How To Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags

When I posted about How to recover from Google panda, I mentioned that let your quality pages indexed by Google and keep others as noindex but dofollow. This goes for your tags, categories, author and monthly archive pages. There are two solid reasons to Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags

  • Avoid post duplication issue
  • Only quality pages will become part of search.

Second reason is very important after Google panda algo is live, as Google mentioned that Google panda focus on quality content. Obviously your tags and categories pages can’t be considered as quality pages for search engine. They are good for user-navigation but doesn’t add any value to search engine. Many WordPress users are not aware of how they can keep WordPress blog tags and categories as noindex. Here I’m sharing ways by which you can add noindex attribute to your category and tag pages.

Ways to noindex WordPress Categories and Tags:

No-index your tags and categories:

This part is subjective as it depends on what SEO plugin you are using. If you are using SEO plugins like SEO by yoast or All in one SEO, follow the links I listed below, where I have explained how you can no index tags, categories and also your author archive pages.

If you are using your them SEO option, you need to use no index option in front of tags and categories archive. If you are not really sure of this technical term, watch this video where you will learn everything about SEO of your WordPress blog:

Do let us know if you are keeping your WordPress tags and categories as noindex or doindex? Which method are you using to keep them noindex? Also you might like to read about How to manage WordPress tags effectively.

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. says

    Great advice. I have WordPress and Yoast’s SEO plug in. I thought I had deindexed tags, under the “XMLSitemap” option to “exclude taxonomies”, but apparently I hadn’t. There is another place, under the “taxonomies” tab which is in the “titles and metas” section. Here there is another option to exclude tags, categories, then under the “Other” tab is a way to exclude author and date pages from the index.
    I am praying that now, finally, I have done enough to get them out of the index.
    Wish it wasn’t so complicated.
    Thanks for your great advice and video.

  2. Kenal Louis says

    Thank you for sharing this. Much needed, I will try this to see if it help me resolve my duplication issues.

  3. Patrick M says

    I personally use WordPress SEO by Yoast to to keep my cats and tags as noindex. They can be very low quality, and I mean like really low quality on your site. These are also great tips you shared. Kudos.

  4. Jemma Taylor says

    Nice explanation. However I am in a mess here. I never noindexed my categories, and in current situation I have some really high ranking categories and even some very high ranking posts!!

  5. Shafi Ahamed says

    Will this way of adding robots text can help no index of category paginated posts for ex. /category/somename/page/2/ ?


    Disallow: /category/*/page/

  6. Asho says

    Thanks for the information… I like to know where i need to select “Add noarchive meta tag”, Dmoz and yahoo directory… i hope they too affect the site ranking…

  7. Irfan says

    Just because of SML i recovered from panda affect. Every article in this blog’s on SEO helps me a lot. Reading this article tells how to noindex these attributes but how do i make dofollow?

  8. Fayaz Ahmad says

    This is a great tip to allow bots to crawl only quality post . I was aware of this before . What i was searching in google to know that how many pages were indexed it was showing me around 3X results than my post because it was crawling every tag and categories of my blog .

  9. Seobricks says

    Thanks harsh for sharing these tips for blocking categories and tags especially useful for WordPress blogs.

  10. Kimi says

    I really like Robots meta plugin, because I have used it before I used Thesis theme.

    Very handy and easy to use to achieve having nofollow on tags or categories.

    • says

      Kimi there is no benefit of keeping them nofollow.. The idea is to keep it noindex but dofollow.. It’s better to keep all internal links as dofollow, as it will help in deep indexing.