9 Killer Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers

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9 Killer Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers

We already had enough conversation about BlogSpot or WordPress and for one reason why I don’t like BlogSpot much is because limitation of optimizing it for search engine. There are many BlogSpot SEO guide that you will find on Internet and many of them is related to template editing and all, but in WordPress, plugins make it easier to optimize your blog.

BlogSpot SEO

Anyhow, I’m not here to disappoint my BlogSpot friends, instead I will be sharing some cool BlogSpot SEO tips which will help you to get better ranking. Blog-Spot being a free Blogging platform, it’s always a prefer platform to start Blogging and learn the basics. If you have not created a Blog, here is a quick guide on How to create a Free blog on BlogSpot.

Google Blogger is free and easy to use web publishing tool . Many bloggers initially uses Blogger and then Migrate to WordPress complaining about lack of official templates ,post SEO friendliness , plugins etc . We have already discussed this on our previous post With little effort we can make Blogger posts really SEO friendly and an effective free medium for online business . So here I have collected some search engine optimization (SEO) tips for blogspot blogs arranged on no order .

BlogSpot SEO : Useful Tips and Tricks

When we talk about SEO, very first thing which you need to keep in mind is: We can control on site and off site SEO. On Page SEO is covered by you which includes article quality, how well it’s optimized for Keyword and meta value for that article. No need, to feel furious or lost with above SEO terminology, as below mentioned guide will help you to learn every basic and make your Blogger blog more search engine friendly.

Format Blogger post URL link

Permalink plays a great role in search engine ranking of your post. There are few rules which everyone should follow for Blogspot permalinks:

  • Keep the number of characters in post title to 50
  • Remove Stop words from permalink (Ex: A, an, the)

While writing a blog post, you have an option to edit the permalink. Simply use it to edit your permalink and remove the stop words. A good idea is to just use Keywords in your permalink. (Don’t make it look spammy). While writing blog post, you get option in your right panel to keep it automatic permalink or manual permalink. Simply select manual permalink and edit it according to your wish. Check this screenshot for example:



Harsh has already covered this feature in detail, and you can read it over here: How to use custom permalink for BlogSpot blogs.


Maintain the keyword density

Keyword density is a important aspect for better ranking. Too less will lead to less ranking and stuffing your Keyword will lead to over optimization. I usually maintain a ratio of 2%/post. Though, you can pick keyword density for your Blog post SEO, account to one which works for you. Publish articles in relevance to post title and include necessary keywords in the post . Never stuff keywords to manipulate search engines . But after finish you can analyze the whole post to find out suitable locations where the keywords can be safely inserted without distracting readers .

Read: What is optimum Keyword density for Better ranking

Blogspot proper labels and related posts

Label adds to the keyword density of the post . Labels should be widened rather than putting them into single narrow category .I will explain this point by an example . Consider a situation when you are posting about Google chrome and putting them into label Windows software’s or browser . Here you will miss keywords like Chrome browser ,Google chrome etc. which would otherwise add to the keyword density of the whole post . Labels also affects related posts widgets in Blogger.And if there are so many posts tagged with similar labels ,it would affect the arrangement of articles in related posts .

Format Blogger post title

When we talk about BlogSpot SEO, post title plays a major role. Blogger post title are usually followed by home page title . Have a look at the image shown below .

blogger-post-title Here the post title should be “city of (long-distance ) Love! ” . But title is included with home page title ” Still in Berlin ” ,and this would harm the SEO friendliness of the article title . Here is how to fix this . Go to Blogger edit HTML > find out code section


and replace it with

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

Now the individual pages will have post title itself .

Format Blogspot images for SEO

We have already shared a detailed article on Image optimization for SEO and basis of optimization your image on BlogSpot is by adding alt tag and title tags in every image. In WordPress this could be easily achieved by using plugins but in BlogSpot this needs be done manually . You should insert them manually after uploading each image . Here is a guide for Image optimization for SEO.

Provide meta tags

Meta tags are generate HTML tags used by search engines to identify the title , description and other details of a URL . They don’t have much influence on search as they were before , but would make a slight impact on targeted keywords .

Read: BlogSpot SEO advanced search preference 

Provide good title ,description and footer text

Title ,footer and description plays an important role on search engine optimization of every blog . If you are targeting some keywords make sure that you included those keywords in the above mentioned locations .

Nofollow external links

Nofollow is an HTML attribute specified on hyperlinks to block search engine advantage of external links in a website . In Blogger you can select HTML section of the post window and add rel=”nofollow” attribute just after URL to prevent search engines from crawling a particular link . Also read : How to add nofollow link attribute to any link.

Format comment section

Comment section should be no-followed and moderated to avoid spam comments . Try to include the post keywords when you are replaying to reader comments . This would also add up to the total keyword density of the post . Since Google have integrated Google plus comment form with BlogSpot, I highly recommend you to enable it. This will ensure that you get higher social media interaction and share for your post.

Read: How to enable Google plus commenting on BlogSpot blog

Blogspot is Google’s baby blogging platform and if you do it right probably you will be doing great in terms of traffic. Always get your basic right.

If you like this article, don’t forget to tweet and stumble. Further you might like to read Following articles for Blogspot blogs:

I hope this guide will give you much better idea about BlogSpot SEO, though my suggestion would be when you think you are ready with Blogging and had enough experience on BlogSpot, move to WordPress. Here is a wonderful guide for WordPress, which will help you to get started.

Editor’s Note : This is a guest post from Smartin Jose. If you like the post, you can follow him on Twitter @SmartinJose

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    1. says

      These tips has given me so much information. As a blogger, it is also important for us to read and listen of what other blogger’s ideas cos it will greatly help us for the success of our online campaign. I haven’t used the blogspot platform cos I am not yet sure of its SEO impact. Thanks for clarifying everything and I think I should give blogspot a try.

    2. says

      Hi Smartin Jose, A great tips you have shared on blogger, I would like to know How Google is handling SSL updates with Blogger, I have seen Matt cuts to switch towards Https, Is it signal for blogger to move from http to https? I finding this answer but still not received.

      Also if we have to move from http to https then how it can possible with blogger, having a custom domain?

      Thank you
      Vijay Bhabhor

    3. Khalid Shaikh says

      Hey, I really appreciate your write up. Blogging is proving to be a major tool for SEO as well as SMO. With keeping the keywords in mind, after the Google’s recent updates, it’s important for bloggers to also take care of the SEO Techniques and have strong Social Media backup!! Thanks for this

    4. Ruslan says

      I was edit template to make proper titles with your code
      It made my titles without useless blog name. But the strange thing that i see is that titles appearing in Google serp now as :
      “post titles” – “blog name” – “Blogger”
      while title code is only “post title”
      Coould you tell me please why this happen?

    5. Akash Agarwal says

      It’s a nice article. As a blogger this is very helpful to me. I always keep this seo tips in my mind. Thanks for sharing such informative post.

    6. says

      I’m a new blogger hoping to grow this big someday. I tried the permalink change on an already published item and it seems to have worked. First I reverted the published item to draft, then I updated the permalink and saved. So far I haven’t seen an error message… Or is there something I’m missing. Hope this helps people who want to do same on old posts

    7. Neha Ahire says

      Nice Post,
      But one thing I want to say is – Some times I saw some blog links appears in google results just after it posted on blog, result contains the term “2 hour ago”.
      I want to know the secret behind it. Can my post also get listed just after I publish them ?

      Please help me on this issue.

      • says

        Yes, you need to work on improving the crawl rate of your blog. Here are few tips:

      • Manually ping your blog to ping services. You can take help of http://pingler.com
        Maintain a publishing schedule. This will help Google to set a crawl rate for your blog.
        Build more backlinks, this will give another way for bots to come to your blog often.
        Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster tool.
      • Hope it helps…!!

        • Neha Ahire says

          Thank You Harsh,
          Specially for Ping service, I was not aware of this. I used pingler.com and some result not shown. anyway I think it will help most. One more thing I submitted sitemap to webmaster, it a great tool but I dont know how to build more and quality back links, can you help me on this matter too.

    8. Prachi says

      Hello Harsh,

      This article has really helped me designing and optimizing my blogs.

      Thanks for the great info…

    9. Sahil Kotak says

      They were some of the basics of SEO for the bloggers and I find them useful to re-collect all the memories.

    10. Ajay singh bisht says

      wish i had read this when i was a blogspot blogger..never the less,will be using the essential tips even now…

    11. Tech Buzz says

      changed my blogspot blog titles now, didnt knew about how to format it. Thanx for sharing such useful points to make blogspot blog much better with SEO

    12. smartin says

      @Noah : I never advised to stuff keywords :-) . But a normal keyword length ensures you chances for getting higher search positions .

      @Neeraj Kumar :Glad to know that you liked my post .

    13. Noah says

      Nice tips, though I’m not so sure I agree about the footer text. Or, at the very least, people shouldn’t just be using their footers to keyword stuff, that is.

    14. says

      @kadambari : I think the about me section is formatted from Blogger dashboard . Use basic HTML tags like and to create bold characters and paragraphs .

      • kadambari says

        I tried using the html tags like and , but it’s still of no use.
        I was also having probs in editing the html code fr the twitter gadget. I had taken d code frm a site and i wanted to change the pic, but with the current code only a part of the pic gets displayed. Can u help me with that too?

    15. smartin says

      Hi Rahul , I quick checked you blog . Seems that have not followed the tips . The title of individual posts are not tweaked and images are not optimized with alt and title tags . .

    16. kadambari says

      As u had said, i reverted back to a basic template. But still it’s not provinding any formatting text options. I tried using and too, but its still nt wrkg.
      And the worst part is that now i’m not getting the layout option on the dashboard. Without that, i wont be able to use any templates other than the ones provided by blogger.

    17. kadambari says

      Thanks for such a quick response. I reverted back to a basic template. But the basic templates don’t provide any formatting options. I had earlier tried using and for making paragraphs but it didn’t work, and its not wrkg in d basic template too.

    18. kadambari says

      I’m having problems formatting the text in my about me section. I’m unable to put the text in paragraphs, make it bold etc.
      Kindly help me.

      • says

        Kadambari That problem may be because of your template. Try to revert back to some basic template for a while and check of you are able to make text formating. moreover before you do that, make sure you take a backup of your current template.

    19. buzzintown says

      Very informative post. I wanted to optimize my blog title n your post help me in doing so. It is so easy to have my desired blog titles now.

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