How to Configure FeedBurner Free Email Subscription Feature

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How to Configure FeedBurner Free Email Subscription Feature

Free Email subscription is an important aspect that every blog owner should offer to readers. Despite of growth of Facebook, Feeds, Twitter and many custom option to keep track of news, Email subscription is still one of the best way to keep your readers updated about latest updates from your blog. In this tutorial, we will see how you can set up Feedburner Free Email subscription.

Though, to start with you need to burn your feed and if you have not done it yet, read:

Feedburner provide you with Freedom to make your feeds more robust , add social elements and keep track of all the stats related to your feeds. We have already covered few options in Feed burner , if you are completely new to Feed burner or using Feedburner to burn your feed, you would like to read them :

  • Make your feed burner Feed browser Friendly
  • Smart Feed : Make your Feeds any Feed reader capable
  • Feed Flare : Make your Feed Burner feeds Social
  • Add more Flares to Feed burner Feeds

Remember few days back I talked about why Email subscription offer is important for your blog. Now you can give Email subscription offer by using various paid tools like aweber, icontact and so on. But why you need to pay for something when you can get it for free.

Spending on aweber or iContact is important when you have a   plan for the same to make money out of your subscribed users or want to get in touch with them on special occasions. but if you have a blog like me ,which is intended for sharing knowledge.   I will prefer using something effective and free.

Feedburner provide you with Email subscription option for your readers which can be used to get notified via Email. The Feature can be accessed under your feeds settings of Feed burner > Publicize > Email subscription.

Activate the option and grab the provided HTML codes.


Grab the above code and Embed it into text widget of your WordPress blog.

More over if you want to give a Direct link, like I have on my blog in my author info

Use this link and replace Shoutmeloud with your Feed name

This above link will directly send readers to email subscription box.

I hope this tutorial will be helpful for newbie’s to set up Free Email subscription using feedburner. Enjoy the tut and don’t forget to give your view on which RSS subscription method you prefer? RSS feeds or Email?

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  1. Jithin Johny George says

    Really nice tutorial. I had just configured feeds for my new website by following your tutorial.

    Thank you.

  2. YFP says

    That was really helpful. I have just started a blog and finding your blog contents helpful in setting up my blog. Once again thank you very much.

    • says

      @Mark No notification for signups but they do have an option to get notifications when somebody unsubscribed from your feeds… Though you can use Feedburner subscribe counter (Default feature) to keep a track of how many people signed up….

  3. tanveer says

    hi bro please help me in putting dis email subscirption. i tried but i m not getting it can u tell me v have to edit in HTML or else v need to create new html in posting ?

    my blog doesn’t have email subscription so can u tell me the step by step process please. it’s a humble request

  4. Helen says

    Awesome stuff, I will give it ago. I just registered with FeedBurner, so this will come in very handy.

    Thanks for sharing.

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