate link, you should check their name bidding policy…

  • Istiak Rayhan

    I also made some good amount from HostGator affiliate program. Best way to generate more sale is, to promote the special offers like Black Friday.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • udit

    How to delete hostgator affiliate account ?

  • Shahbaz Khatri

    Hello Harsh,

    I just want to that if my 1 sale is listed as fraud now can i make it active again by doing something with my account plz reply me fast i m in a gr8 problem


    • Harsh Agrawal

      You can’t do anything to make such sale active…. Only if you know the guy who bought the hosting, and if he never had a Hostgator account with registered Email Id which he used for signing up, you can contact their support team, and give them the info…. It might work..

  • George

    Hi Harsh, I recently landed on this blog and i thing that i can make a huge income but some are question in my mind like…
    * There are many offline people near me who ask me for getting their website made and If i refer them from my blogs hostgator banner, then will i be awarded commission for that ????

  • Tanay Talesra

    Harsh, suppose I request payment for my commission using PayPal. So will PayPal charge for this transaction? If yes, then how much will it deduct from $97?

  • Esther Paul

    This is nice and it will help many who like to go for web hosting as they can get things at discount price.

    So its win win for both.

    Thanks for the information Harsh

  • Satheesh Kumar

    Can you ever tried to get your amount via check from hostgator? Tell me the approx time when it will reach my city (Chennai)?

  • Ammar Ali

    Hi Harsh,
    I recently signed up for hostgator affiliate. And set my payment method via check because Paypal is not available in my country (Pakistan). I heard that Hostgator Checks never reaches. Is it true?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Ammar if normal postal comes to your address without fail, I believe it won’t be an issue. Though, you should try and let us know your experience. Which is most likely to be positive, atleast with PayPal my experience with Hostgator aff, has always been positive.

  • Michael Aulia

    I’ve only managed to get a few sales a year even with good traffic per day. Either I’m doing something wrong or it’s because my blog is not in blogging niche

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @Michael It converts well only when you are getting targeted traffic. Specially, when people are looking for Hosting and then they see your ad or read your post. A normal visitor might click but will never convert into sales. It’s a better idea to get more targeted visitors.
      For the same, I have implemented a hosting blog and conversion on that blog is more than ShoutMeLoud, even with less traffic.
      You can check out at

  • vibuz

    This is really good. But we need great traffic to get such conversions….

  • Ajay singh bisht

    thats really big money…gosh ! people are not earning that much with adsense…good job harsh..

  • Jasmine

    Thank you for the sharing. It is really inspirational to see how much you are making every month from HostGator just by promoting them. Anyway, HostGator is really a very good web hosting company, I myself is hosting a few blogs and websites with them and so far I have only praises for them.

    My previous months revenue from them have been pretty good also. Your report further testifies this web hosting company!

    Let’s make some serious money from HostGator!

  • Shekhar@AlongITdotcom

    That really a nice income from one single source. It is really a boosting for their affiliate. I hope the trick used for promoting them is more important for earning.

  • Rahul

    “Hostgator pays only for active account and not for those account who signed up but never uploaded website on their server.”
    As you told earlier and later in comments too, that one can be a hostgator affiliate without having a hosting account with it. Please clear the “uploading of website” thing.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      If I buy a Webhosting package from Hostgator using your link, but don’t install WordPress, or host a Website on my hosting… It will be counted as inactive account.. And you will not receive a commission for the same…

  • fazal mayar

    thats big time money harsh, I also offer monthly hostgator coupon code on my blog but i need tips from you . :)

  • doroki

    This is great and amazing figure that you are earning from one affiliate account. Coupon Code details and effective use needs to be understand. But one more thing is that you need good traffic to your site. By the way it seems great way to earn money.

  • Suraj @Smartfatblogger

    Thanks for sharing this. Is it compulsory that you need to host on hostgator to become an affiliate?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      No…YOu can be an affiliate with them without having any hosting account.

  • Sahil BJ

    what about coupon code generation ??

  • Atish

    where is the option to create custom coupons?

    • Shekhar@AlongITdotcom

      When you log into your account, you will see create custom coupon option their only.

  • abhilash

    great article sir, can you explain about coupon code generation. how they charge.

  • Sonali Joshi

    i also had 4 signup’s last month but 2 are showing inactive now :(

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @Sonali That happens..and do remember if those domains will not get active in 60 days, you will not get commission for those sales..

  • Michael Aulia

    Wow, that’s some serious earnings from HostGator! I’m only able to get a few commissions so far. Should have worked harder like you to get more!

  • Pratap Reddy

    Till now i have tried affiliate products of my niche only. By reading this article i came to know that hosting companies also pays good affiliate commission. Thanks for the information.

  • Pradeep Bhandari

    I am no good in affiliate program but gonna give a try to hostgator affiliate program…btw you got a really good commission on feb :D

  • Harry Sehgal

    Thanks Harsh I am already using this Affiliate Program. Hostgator is the best Host Provider.

  • Surender Markam

    I think its needs lots of traffic to achieve this much of referral. btw thank you for sharing with us.

    • Jean-Michel Mailhot

      I only get 40-80 uniques per day to my squeeze page and refers over 60 refs per month. You dont need lots of traffic, you simply need good conversion rate!

    • zack

      u dont need lot trafic for 21 person per month can do easly by offering free web design in your town and force client to register from it use just wordpress free template and fire it up if u have 21 / month is 21*125

  • Rahul Ghosh

    Dude where do you market your hostgator service and by Referrals you mean Those who buy hosting packages right? How much commissions do i get for referring domain purchases.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      First, I won’t recommend buying domains from Hostgator, as they charge $15/domain, which is costlier than what you pay at Godaddy or ShoutMydomain.
      I usually promote it within blog post….. And yes, referral means when people go and buy it…(Affiliate commission)…
      They pay $50/sale for first 5
      $75 5-10 sales
      $100 10-20 sales
      For sales above 21, you will be getting $125 sale..

  • ifham khan

    I thinks it is the best and easiest way to earn lots of money. b/w I have a question that can we use refferal through mailing to people allowing them to use our refferal via email??

    • aman

      yes you can send the affliate link through mail aswell…

  • shashank chinchli

    GODaddy never paid me well. Switching to Hostgator !
    Planning to add a the banner besides LOGO of my blog.
    thanks for this post buddy.

    • Saurabh

      Switching to Hostgator will not be a good idea unless U get some targeted traffic …
      Harsh U agree??


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