How To Create Animated Intro Video in 90 Minutes?

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How To Create Animated Intro Video in 90 Minutes?

Animated intro videos work great for online video advertising, and moreover they are quite engaging. I manage to find a local video production house, which was charging close to $1000 for sketching the video story board, and for final video production. We worked almost 6 days on the iteration of the storyline of our product storyline, and later we handed over the storyline to the video production team.

Create Animated Intro Video

Now, not everyone can afford $1000 for a video, and this is the least price we could get. A reputed company will cost as low as $5000 for creating such videos, and for any start-up or a small business company might find it hard to put this much money on video production, as they also need to spend money on marketing the video.

Thanks to MakeWebvideo, which recently caught my eyes for becoming a great solution for creating animated story-telling videos in budget. In this article, we will look at how Make web video works, and how you can make animated intro video for your product using this DIY tool.

Make Web Video Features and how it works?

Let me start with sharing features about MakeWebvideo service and explain how it works. MakeWebvideo lets you create free explanatory videos for your product or service using their free pre-defined video templates. All you need to do is, select any video (They have the variety of templates), and you can edit the text, graphics and music to suit your taste. The best part is, you don’t need to know any video editing skills, and anyone (Yes, anyone) can make a good video using this tool. I will be showing this in the next section, but first let’s have a quick look at notable features of this service.

  • Free to join and you can make videos for free. When you are satisfied with the video, and decide to buy, you can pay the amount for video. With price as low as $88, you can create eye-catchy videos for your service or product.
  • Select template from a wide range of video templates (Whiteboard video templates, story-telling templates, product demo templates)
  • No technical skills require to make videos.
  • You can use your graphics, text, and even music.
  • There is no limit for editing your preview video, and you will be paying only when you are ready to download.
  • You can use MakeWebvideo to host your video too. Just copy the video embed code, and use it on webpage you want to use.

Over all, Make Web video is the power-packed web service for small businesses and individuals, with features you need to make animation videos for your product promotion, and you can do it within less than 90 minutes.

How to make animated video for your Product:

I contacted their team for a review account, and to my surprise their CEO (Mario Gomes) replied within 30 minutes and added $99 to try out their service. Let me show you how you can create the video for your product or service using their self-serving platform. The best part is, even if you are not ready to spend money on these videos, I recommend you to spend a while picking up a template, edit it according to your need, and check your creativity. If you create something that can help in boosting your sales, you can pay later to download the videos. Else, simply use it as a learning curve by not paying anything.

  • Head over to Make web video website and create a free account.
  • Now select from any pre-defined video template. You can hover over the videos to play the videos, and select one which suits your need.

anitmated video templates

  • Click on create free preview video, and you will be taken to the video production studio. Don’t forget to check out the tutorial video at the bottom which will make your work very easier.

video production studio

  • Now all you need to do is, change the video text, graphics or audio. In most of the cases, all you need to do is change the text, and graphics at certain places to reflect your own brand.

make video online

The whole process is very easy, and you will be able to produce a professional looking web-video in 75 minutes and rest 15 minutes you can keep for final touch-up and downloading your video. I have created one for the review, and before you check out the video, here are few tips:

  • Work on copywriting for the video text. There are pre-defined templates, and you should use normal notepad to write down the lines. If you are not a good copywriter, you can hire one online, which will not cost a lot and will help you to create a perfect intro video for your product or service.
  • Make sure to use the HQ images in proper size.
  • Don’t rush into producing the video, make sure to review and edit when necessary.
  • You can hire someone online to do a voice-over for you, that will make your video more catchy.

Here is the video which I created after four editing, and it took around 80 minutes for me to create the final video:

Overall Make web video solves the biggest problem for Entrepreneurs and small businesses to create professional-looking animated intro video for their product at a very cheap price. This is a recent start-up, and I’m hoping that this service will be very beneficial for every SMB’s.

Check out Make Web video

Do let me know your thought about the above video and this web-service. Also, do share about this service with your entrepreneurs and friends.

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  1. Geri Richmond says

    Hi Harsh,

    The video is awesome and it sounds great. I use Active Presenter and Camtasia for my videos. Active Presenter is free, but, of course Camtasia there is a charge.

    I found you on Gilbert’s blog on the 45 experts post. I just had to come and check you out. I have bookmarked your site and I will come back. I would love it if you were to visit me.

    Thanks for all the info. It was very interesting. :-)
    Geri Richmond

  2. Arup Ghosh says

    Not only me also one of my friend was looking for a website where we can create an intro video for our websites in a easy way.

  3. says

    Hey Harsh,
    It feels like you wrote this post eespecially for me. Just kidding. I was really searching for a similar tool for sometime and you’ve found one for me.
    That one sounds worthy. Thanks a lot :)

    Proud to become a Shouter :)

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