How Much Should You Charge for Paid Reviews on Your Blog?

The last time we talked about paid reviews – good bad or ugly, many bloggers including me were getting emails asking for paid reviews. When I started blogging, I used to get lots of requests to review software, products, websites and ebooks. Initially I was not aware of the facts noted in the article Should I do a paid review or not?, because for me it was easy money. I never bothered to figure out the amount I should charge for a given review, and I ended up doing my first review for only $25. Honestly, that is the minimum anyone should charge from a website with a page rank of 3.

How Much to Charge for Paid Post

Many of my blogger friends have asked me how much they should charge for a product review. While I would not want to give you an exact amount as many factors need to be taken into consideration, I can give you a few suggestions which will help you to determine the appropriate charges for a paid review.

How to calculate the cost of a paid review published on your blog:

Reason for review

There are many reasons advertisers ask for paid reviews. Many of them include conditions for anchor text backlinks, and I recommend that you avoid doing this. Google considers these paid links, and you could be penalized at any time as we saw in the Penguin update. You can always politely say no to an advertiser, and then educate him about the benefits he will receiving from a normal review, such as brand awareness, product information, and so on.

If an advertiser expresses interest in simply getting a mention about his product on your blog within a blog post, here are a few things you should consider:

Type of product

As I have stated in previously published posts, you should only review quality products, and you should categorize those quality products in terms of their relativity to the niche of your blog. If the product falls directly within your niche, you can charge more for the review, as it will give the product more leads, sales and traffic. If, on the other hand, you feel that reviewing his particular product may not prove to be all that beneficial to him, you can charge less for the review. Just make sure to have a valid reason for reviewing any product on your blog.

Number of leads

Suppose you’re reviewing a  web hosting company. If you drive a fair amount of traffic to them, then any single sale could generate at least $50 for them. Over time that amount could increase exponentially, considering the fact that your post is published forever. Moreover, that web hosting review site is getting prominent linkbacks from a page ranked website in a similar niche. In this case you could generate anywhere from $300-$400 and upward, depending on your website’s popularity and readership.

Use the comments section below to let us know how you decide the price of any paid reviews you write and publish.

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COMMENTs ( 28 )

  1. meme says

    Hi, I received an offer from a site that sells things related to my niche. They asked what I would charge. I don’t know how much–it takes me a very long time to do a review–much research. The main thing I don’t like is that I’d have to leave the paid posts up forever (unless I “rented” the space to them, does anyone do that?). Also, these paid posts would not link to an affilate site. I am leaning toward having a policy of no paid posts. Does anyone really get $1,000 for a post? or is it more like $25? I would not consider it for that. Any opinions?

  2. says

    Very helpful instruction. I think the cost for a paid review also depends on how much effort you put in that review. If it’s a technical in-depth review, then it could be $1000. If it’s a review at the point of view of users, it can be less.

  3. says


    need your help pls ..I am new to blogging and monetisation. Recently I have been approached by companies for sponsered posts and ad banners ..Can you pls guide me the standard rate I can give them .. please require a precise reply …

    • says

      I will keep it brief, and explain how I usually charge:

      1) If the product is relevant: First thing that matters is, if the product is worth featuring on my blog or not. Will it be helpful, is it relevant to topic and my reader base.
      2) What is the actual 1 year cost of product: Now, a simple price calculation which I follow is; How many leads my review post will give to the company. Even if I take the worse case scenario, and consider I will be giving atleast 2-3 leads in a year, I would multiple to the highest pricing plan with 3, and will charge the same to the client.
      3) Your traffic, authority also matters in price calculation. For example, when I feature any product on ShoutMeLoud, it also educates other blogger about new product, and they mention in on their blog. So, ripple marketing works for the client.

      Considering all these, you can quote price for paid review. Do let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. says

    I think writing paid reviews actually lower your credibility and people loose faith in your blog. Although I have a review blog but I don’t ask payment to write reviews. And I think I am right.

  5. aimee says

    Hi I’ve been blogging about health and beauty for a year now, I have received some free products too. When it comes to charging a paid reviews, I honestly don’t have any ideas on how to charge them. Just recently I receive an offer from a certain beauty company if I’m willing to do a review on their products. Do you think I still need to charge them if the product is free? Thanks and looking forward for you reply;)

    • says

      Hey Aimee
      Charges depend on many factors:
      Your Website Traffic, reputation, userbase and Page rank.
      Though, it’s hard to give specific suggestion, though you can always go for 2-5X of total price of that product as a review charge.
      Regarding charging for free products, it again depends upon company strategy. As many company offers freemium products, where product is free for trial/certain days and later on you need to pay or to use advance feature you need to upgrade to pro/premium version… This is what happens in my niche… In this case, if the webmaster is asking to review, you can charge a bit for the same..!!
      Though, if not, you can always join aff programs like and earn from affiliate sales.

  6. Susan says

    I have been asked to write a review about a company in business. I would be the third party and I am a professional writer. The review will require research and contact with the business to be reviewed. The review should be 500 words.

    My first proposal was $100.00 and the middle man says it is too much. What is your advice?

    Thanks very much,

  7. Harshit Singhal says

    I recently did a paid review for $40 and didn’t even have to write a review actually. Getting many offers for $30 onwards but I’ll charge nothing less than $40 or $50.

      • Harshit Singhal says

        Nopes. Seems I messed up with my comment. “I recently did a “free” review and got the offer for a paid review for $40 without even writing the article” . Don’t think I’ll do it though. Its better to concentrate on affiliate earnings by writing honest reviews of products you’ve yourself used.

  8. Rakesh Narang says

    great, i had started blogging initially for money but now i want to make a difference, yes paid reviews might be a part but mostly i will write content oriented posts.

  9. Vivek Krishnan says

    There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account when deciding price for a product review.

      • Vivek Krishnan says

        I think you should consider: 1) alexa rank 2) rss subscribers 3) previous performance of a blog’s paid posts etc. Also the ROI for the advertiser you have mentioned is an important criteria while you set the price.

  10. Simran says

    I go for paid review only when I get good amount for that but I don’t like to do reviews out of my blog niche.

  11. Tushar says

    i have got one request for paid review 6 months back when i started my blog with Blogspot….it was an online gaming website and they were offering me $5 which i rejected…sometimes i regret it but your post makes me feel better

  12. Tanuj Lakhina says

    Infolinks suggested me to write a 300 word review for a betting company at a measly price of $5. And my blog is PR3. Wondering whether I should do it or not because its the initial offer so maybe the charges would increase in the future. What do you guys suggest, should I do it?

    • says

      Tanuj 5$ is nothing for such review. Infolinks is no doubt good company but advocating any service for 5$ is more like giving it for free. Think the other way, how much business they are going to get . If I would have been at your place, I would have charged somewhere between 50-100$.

  13. Suhasini says

    This post is helpful for us as we have got few mails for paid reviews but just ignored it, never thuoght money can be made out of it. Thanks for this post Harsh.

  14. Mad Geek says

    I normally charge 24$ for reviews but I review products ocassionally and only one which are related to my niche but if I am getting some good money than I can consider other options too :D

  15. says

    I have done 8 sponsored reviews on my blog… and all are related to computers or internet. I think its best not to quote a price. Because when they decide for the price … its always on the “more than I thought” side.
    I got 1 60$, 2 50$ and 6 20$ reviews….
    Generally Its best not to charge for the review …if the product or service is free.