How To Install WordPress on Hostgator cPanel [With Pictures]

Want to install your own WordPress blog?

Do you know WordPress powers 22% of the Website in the world, & it’s simplest blogging software which you can install.

Getting started with WordPress is quite easy, and the very first step is to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Most of the shared hosting for WordPress offers quick script to install WordPress, and you don’t have to take manual route to create your WordPress blog. Here I will be sharing steps you need to follow to install WordPress on hostgator hosting. Hostgator offers various hosting packages and I suggest you to pick baby package which cost only $6.95/month and offers unlimited hosting package. You can learn more about Hostgator on their official page here. ( Use coupon code – shoutmeloud30 to get 30% off on your bill).

Install WordPress on Hostgator

Step by step guide to install WordPress on Hostagtor:

One of the fastest and easiest way to Install WordPress on your hosting account is using QuickInstall. It will make the installation process easy and within minutes you will have your WordPress blog installed, up and running.

Hostagtor offers various ways by which you can install WordPress on their server.

  • Manual
  • Quick Install
In this WordPress installation guide, we will be using the QuickInstall method on Hostgator to install WordPress. This is one of the easiest way to get started with WordPress & within 5 minutes your WordPress site will be up. Follow this guide and feel free to ask questions if you have any:

Login to your Hostgator web panel. Under services/Software click on QuickInstall.

QuickInstall WordPress Hostgator

On the QuickInstall page you need to select “WordPress’ under blog software category on left side.

Select WordPress Blog software

On the next page, Click on continue and from drop-down select the domain on which you want to install WordPress blog.

Here you can decide where you want to install WordPress. Either at the root of the directory or under sub domain. For example :

  • Root Directory :
  • Sub directory :

If you are new to Hostgator and have a baby plan or above plan, you can add as many domains as you want and you can host multiple websites on single hosting package.

Make sure that you don’t use “admin” as username, as this is a security risk. Rather use your email address or your nickname. The point is to make it really hard to guess. Before hitting the magic button Install WordPress, Cross check if you have done everything right. Else rolling back things will consume time.

Hostgator WordPress Installation

It will take few minutes and your WordPress blog will be installed on Hostgator server and you can access your WordPress dashboard by going to “” (Replace with your actual domain name)

Make sure you add your email here. So that an information about the installation will be send to your Email blog.

What to do after installing WordPress blog?

Since you have understood the installation of WordPress. It’s time for now to configure your WordPress blog. Head over to following tutorial and link to theme resource and plugins which will help you to configure your WordPress blog.

Essential WordPress tutorials After Installing WP

WordPress Theme resource

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  1. S.Chakraborty says


    If I have to buy the hostgator baby plan, is still the coupon code ( shoutmeloud30) applicable?

    Waiting for your reply.

  2. says

    I was looking for a suitable Hostgator tutorial for a member of my family as I am not really familiar with it. This really helped them get their WordPress blog up and running. Thanks.

  3. Vipul jain says

    Just on a random day on internet i found a service that google and hostgator are providing a free domain and free web hosting for 1 year for small business holders.I want to install wordpress on my domain.But i don’t find any option of fantastico on cpanel.
    so,now can i now install wordpress on Hostgator.
    Any other alternative..
    domain is

    • says

      What you talking about is IndiaGetOnline, which is an initiative from Google & hostgator together… Which is indeed a great initiative, but for technical people like you, I won’t recommend that service, as it comes with great number of limitations… Like you can’t install WordPress on it, and you have to use Website builder to make most out of it…

  4. says

    Thanks You! Great tutorial… do you have article on how to transfer host gator in another host gator account? My website is on but i want it to transfer in another host gator account..

  5. Animish says

    Hi Harsh!

    You can easily see Quick Install software above Fantastico in the image. Installing WordPress with Fantastico will only give you WordPress, while that with Quick Install will give you WordPress as well as WP SuperCache with recommended settings. Also, quick install is more user friendly. You should update about this.

    • says

      I would probably come up with a separate article for Quick Install software, WordPress installation. I always prefer to use clean WordPress install, and add all essential plugins, and make necessary changes after that. Though, I’m sure Quick install method would be useful for many.

  6. Nizam says

    Installing WordPress from Hostgator is really easy with Fantastico, it is really helpful for newbies. Thanks Harsh for this wonderful and easy to follow guide :)

  7. Ravi Kochhar says

    Hi Harsh,
    What is better – to install wordpress manually or through Fantastico?
    Secondly is it good to have multiple installations on single database? Or we should have separate installation for each domain?
    If we have multiple installations on single database can we have separate FTP accounts for each domain? From security point of view which is better?
    Your quick response and advise is much appreciated.

  8. piyush says

    very usefull information to me
    sir i wanna ask that hostgator provide any support number by which we can ask any problem related to server aur website?

  9. Pankaj says

    Ya completely Agree with harsh Hostgator is best in its catogary and so as the wordpress so go with hostgator

  10. abhi says

    It is some what difficult if we are installing word press but for the beginners your post will really helpful. Because the way you explained with screen shots are very straight forward. Keep up with these type of posts.

  11. Sahil Kotak says

    That’s one of the simplest thing to do! But, after installing it you need lot of things to do.

  12. Patricia@lavenderuses says

    Hi Harsh

    I found this article really useful. I set up my WordPress blog with Hostgator almost 12 months ago. I am about to set up more sites that will be mini-sites for different affiliate programs so this was on topic for me :-)

    Really pleased with Hostgator who give excellent support. Have always found them helpful and will stay with them for all my new blogs too. I’m going to read through your other articles too. Thanks Harsh for sharing in a clear, concise manner that a newbie will find easy to understand and be able to implement. Apprecited.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  13. Mozz says

    Thank you so much for this, I just bought a site through them, and wanted to do this, but couldnt figure it out..
    So thank you very much appreciated..

  14. Gulbarga News says

    i have about 5 blogs installed on hostgator shared hosting and never had down time, they are awesome…

  15. Sagar Rai says

    I guess this is very simple and common tips. The autoinstaller is something built for newbie and I think this article was just a waste. You could instead write on MANUAL installation of wordpress on hostgator which would be more challenging than repeating the same here.

    • says

      Hey Sagar
      For a regular user like you, it may sound useless, since you know this already…
      But for a newbie, such articles are really helpful…
      I imagine myself 2 years back.. Such article could be a life saver for me.. !!
      In case if you require a tutorial on manual WordPress installation, do let me know via Contact form and I would come up with an article for the same..!!

  16. Usi says

    Hi, your coupon code only valid for baby plan or other plans too? becuase if we apply this for other plan it will be free.

    and I really need a good host in 2-3 days. make me sure please, you can mail me if possible.

    • says

      Hey Usi
      This coupon code is valid for all the plans.
      I could not understand how it will be free..This coupon code will give you 20% off on total amount.
      Or alternatively you can use Coupon code SHOUTMELOUD to get first month webhosting for $0.01

    • says

      Swamykant That article is complete useless.. Since WordPress upgrade issue which he pointed it’s the same with Fantastico or without it..
      he should have changed the article title to why you should manually update WordPress.

  17. Joynal Abedin says

    Thanks for your easy step by step guide on how to install wordpress on HostGator using Fantastico.

  18. vijay says

    WordPress and Hostgator are two essential thing for bloggers to set up their website, your tutorial explains clearly abouth how to setup worpress in hostgator.Thanking you :) …

  19. Jhangora says

    I just got a hostgator account. I am able to install wordpress in the root directory and enter the WP dashboard but when I click on the visit website button I get the default hostgator page.