Why WordPress is Better Than BlogSpot Platform?

As a newbie blogger, the most confusing state is to decide which Blogging platform to choose. Though, most suggested platforms are BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr. Now, when we talk about creating a blog from the professional front, WordPress is a rock-solid choice. There are many things which you can do with a Self-hosted WordPress blog, which you can’t do on a BlogSpot blog.

BlogSpot and WordPress both offers free blogging platform which is a good way to start your blogging career, though certainly not the best. If you have been blogging on any of these free blogging platforms, read this article to know what are the limitations of using free blogging platform over self-hosted WordPress blog.

WordPress Vs. Blogspot

To make it clear I started my blogging career from BlogSpot and then I moved to Self hosted WordPress blog. As I mentioned above BlogSpot is a good blogging platform to start your blogging career, but for long run a self hosted blog is what you should select. Though in this post I will highlight why self-hosted, WordPress blog is better than free BlogSpot blog and also from free WordPress.com blogs.

If you are familiar with WordPress dashboard and looking forward to moving to WordPress, you should have a look at my previous post on Step by step guide to installing self-hosted WordPress blog.

WordPress vs. BlogSpot Blogging Platform:

As I mentioned above, I started my journey to Blogging with BlogSpot, and later I moved to WordPress. So, I’m aware of benefits of downside of BlogSpot, and here I’m not going to talk any benefits, as WordPress offer all those feature which BlogSpot offers.

Control over your blog:

This is one of the major reason I support self-hosted blog. Blogspot is owned by Google, and there are chances that they can delete your Blogspot account without giving you any warning. Even if you use the custom domain feature (Using your domain name ), chances are high that if spammers use feature Flag as spam and report your blog as spam. Google might remove your blog. This is something very common and by doing a quick search on Google, you will realize many bloggers faced this problem while using BlogSpot.

Winner: Self hosted blog

Search engine optimization:

Doesn’t matter where your blog is hosted, traffic is the first and last thing any blogger will look for. Search engine optimization in simple words means Optimizing your blog for search engines and getting traffic from search engine”. Comparing WordPress and BlogSpot, WordPress offers more options to optimize your blog for search engine where as in BlogSpot you are limited to certain settings.

Here are few posts which will help you to optimize your WordPress blog for search engine optimization

Plugins and support:

WordPress is blessed with features like plugin and a strong community to get support. When I was on BlogSpot, I spent lots of time editing my theme to show related posts and adding such features. WordPress makes your life easy using simple plugins for everything you need. By using plugins, you can achieve anything, and if not, you can take help of WordPress support forum to get custom code and extend the capabilities of your blog.

Here is a list of 30 recommended WordPress plugins.

Reputation :

This can be considered as human tendency or perception, that most of the people doesn’t see BlogSpot with a great eye. One of the simple reason is its free, and mass number of people are using it for Blackhat SEO, spamming and for affiliate landing pages. When talking about self-hosted blog, people thing that the person has paid for the service, and he is serious about his blog.

Theme and templates:

BlogSpot offers many templates but due to the commercial nature of WordPress, you will find unlimited free and Premium WordPress themes. Moreover, since you have FTP access, you can alter the complete look and feel of your WordPress theme.

AdSense :

AdSense is the life line for any blogger who is looking forward to making money from his blog. Initially BlogSpot used to be the best way to get your AdSense account approved, but later on it’s becoming tough to get your Adsense account with BlogSpot. With WordPress and your domain email address, getting your blog approved is very easy. Another advantage of self-hosted blog.

If you are an AdSense user, you should consider checking out following posts on AdSense:

Reselling your blog:

Google strictly doesn’t allow reselling of BlogSpot blogs, but the case is different here with the self-hosted blog. You can always resell your self-hosted blog.

Social media websites:

Those who are active in social media and bookmarking sites like Delicious, Stumble upon and reddit. I’m sure you are aware of the fact none of them love BlogSpot blogs. Though if you use the custom domain, that will work. Also, many networks for bloggers like Buysellads doesn’t accept BlogSpot bloggers. There is nothing wrong with it, but the point here is WordPress is more recognized in global standard.

Also, WordPress keep updating and releasing a new version, which comes with some added features and functionality, whereas, on BlogSpot, there are very few updates which happen over the time.  Now, one of the downsides of using WordPress is it’s costly. Unlike BlogSpot, which is free, you will be sending money on WordPress Web hosts and at times on your themes. Though, it worth each and every penny you invest here, as with time WordPress will help you to make more from your blog.

To read next:

Now, the major problem for existing BlogSpot blogger is to learn new WordPress platform, and for this you can refer to my guide on WordPress, which will help you to get started.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. Taposh Kapuria says

    Hi Harsh,

    I don’t know why people use self-hosted WordPress as their blogging platform, but I know why I’m using this 😀

    1) Easy to use interface
    2) Lots of Themes and Plugins
    3) Easy to Customize
    4) Huge SEO benefits
    and much more :)

    Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  2. says

    I think it really depends in what you want to achieve. If you want a fancy blogs with plug ins and design flexibility, then go for WordPress. If you just want to share posts, tips, etc. then go for Blogger. Most blog readers would go for contents than fancy stuffs that take time to load.

  3. says

    Very True !! WordPress content management system is ZILLION times better and powerful than blogspot :). Presence of flexible themes, countless plugins, and large support community gives a really satisfying experience while designing and decorating our blogs. It gives complete control over your blog and give a sense of satisfaction of designing your blog to truly your own taste !

  4. bikash says

    I priviously used blogger. Now i have purchased a dmain & looking forward to a professional blog with a premum look as well as for monetization purpose.There are three option for me.Self Hosted WordPress on Shared/Vps hosting,Managed WordPress Hosting.As i have not made any computer couses.But i Have basic computer knowledge & good web experience.So what will be best hosting option for me & which company do u recomend.
    Waiting for your Reply for an important decision.

  5. says

    Dear Harsh, Blogger have its benefits and WordPress have its own. When, a person starts a blog, he/she doesn’t wish to spend a penny for his blog. Blogger provide many features for free and if you talk about FREE WordPress, its worst but if you talked about PAID WordPress, its best and better than any blogging platform.

    So, for newbies, Blogger is best and for Professional Blogger like you, PAID WordPress is best. :)

    Thanks for the post and I loved this new theme of ShoutMeLoud. :)

    • says

      Since when the wordpress became PAID ? Just to clarify … WordPress is not paid.

      WordPress blogging platform (i.e. bunch of PHP code files handling all complicated SQL database stuff + many themes + millions of plugins) is FREE. The cost involved for creating own wordpress blog is due to Domain name registration and hosting space. There are some hosting providers who even provide hosting space for free.

  6. Sumit says

    Hi Harsh, Please help me out. I’m new to WordPress and I have a domain registered with Godaddy and I want to start a website but I have no hosting what should I do?

  7. SHIVA says

    Hi harsh,

    I have been using blogspot. It’s been over a year. Currently my alexa rank is: 3,60,547. This is the link to my blog: totaljobss.blogspot.in, when I create an article and publish, the article gets converted into .com (that particular article, may be redirection issue) and alexa rank for .com is 71,00,000.

    Does alexa rank affects blog ranking or blog anyway?

    Thank you

  8. says

    I like Blogger apart from WordPress and the reason is its Blogging king Platform. It has more traffic handling capacity and the most important is it is highly secure..

  9. Robin says

    As per my point of view if you are looking for long-term and reliable solution’s to manage your blog post than No other CMS can stand in front of WordPress. There are unlimited features and functionality that helps you to revamp your blog post. I have also authorized several blog on WordPress CMS recently.

  10. abhishek says

    im blogging on blogspot and my topic is just opposite to my field. Im a computer science student and writing about cancer but i love to aware ppl about cancer. it takes me long time to study about cancer and write. Is i am going right or not???? wat about my decision???

  11. Vijay K Kerji says

    Harsh, Really helpful with easy to read and understand the advantages of hosting self wordpress blog, eespecially about losing our valuable posts in some cases. Thanks for sharing such an informative details. BTW, how can a blogger can earn for himself by blogging with his creative skills? Any useful suggestions are appreciated.

  12. Aryan Pardesi says

    Totally Agree with you Harsh,

    As me too use the Self-Hosted WordPress instead of Blogspot and i do this mainly because of the two things that are the results of SEO using This as well as Google Adsense Approval.

  13. GG says

    Hi there,
    I have a question, I have a free blog by blogger. I been using it for 3 years now or probably more. I love to write and have quite a few long entries. I love blogger, but today I tried to post a new entry and more than half of it was cut off and I was going crazy trying to figure it out why. Tried changing the content, pictures etc…. you name it I did. But I couldn’t. what surprised me was that I never had any problems with it and I wrote whatever and as long as I wanted. I mean is a blog so I figure that why a limit on how much I write now and why not from the begggining… right??? What do I do. It sucks cause My entry looks unfinished. half or more is missing. Help

  14. Abhijit Guha says

    blogger is best,
    What ever you say.. but blogger site is google friendly. Its seo is better than wordpress.

    I have blogged 3 months in blogger & 3 month in WordPress. Blogger is better.
    That’s y shoutmeloud such a reputated site with alexa 3553 & pr 4 coming 8th position in google search , whereas a free blogspot.com url coming on Top & will be on top for long..

    I am thinking to move back to blogger, Missing lots of visitor. :(

  15. Ankush says

    Thanx … Me and my friend started our blogging journey on 17 feb and we get good reponse and good traffic with in 1 and half month . But now we are thinking about to move on wordpress . Because blogger has no control over it and all my favourites blogs hosted on the wordpress. Harash you are also a motivation for us .

  16. Bijit Sharma says

    Hello Harsh, I read this post and really decided to switch to wordpress. Yesterday Google deleted my blog on blogger claiming it to be a spam; which I do not agree at all; actually they might have looked into my infolinks ads as spam. It was a PR3 blog; ranking nearly 1 million on Global stats and 90,000 in India according to Alexa. Now I am finding it very difficult to decide what step to take next. I sent a request to Google to restore my blog, but I know even if they restore it, it might lose ground on SEO and ultimately on PageRank. So can you please tell me if I can make my old links work if I switch to self hosted wordpress. I have the post backed up and I also have the URLs noted down. The main reason why I want my old URLs is that my site gets about 4000 views a month; 90 percent of which are organic. So, if my links d not remain the same I will lose them for ages. Thank you buddy in anticipation; your post just changed my mind to switch over to self hosted wordpress.

  17. Kashif Minhaj says

    I’ve recently moved my blog from Blogspot to WordPress and noticed a huge change both in traffic and adsense earnings. Hence, I think WordPress is better!

  18. Ahfi Tiah says

    Hello Harsh,

    Can you help me start a blog? I would want to choose from the top 10 hosts that I found on a consumer report site. I am interested in self-hosting. Which of them would you recommentd? Here they are: Ipage, fatcow, justhost, bluehost, hu, immotion, hostgator, godaddy, startlogic, register.com. I plan to have some recipes, then something on tennis, my favorite spot, and then because I am very opinionated, occasional comments on some TV shows.

  19. Trushit Vaishnav says

    Hi Harsh

    I agree to some of your benefits about self hosted blogs. But as far as AdSense approval is concerned, it basically has nothing to do with your URL. Be it a custom URL or blogspot.com, if your blog is following their policy they will give you the approval. After spending quite a lot time at AdSense and Webmaster forums, I have realized that AdSense and Google search is too smart in determining quality content. So if your content is good that should help you to rank higher as well as get adsense. I like blogspot because its free and allows us to put ads. Later someday if needed I will shift to wordpress but it does not seem to happen in near future.

    As for co.cc domains…they are basically sub domains and have been penalized by Google. Google deindexed all the sites that had co.cc subdomain simply because most of the sites were spam or crap sites. AdSense probably will not approve any co.cc subdomain and blog/site with co.cc domain never gets indexed in Google search. This is the current status.

    Rest of the part – Great Post! I agree about the control you get when you get self hosted blog.


  20. Rajinder Singh says

    you know harsh you gave me so much reason that i should transfer my blogspot to wp…thanks alot for this
    bdw i have to ask you one question which is
    first i should buy hosting then i should transfer my post to wp and then upload wp on host right?

  21. Arpit says

    Sir, congratulations for the succesful blog
    i have started blogging recently on the blogspot and really wanted to take this as a serious way for the purpose of earning.i came to know about your blog from the top 100 indian bloggers list and relly found it awesome and very usefull,as i am just a beginner so m also thinking of starting blogging on wordpress rather than blogspot.
    what will you suggest me about the free webhosting sites for the wordpress?
    please reply to this as soon as possible,it will be very usefull to me.

  22. Madhuri says

    Hello Harsh!

    Thank u for ur wonderful posts.keep up the great work

    Actually i need ur help regarding the same topic and i’m totally confused as to what to do.I’ve mailed u my comments through contact.So plz check it out and let me know. I’ve read abt ur readers comments and how ur a wonderful timely response which is very rare these days.And truly appreciate for doing that. Eagerly awaiting for ur reply,Thanks in advance

  23. alexnjoy says

    I don’t understand one thing, is it so expensive to buy hosting for WordPress blog in India? There is no doubt that self hosted blog is much better.

  24. mark anthony says

    A few of you want to stay with Blogspot because of the traffic??

    Here’s the thing that has been covered on this blog often. Quality verse Quantity. On Blogspot and WordPress hosted, they own your blog and your traffic. Each page has a button that allows the reader to instantly move on to the next blog.

    On your own hosted blog, it’s your traffic. They came to your website for you. I would rather have 10 people visiting my website because its my website than 100 people who hit the “next blog” button and have no interest in my site.

  25. Lynn Brown says

    I started with a wordpress.com blog several years ago. After learning about the advantages of a self-hosted blog, I soon converted to WordPress.org. I agree that newbies should start with wordpress.com because it is much easier to convert to the self-hosted wordpress and knowing the dashboard,etc. A self-hosted blog shows how serious you are as an online business professional. A great way to brand yourself, your products and services. Plus, it is your domain for life. This is a great post with really good information eespecially for those just starting out. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Techpraveen says

    Harsh Migrated my blog to WordPress platform.He guided me properly in selecting web hosting and templates.I must say he did a wonderful work.I was very much impressed with Harsh(A Professional Blogger). :) The best things I admired in Harsh was his timely response. :)

    Most of the people won’t respond properly.

  27. Roch says

    I have just moved to a self-hosted wordpress site… not seeing much improvement (was using blogspot before).

    I’ll read several of your articles and apply.. let’s see if it works :)

  28. Jibanananda Goswami says

    Really great discussion. But while trying to buy a domain name, it asked for credit card. Still I have no credit card. Can you tell me any other way to buy a domain name? Is it possible with ATM card of State Bank of India? I am now in blogger. But I need full control over my blog.

  29. Josh says

    After reading your post, I’m thinking of shifting my blogspot blog to wordpress.. may be will do it in coming days…. and can u tell me the steps to shift for wordpress…

  30. Jayce says

    This is the post that I will show my friends who still in Blogspot. Told him so many times and still don’t want to switch over.

  31. Franklin Manuel says

    Hey guys, blogger is equally capable of what wordpress does. I am working on a hack (SEO plugin) which makes blogger blog more SEO friendly. One thing you should know Google favors blogger blog.

  32. Technologian says

    I agree with you Harse… I am using BlogSpot for my very first blog, Cite-Technologian.com- but after seeing some disadvantages like what you’ve mentioned (layout, themes, spam, etc), I use WP for my other blogs. Though those WP blogs are still on sub-domain, I will have them self-hosted.

  33. smartin says

    I agree that WordPress is more SEO friendly and comes with plugins and widgets. But I am more concerned about the Adsense revenue. One of my Blogger blog moved to WordPress now has less Adsense CTR and ecpm. I am using similar template and Adsense positions. Traffic also remains the same. Do you guys experienced the same thing or I am the only one having this problem :( ?

  34. Blogger Template Place says

    yes. it really true dude. But one thing that blogspot more easy to customize our template. is right?

    Best Regard

    • says

      I will not disagree with you but will not also agree with you. Some how I find wordpress themes are much easier to customize for simple reason all files are in different folder and also support is amazing for every theme. Though blogspot theme designing and customization is not very tough..but it’s just the way we think. Since I used both the platform my vote will go for wordpress in terms of theme customization.

  35. chandan says

    Enough Harsh, I know that wordpress self hosted blog is much better than blogspot blog., but why i am using blogspot blog, that I do not want to lost my blog good stats.

    I am preparing to make another self hosted wordpress blog and I will nicely design this blog.

  36. tushar says

    the reputation aspect is one thing that make me a big fan of WordPress….i have paid for this and i am DAMN SERIOUS

  37. Loveish says

    WordPress is much better than blogspot. I m feeling the difference as i move to wordpress from blogger this month :)

  38. Shahab khan says

    There are plethora of advantages in case of Self hosted blog to consider. In fact Self hosted blog gives the real complete control and flexibility over a blog, and that is what i love the most about them.
    I really can’t even imagine to blog on blogspot blog.

  39. sachi says

    Saw your thesis customization tutorials.

    I have a problem with my thesis theme.
    The sidebar drops down below the content.
    How to make it proper

  40. free says

    hello Harsh agrawal, your point of view is exactly correct ! wordpress is so advanced in technology, but simple in management. it’s very easy to manage and that’s why i liked it. almost all famous blogs are now made of wordpress. thanks for sharing such a valuable information with us !

  41. Techfunlog says

    I also transfered my blog to self hosted wordpress but blogger is too easy to use….. n i love blogger because its was free…… but as u told i also want full control over my blog…………….. thanks 4 article………

  42. Karen says

    Many of your points are not very credible or are extremely broad.

    So why would digg/reddit/etc dislike Blogger? Those sites are driven on user input and ratings, and I’m pretty darn sure the general user has nothing against viewing Blogger blogs, since it’s the most popular blogging system that exists.

    Just glancing at my reader I see that about 80% of blogs I subscribe to are Blogger blogs, and I didn’t even purposely look for them.

    Blogspot has an EXTREMELY high user base. The community of bloggers on blogspot are loyal and follow each other. Google Reader also allows simple subscription to blogspot blogs.

    You just sound like a fanboy of WordPress. Clearly each system has pros and cons. Your basic user will most likely enjoy Blogger over WP because of its simplicity.

    FYI, I use neither B or WP, but I do develop WordPress.org blogs for others. My own blog runs on Drupal – now that’s complete customization and the real SEO/Adsense/whatever magnet.

    • says

      Hey Karen
      I appreciate your insight, regarding your Digg/reddit question, it is mostly because Blogspot is a free blog and most of the spammer are using it to generate link backs or mostly one time traffic. Thats the main reason Blogspot blogs find it hard to get into Digg FP. You can see Digg.com and check how many blogspot posts are on FP.

      Regarding Loyalty, I do not see any point in it, because its the quality of blog. It can be blogspot/WP / Drupal or any platform. That will not make any difference.

      Just FYI I started with blogspot and yes its true its easy to manage a blogspot blog, because no server side issues but imagine one day you wake up and realize your blog has been deleted by Google??

      You might get an explanation or if you are super lucky, you can get your blog back. but in wordpress, if something goes wrong, restore your database and everything will be back….

      • Rakesh Waghela says

        Imagine one day you wake up and your PageRank is wiped out by Google ! See Harsh the point is you comply with Google and they entertain you ! Be it Blogger or Google Search , I am agreed to Karen for the fact the every blog system has it’s own advantage and disadvantage ! I have seen many popular blogs with commercial intent which are present on Blogger system ! So what matters is one’s objectivity while selecting the suitable Blog system :)

        Moreover there is nothing wrong in promoting the system which earns bread and butter for you :)

  43. Helda The Teenager says

    This post made me remembering of my blog WP that have self hosted, but some days ago my blog was suspend without confirmation and actually the limit is still next November.

  44. venkat says

    yes there isn’t support for blogspot blogs in terms of plugins as for wordpress.Wordpress has lot of features where blgospot blog lacks.

  45. McTri says

    I think I found an answer to my question: as the links on the wordpress.com/tag/yourtag page have the attribute “nofollow”, no advantage at all (except for the search engines not using it).

    • says

      It depends, you can keep the tag nofollow or dofollow.
      Though depending on how your tag page show, if its shows the excerpt and title, keep them noindex and dofollow else keep them noindex and nofollow.

      • McTri says

        Yes for self-hosted wordpress, but when hosted by wordpress (yourblog.wordpress.com), you can’t change the nofollow, do you? So it’s not useful to have your blog hosted at wordpress.com just for the inlinks via tag pages.

  46. McTri says

    Good article! I have a question about the SEO of a wordpress-hosted blog with your own domain :
    Don’t you think the inlinks related to your tags (from wordpress.com/tag/yourtag) are good value? I mean, when you put 10 tags to an article, you get 10 links from wordpress.com/tag to your domain. If you do the same thing with a self-hosted blog, you get 10 links, but internal links because coming from your domain/tag.
    Do you think it is potentially interesting, or pointless regarding to the other advantages of self-hosted?

  47. Dave Lucas says

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m thinking of opening up a brand new blog on wordpress. Feel free to contact me via email with any suggestions! Cheers!

    • says

      Dave I’m glad that you made up your mind for going with wordpress. Feel free to get in touch with me using contact form in case if you need any kind of help.

  48. shraqs says

    Same with me, I’ve start blogging with blogspot and just after 3 month I move to wordpress and really glad I did it.

  49. George Serradinho says

    Nice reasons you have listed.

    When I wanted to start my blog, I first had to read about the pros and cons about free hosting blogs and self hosting blogs. With hosting yourself, there is just so much more you can do. You full control over how and what your blog does and no one can tell you otherwise.

    • says

      That’s true George, Imagine how anyone will feel when his 1-2 year hard work is simply taken by blogspot or wordpress.com within second?
      I prefer and suggest self hosted blog to all the blogger’s.
      Apart from self hosted blog has more potential to make money online.

  50. Tom - StandOutBlogger.com says

    I definately think that if you are serious about building a reputation and influence you have to have a self hosted blog!

      • Honey Singh says

        More than seriousness it gives you best out of your hard works.You can easily make it your professional identity as well. :P

          • Amal Roy says

            Right Harsh. Thats what why we people are getting better and better eespecially the hardworkers. I certainly feel the advantage and power when i migrated to wordpress and i thatk you once again Harsh for helping me for opening my way to success. We are proud of you harsh.

  51. aditia says

    you got the point, but when I use free blog like blogger I don’t have sense of belonging cause I only think “ah it’s okay not updating my blog, it’s free”, when I use self hosted, even though my blog not really great, now I care more about my blog, cause I’m spending money on it

  52. Blogging Park says

    Hi harsh I have already made my self hosted wordpress blog on 8th Feb.Unfortunately I lost all the administrations menu on 27th and unable to recover it,while tried so many search,help.Finally deleted all the database and file and re-install for once again just yesterday.I don’t know whether this mess up with wordpress codex,plugin can decrease some popularity of self hosting wordpress.

  53. Evan Derek says

    Do not worry Park, if you have not messed up the domain URL , than you can keep re-installing the same files a million times it wont harm your SEO