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How to Deliver Quality Blog Content?

How to Deliver Quality Blog Content?

If you have been writing for some time then you too might have suffered from the writer’s block, i.e. not able to gain any more ideas to write. But getting out of the writer’s block is not the topic I am going to discuss in the post. For that you can refer to our earlier posts :

The topic of discussion for this post would be how to write quality articles without disrupting your posting frequency and not finding out a nice topic to write upon. Well, I’m sure that you would face a hard time creating quality content for your blog at regular intervals. Therefore, here are some tips that will help you create quality content constantly.

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Write quality content


Schedule your activities

Managing your time is really important, and scheduling what you have to do and when you have to do it is a great way to do it. Carving out a schedule will not help until you stick to it. You can divide your time for writing, branding , link building etc.

Decide what you want to write

Well you can generalize the topics that you can write about and keep them stored in the form of a list. Moreover you can try mindmapping to generate ideas for you to write about.

Now that you have decided what topics to write, schedule out a date sheet to decide when you are going to write on a specific topic.

What is the best time to write?

I write according to my mood and whenever I want to. And I try to more than one write articles when I am kind of enjoying it, as then it doesn’t seem to be a boring or a tedious job to me.

Just figure out when is your mind full of ideas and you really want to express them.This is the best time to write your articles and you would produce the best piece of writing you ever can.

Note down everything you read

Well unknowingly we are grasping much more information that we think we are. Apart from the main content, we learn a lot from the comments and the links provided in the main content.
Well you need to remember all that you read, and share it with your readers in every article of yours. It’s nearly impossible to remember everything and that’s why I suggest noting them down as points.

Do share your suggestions and feedback with us. And do share what do you do in order to deliver the type of content your readers expect you to do.

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  • Karan labra

    Saleah, Naheel and Prashant for your feedback!

  • PR @ AlmostLikeEverything!

    I totally Agree with you karan, when we are full of ideas and in a mood to write , then Best Quality post are delivered!

  • Nihar

    Nice article. I also suffer sometimes with the writer block.

    During that time, if i don’t have anything in mind. I try to cover some tech news going around at that time and share them.

  • Saleah

    finding a best time to write article is very important..that time should be only to write, just kick out everything while writing and focus, focus, focus, this will give you a quality writing.
    Cheerz :)

  • Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Very interresting , actually i have been reading about posts like this , but what i liked about this one , the importance of evry single point you mentionned , the ideas were absolutely essential , i agree with evrything , i find choosing what to write and who to write to and also when to write / read are too important as well as the rest !!! thank You;)

    • Karan labra

      Thanks for your kind words Rahul.

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Willingness to write a article is very important. First make your self motivated and then a lot of topics will start coming in your mind. It also depends on the niche that will help you in giving you more ideas about posts.

    • Karan labra

      When we choose a niche, we have to make sure either of the following two things:
      1) We are willing to learn about that niche.
      2)We already know more than what an ordinary person knows.

  • Vivek Krishnan

    Good post Karan, noting down points from what you read is a really great way to boost your content quality.

    • Karan labra

      Thanks for your feedback Vivek.

  • DailyTechPost

    Nice writeup Karan, you can also surf on other same niche blogs, and get some idea to write about…

  • Mosarrof

    Nice Post, I think it will help to Improve Blogging Skill Thanks Bro. :)

  • kbharath

    This is really a great share karan. i also write when i feel to write articles, and i am not able update my blog frequently because i am working in a marketing company. the tips will be really useful thanks.

  • Geet | Create-a-Rainbow

    I do agree, Blogger needs to have a schedule & planning for their blog. Also analyzing readers content & keywords through which they have landed on the post helps in generating new ideas.

  • Brett Anderson

    Thanks for the great article. I’ve often experienced writers block when it comes to my blog and the bad new is I just started it recently. I can see how over time it might get more difficult. Thanks for the tips.

    • Karan labra

      Well, I too underwent it and I must say my blog is just around 1 month old.
      But, I got a lot more ideas as my blog grew, so just don’t worry about it.
      If you feel out of ideas there are a lot of tips that you can find here to get ideas.


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