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5 Ways to Make Your Blog Successful

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Successful

Who might not want his website to be listed on top? One might spend the several amount of money to make his/her website or blog popular. Making your blog or website isn’t always necessary for your blog monetization. The aims might be different. Some may want to popularize his/her religion or name or something else. But much of the time, we are focused in blog monetization. There are several things you must consider to make your website popular.

The niche

As everybody says, concentrate your blog with its name. If your blog is named with word related to technology focus your contents related to technology only.  If you have a technology related blog filled with food recipe tutorials then it will obviously turn away your visitors. 5 out of hundred people guess the name of the website and not using search engine. For example, he might use to read news related to technology. Therefore domain naming plays a vital role to bring traffic to your blog.


The design itself tells to return back or not

You web design must be as simple as it can be and as faster as it can be. Your visitor won’t be happy with your beautiful blog which takes more than a minute to load the main contents. Avoid using external JavaScript and high sized images in your home page. A simple blog with 2 or 3 images might look much attractive than a blog heavily concentrated with image designs.

Web design plays the vital role to bring back the visitors. There is no harm when one of your visitor returns back to see how well you’ve organized and designed your webpage so that he can apply same technique to his blog.

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Making your blog social

Nevertheless, a group of people, a society has never been weak. The commenting and replying cycle is must to show how much important your contents are to new visitors. Whenever your visitor comments on your post, instantly reply them. Use comment moderation in your blog so that you’ll never miss any comments and views. The regular interaction with the visitors naturally urges them to talk about your blog’s article or design in their blog. Hence, it results higher amount of back link to your blog.


Giving away something for free

Besides contents, you must consider giving something for your visitor for free. For example, if you have a web design blog, then consider giving them one of your web templates for free.  This will obviously popularize your blog and make your blog so much special. If possible create a separate post about it and discuss about the giveaway. If you add support for the giveaway then it is again much better. When he need something more with it, he’ll obviously return to you.

Stop focusing on money

Most of the time this happens to you, to me and to everybody, when you search for something you never find it on right place, and when you are not you find it following you. Same is the case with blogging. If you own a blog then do blogging don’t focus your mind on monetizing it. Have a different perspective towards your blog. Have an aim of sharing thoughts.

Think of giving something to your visitors and not taking some benefit from them. Don’t make visitors your visitors, make them your friends. Respect their views, appreciate their ideas. Make time for other blogs; speak to them via comment form. If you find something interesting about their blog consider posting a small link within a post to them. They’ll be happy to know that you valued their blog.

If you try these then obviously you’ll not only make your blog popular but yourself too.

This is a guest post by webdezineblog who blogs at Webdezine. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, Read: Shoutmeloud guest posting guidelines.

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    • Nurul Azis

      Not really new things to share but they work awesomely. Thanks!

    • Athul | Juniorhero

      Wah, Super tips. I liked it. Every blogger must follow these tips

    • vrunda

      hey.. you gave nice tips.. all the tips are needed to follow seriously.. because many people focused on monetizing without writing proper content and that is really won’t work..

      Make your blog a treasure by your unique content.. and then your blog definitely make treasure (money) for you.. this is also following the universal law.. Law of redemption..

      Thanx and Regards..

    • Jens P. Berget

      I believe that what’s most important when it comes to making your blog successful is to write about something you’re really passionate about. If you do, everything else comes naturally.

      If it’s your passion, you can always find things to write about, and you can write a lot, all day and all night, you never get tired of it. If it’s your passion you’ll know a lot about it, and you’re eager to share your knowledge (and people would be eager to listen to you).

      Awesome tips.

    • Virtual Agent

      I don’t know how to make my blog social, it’s about business and I really would like you help. I like to interact more with visitors in my site but how do I do that when they rarely comment on my posts.

      • webdezineblog

        You can use Facebook, twitter, etc for making your blog social. You must be aware that it’s you who is going to inform people. It’s not good to just sit back and wait people to comment in your blog. As soon as you update your website, let peoples know that you’ve updated your website with some information and be sure that they visit your site.

    • Techperk

      I like the share. The 4th and 5th points are vital. When you reduce the ads and increase the contents people will start flowing automatically

    • BlogTech Online

      Thank you for posting very informative tips bloggers who are beginning there journey.

    • vijay

      All your tips here are excellent and useful for beginners and web masters as well,Thanking you…

    • Smart

      Nice Post :)
      Stop focusing on money is a must as you said.Many focus on money and spoil their blog.

    • webdezineblog

      I am glad you liked this post.

    • shashank

      Good post for share…
      could anyone tell me how to get sponsors for Freebies/Giveaway to be give at my new blog:?
      Suggestions awaited :)

      • webdezineblog

        Let the sponsors find you. Meanwhile you can giveaway what you specifically have. I see you blog about technology, you can giveaway some forbidden freeware to your visitors.

        For example, some unzipping tools which is not common but much flexible, or some image viewer replacement tool which can read PSD files, etc.

        Doing this will also attract commercial software company to sponsor you their software for few peoples.

    • Price Arena

      Thanks for all the tips. Hope it helps in my new launched website. :)

    • Onibalusi Bamidele

      Really great post!

      You are absolutely right! Choosing the right niche is very important because if you have passion and enough knowledge about your niche you will be able to ge things done faster!


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