Got Success in Blogging, Now Stay Successful Forever

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Got Success in Blogging, Now Stay Successful Forever

Getting on Success is tough especially in blogging. Bloggers work hard, don’t care about time and compromise on many things to get success and they get successful too. But just getting successful is not enough, it takes lot more to stay successful. The graph of getting success might go up but because of few habits and attitudes it can fall rapidly too. There are many qualities A-list blogger have, and to be success, we need to have atleast few of those qualities.

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Here are few useful tips which you should take care if you want to stay successful in blogging career:


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How to be successful in Blogging or any business:

Being successful is not determined by how successful you are in business, but how successful in your life. If you have missing strings, you can always transform your life. Here are few attributes of staying successful for everyone:

Know your failures:

Success can never be achieved without failures that is without doing any mistakes. Keep the list of blunders you have done in past in back of your mind so that you don’t repeat those mistakes again. Those mistakes can be not updating blog for long, re-writing content, spamming or any other. Just make sure you keep your hands off from things which were counted as your negative points earlier and kept you away from success.

Keep on learning:

If you think that you are perfect because you are successful then you are wrong, no one is perfect not even successful bloggers. There are lot of things which successful blogger have to learn and apply thus even you are successful then don’t think that there is nothing left to learn for you. In fact if you are successful, people will expect from you to share updated information and keep yourself updated too.

Maintain Consistency:

Many bloggers start blogging with lots of enthusiasm and do work hard for same but once they reach their goals they feel that now hard work is no more required and their blog will receive sufficient amount of traffic and income. This is the attitude because of which many bloggers fail to stay successful.

Make realistic plans:

After getting success everyone starts thinking too big without thinking about their own limitations. I don’t mean that you should not dream big but make sure that it’s practical to do same for you. Instead of running for more success it’s better to go slow but steady. Make proper planning thinking about future and stick to it without jumping from one plan to another.

Avoid Arrogance:

There is very thin line between confidence and over-confidence thus make sure that you don’t cross that line when you get success in your career. Blogging is just sharing information thus always be ready to help other bloggers and solve their problems. In other words, never think that other blogger have less knowledge than you. Always be polite while talking to others and you will be their favorite blogger which is far better than to be a successful blogger.

To handle success it is important that you have positive arttitude towards your goal and consistency to achieve your dreams.

These were few basic things from me which everyone should keep in mind after getting successful and i would love to  know your views too about handling and maintaining success in blogging career.

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  1. Karan Mehta says


    (But I guess most of the rewritten stuff are guest posts)… I was specifically mentioning the news articles, most of those are not guest posts…Look at the news channels; how are they making their money…Re-publishing everything…And so does news websites…

    Almost everything on web is re-written…One cant find anything new everyday. Blogger thinks of something, search and re-write it…Obviously, smart people would read few articles, understand them and then write them the entire juice in one article…others would not research and just tweak the one they just read!!!

    I think the point being made is in article is: Dont copy and paste (which a spammer would do).

    Karan Mehta

  2. karan says

    But I see content being rewritten everywhere, even on successful blogs(But I guess most of the rewritten stuff are guest posts)
    So what does this mean, are they correct…or is it just a co-incidence.

  3. Geet | HobbyPainting says

    Fully agree with you. “Keep learning” is the key secret ingredient for online success as things are quite dynamic & keep changing.

  4. iwebsnacks says

    Thank you for this…Now I can save me from negative points while blogging. I look forward that these steps can help me with drafting a user loved blog

  5. Wasim Ismail says

    Nice points, avoiding arrogance is the main one i guess, as if you can avoid that, then you will automatically do all the rest, such as make realistic plans, keep learning…etc

  6. Tanmay says

    Planning, Consistency, Productivity – The three columns of success. You can’t keep your success on without any one of them. Nice article- appreciating.

  7. Vivek Parmar says

    Agree with you all the points. success is not achieved in one night. Success comes with lots of hard work + consistency + focus yourself and have a business plan so that you stay at your plan and never distract from it.

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