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How I Make Money With ShoutMeLoud

How I Make Money With ShoutMeLoud

How Blogger makes money

When I started ShoutMeLoud in 2008, I never thought I could reach to a point where blogging would become my main source of income. In fact, like many others I thought online money was a scam. I was a graduate guy holding a degree in I.T and looking forward to joining Accenture in 2009. I started blogging as a part time hobby and later on I got to know about AdSense and affiliate marketing. You can learn more about how I started on my blogging journey page.

In the last couple of months, I have been publishing monthly income reports, just to make people aware of immense amount of money lying in the field of blogging. I make almost 6000-8000$ per month from all the blogs in my network. One of the most common email queries I get is about how ShoutMeLoud makes money.

I thought of putting everything on one page, so that people could learn something from it and implement the monetization part, which they are comfortable with. My suggestion is, instead of jumping into all of them, explore every ad network and every method that I mentioned one by one. Just to let you know, it took me 4 years to reach at the stage where I’m in. Everything I learned comes from my experience; I made mistakes and learned from them. So, don’t just jump on the wagon of getting rich quickly; rather understand every system individually.

I last updated this article in (January  2014), and at the time of writing, I was running 8 blogs actively under the ShoutDreams banner, and a few services which still needed time and attention from me. I was working alone and outsourcing much work like theme-design.  Every blog is monetized with different model and My suggestion, pick a niche and monetize it using method, which works best for that system.

My monetisation technique for ShoutMeLoud

Affiliate Marketing:

Dreamhost Affiliate Check

One are of maximum potential for making money via a niche blog is by affiliate marketing. In simple words, you recommend a genuine product on your blog and when people sign up via your affiliate link, you will make a handsome money out of it. Affiliate marketing is something whose income is never decided and you can’t be sure how much you will make with this. I’m promoting almost 5 affiliate programs and making around average 1800-2300$ per month. I have covered these following posts in the past, which will help you to get started, and I’m also listing some of the products that I’m affiliated with.

Google AdSense:

I placed Google AdSense first because it gives me recurring income. At this moment Google AdSense is making around 700$ every month, and it is such a relief to have recurring income from your blog. If you have a blog with decent traffic, you can make good money with Google AdSense.

Infact, if you are a newbie and looking forward to starting a blog with the intention of just making money, AdSense should be one of your first priority. Because, it give you a sense of comfort and once Adsense starts making $10-20 daily, you can start exploring the other monetization opportunities.



BuySellAds is an advertisement network that helps you to sell ads directly. They work as a middle man and they keep a percentage (25%) of the money you make by selling ads. I like this system because I don’t need to interact with advertisers directly and I can cash-out money twice a month. BuySellAds is making almost 400-500$/month. Being a popular network for advertisers and publishers, if you have a nice specific blog, you can use BuySellAds to sell all your entire unsold ad inventory. If you are completely new to BuySellads, here are a couple of posts that will help you to get started.

Update: I’m no longer using BuySellAds, but it’s still recommended network for bloggers. I have removed it in 2014 starting, as I got few direct advertisements.

Direct ad sales:

As I mentioned above, I have 8+ blogs running at this moment and many advertisers contact me directly using a contact form for advertisement opportunities. This is kind of hectic because you have to give details to advertisers and a payment method. If you are getting a direct advertisement, it’s actually good, because you are saving money by eliminating the middle man. These direct advertisement sales are making me almost 850$ per month. The key to getting direct advertisements is by adding an advertisement page on your blog and giving all the necessary details like ad spaces available, ad placement, traffic details and a marketing pitch in the form of what your advertisers can expect. You can see one such example on the ShoutMeLoud advertisement page.


Infolinks is a In-text advertising program. I was not running it on Shoutmeloud but added it again from this month. It’s making me almost 150$ per month. Later on, I removed infolinks from SML to boost my affiliate links CTR and it worked out great. But, if you are not into affiliate marketing, you can start with Infolinks here. Recently, I tried Vigilink, which turns out to be a decent platform and in some cases better than Infolinks.

Read: Infolinks review

Paid reviews:

Somehow I’m not very fond of paid reviews, but I keep getting lots of emails for paid reviews. I check the software or product myself and after that I approve it for review. If the product or service is free, I do the review for free, otherwise I charge nominally depending upon how much a single license of that software or product would cost. From paid reviews I make about 300-600$ per month. Alternatively, you can always ask for a premium product for free testing and you can write a review and put in your affiliate link, which will make more money in the long run.

BlogSpot to WordPress Migration Service:

I have been offering BlogSpot to WordPress services for a long time and have a long list of happy clients who are on WordPress now. One of the unique features that I offer with my service is complementary SEO service. This service makes almost 200-500$ per month. Read more about BlogSpot to WordPress migration service.

Blog Consultancy program:

This is one service that I started last year, and within it’s launch I started getting clients for personal consultancy. In this coaching, I teach about SEO, how to blog for profit, blog marketing plan, Social media plans and in short everything which I have learned from my 4 years of blogging experience. I have been getting good reactions from all the students I have mentored till now and you can learn about it on my blog consultancy page. I target 15 hour of personal coaching in a month and charge $199 per hr for now.

In between, I offered a few more services like WordPress SEO and Thesis customization, but with time I retired them to bring something better, as the service sector requires a great deal of time, and time is always an issue for a professional blogger. I realized, instead of offering those 20-30$/hr of service, I could make the most out of time via blogging consultancy.

Well, these are just a few of the ways I use for blog monetization, and there are many more ad networks that I keep trying on my blog network. I keep playing with latest monetziation methods to make most out of my online journey. I will keep updating this page with latest ways, make sure you are subscribes to the ShoutMeLoud Email newsletter for updates.

I’m sure this will help those who are missing ways to make huge money from blogging. Do share your story, How are you making money from blogging?

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  • Aishwar

    Awesome post! But for all the above earning methods, one should have a awesome blog, which attracts a lot of readers. And this is the main reason why most of people fail to earn.

  • Rahul Baniwal

    Hello sir!!!!
    You have mentioned lots of menthod to making money online. But could you tell me how much money can i earn from google adsense with one blog??

  • Jon Page Acabo

    Hi Harsh,

    I am fascinated by this article. Eventhough I know that affiliate marketing is one of the major tasks to earn in blogging, but how long did it take for you to earn such huge figure? It’s kinda interesting. And how much money did you invest for the first time as beginner?

    I am just curious, I hope you will commend on my queries. Thank you.

  • kishore


    I just want to know how you handle this tax handling. You opened a bank account in US or you link paypal and Indianbank account. Paypal money can be transferred to Indian bank account?

    I really learned from you one greatest thing: You can perfectly strike the simplicity now matter how much complex the topic is.

    many thanks great man.God Bless.

  • pushpam kumar

    hello harsh,
    i have read a post regarding paypal is returning back the earnings from infolinks,is it not excepting now also or they have turned back

  • Fakhri Nur Z

    Thanks Harsh, for this great article..
    i just start my luck on making money via internet. Any advice for new comer like me??

  • Pritam Nagrale

    Hi harsh,
    Thank you for sharing exact scenario of blogging and earning money from blogs.Can you please tell me how we can increase traffic by proper SEO??any tips, suggestions would you like to share with us ?

  • Rachit Gupta

    My blog gets 1000 unique visits daily. Shall I jump into affiliate marketing, or wait for it to increase.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @Rachit You should start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in a way is just like using AdSense or any other ad program. You place relevant ads of affiliate products and boom, you wait for that one fine day when sales happen.

  • Usman

    Wao Harsh…! It means, you can easily earned $6K to $8K monthly easily… Its preety.

  • Anoop Nasa

    Hi Harsh,

    I thank you for sharing your blogging journey with me. i am looking forward to becoming a blogger in future. However, there are some hindrances to this as given below. I need your help/guidance to overcome this

    1) I am not a writer myself, should i hire one?
    2) Myself is also from an engineering background, should i hire a designer for designing my blog or do it myself?

    Further, Bluehost is charging Rs.3.95$/mo, then is there any advantage of going with dreamhost which is charging 9.95$/mo. Please confirm.

    I would be thankful to you if you can reply to my above queries as i am stuck in taking decision on above issues.

    Hope to have a reply from u soon.


  • Anshul

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed view of your online earnings. Could you please share the head count (team size) also so that we can have more clear picture of income per head count.

    I hope I am not over demanding.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I have been managing ShoutMeLoud alone from last 5 years. Recently (Dec 2013) Sharat joined in as full-time team and I have 1 author Srianth who is working from home.

  • Zeeshan Shaukat

    Hi Harsh!!!
    You are Real Inspiration For Newbies Like Me.. I Start My Blogging Career Just Few Month Back Now My Blog Getting 1000+ Uniques Every Day. According To Alexa My Blog Is On 85000 And Also Have Google Pagerank 2.. Now I Really Want To Increase My Blog Traffic If You Share Your Daily SEO Task or Suggest Any Daily SEO Tasks To Drive Traffic To Your Blog . I Will Be Very Thankfull To You.

  • Oves

    I found these informations incredible i was planning to start a paid reviews web site but i don’t know really how to start from please suggest me how to start .

  • Mike

    You probably have been asked this before but, why don’t you just put the maximum of 3 Adsense ads on your site instead of only having just one adsense unit?. Maybe you could make more with more of adsense and just a couple affliate marketing banners.


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