What is the Best Time to Send Email NewsLetter

One of the common rule of online marketing is perfect timing. For example, for Email newsletter it’s important that your Email delivery time should be perfect for your readers to get maximum CTR. Most of the Bloggers I know uses Feedburner, Aweber or Mailchimp to send Email newsletter. It doesn’t matter which Email newsletter service you are using, but make sure you timing should be targeted for your target audience.

Best Time To Send Email Newsletter

Saying that what I mean is, if your max subscribers is from U.S.A, you might like to send Emails when they are at work and not everyone in U.S.A is sleeping. If your target audience is in India, you might like to send Email at the time, when your target audience are more likely to open it. For example, ShoutMeLoud audience are mostly bloggers, office going people, entrepreneur, and it’s post lunch time, which is perfect for reading some articles. In this tutorial, I will take example of feedburner Email delivery time as it’s free and used by maximum bloggers.  Most of the blogger who use Feedburner or feedproxy feed service to send email updates, they have the option to schedule the time for email delivery of the updates.

Email delivery Time

Guide to change Feedburner Email delivery time:

Best time to send Emails depends upon your audience demographic, which you need to figure out with the help of your analytics program.  Here are few things which you should know about Feedburner, It lets you send one mail/day and you can set only one time for sending. Even if you publish 4-5 or 10 posts, it doesn’t matter as feedburner will send Email only once in a day. So, you need to understand the demographics of your audience and location and send Email accordingly. One thing which I have learned from my experience, Emails sent on Weekend doesn’t perform that great and instead of that Email sent on Weekdays preferable Tue-Thursday works great.

So, I assume you have figured out best time to send Email newsletter, and next step is to configure best time for Email delivery

To change the schedule time for email delivery, login to your feedburner account.

  • Click on your feeds> Click on publicize

Feedburner Publicize

  • Under Publicize > Click on Email delivery and under sub menu click on > Delivery option

Set your time zone and preferred time for delivery options. Click on save. While selecting time, keep a note of your target users and their usage.

You can also consider subscribing to shoutmeloud Email newsletter :

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You can also refer to Shoutmeloud previous post on best timing :

Well for me, number of people clicking on my Email newsletter has increased a lot after changing my Email newsletter delivery time and I’m sure it will help you. Though, make sure you select the right timezone in FeedBurner Email delivery settings and then select appropriate time.

Do let us know, how setting up perfect time for Email delivery worked out for you?

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Zevi Sternlicht says

    The thing then about Feedburner is not only do you need to set the time, but you have to make sure not to post articles only on the days that you expect a good CTR! Nice post!

  2. Mark says

    That is really nice way to manage the subscribers. It’ll not create annoying e-mails which seems like the spam mails by setting the specific e-mail delivery time like this.

  3. Johny says

    but whats the need of changing time as the user will open every mail sent to them either that time they are available or not..

  4. Naveen says

    We need to set the E mail delivery time according to our visitors stats, because if our most of the visitors come from US countries, then if we set the delivery time as Asian time, it will create low CTR and impact. So before set time, we should analyze what type of readers we have and what is their geographic location.

  5. Balaji says

    Basically delivering time of 3.00PM-5.00PM IST is setuped hope it will be the good time…
    What’s your time of delivery mate….