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    3 Twitter Tools to Follow Like Minded People

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    As a blogger we all use Twitter to exchange useful information and links but many of us end up with lots of spam on their timeline, the biggest reason is that they don’t follow the Twitter user of same interest. If you will just follow the ones following you or go for random Twitter users, it will surely spam your timeline. Thus, it is better to follow the ones who are of same interest and you can learn new things with them.

    Here are few tools, which I tried to follow “like-minded” people. I liked these tools and I am sure you will also find these tools useful.

    Twitter3 3 Twitter Tools to Follow Like Minded People

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    Here are 5 Twitter Tools to follow Twitter users of same interest:


    Justtweetit is another tool which helps to find like-minded people from a huge category list. It has an awesome directory which gives you lots of options of Twitter user to follow. Apart from following Twitter users you also read featured Twitter articles, Twitter users and Twitter tools.

    Justtweetit 3 Twitter Tools to Follow Like Minded People

    [ Link ]


    I like the layout of Wefollow, it shows you the gravatar with the list of Twitter users. Apart from this, you can also choose to follow onces who are more influential or the once who have more followers. I always prefer to go for influential. Read: Wefollow Twitter directory

    Wefollow 3 Twitter Tools to Follow Like Minded People

    [ Link ]


    TwitterRel is another user-friendly tool, no need to do registration. Just login with you Twitter account, select the language to prefer to find user and enter the keyword. TwitterRel will find the list of Twitter user of same interest and you can follow them in bulk.

    TwitterRel 3 Twitter Tools to Follow Like Minded People

    [ Link ]

    If you want to use Twitter effectively I would recommend following the Twitter users of same interest. Whom do you follow on twitter? Everyone or like minded Twitter users?

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    Dev - Technshare.com

    Hey Ruchi,

    Nice Post. Those are some awesome tools. Most of the tools are new to me.
    Thanks for sharing this great Post. Great work Ruchi.



    Kamal Hasa

    Wefollow is a nice tool. I use it as well ;)



    Wefollow is one of my favorites. :)


    Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    I agree with your views. I think it is better to follow people which have the same interests. But I also occasionally follow other twitter users, like news organisations, tech blogs etc.

    The tools you mention look really good. I never knew such tools existed (through which we could follow like minded people). So thanks for sharing!




    Yeah Nabeel, I always try to follow ones who tweet useful and interesting tweets. Thus, it doesn’t spam my timeline.



    i liked u r thoughts its awesome. it is very new to me… i never been to that tool before….its seams to be very interesting…. Ruchi it’s very great behalf of my side,



    Nice tools, I want to increase my follow numbers and these tips will help a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.



    Once we follow same ‘minded peoples’ by the help of these tools,absolutely generate more productivity on our blogs at the same time we can minimize the bounce rate of our site from twitter,Let me try these tools surely…


    Mani Viswanathan

    I have tried WeFollow..Gonna try the rest | Thanks for the share!



    I’m not using any of the tools mentioned here. But I’m willing to use them. It is a tedious task to manually search for the like minded people to connect with. These are some great tools.



    @Vijay, @ Mani, @Sandeep…Give them a try…they are worth using and do share your feedback.


    SMM Biz

    Nice tools mentioned. I have tried wefollow and would check out others also.


    Chetan Bhasin

    Great list there! I’ve been using WeFollow for some time now and I like it more and more every time I use it.


    Abhishek Taneja

    Hi Ruchi
    Its very meaningful knowledge that you have shared through this post.
    I am being getting decent amount of traffic via twitter but these tools can be great source of huge quality traffic ..
    Can you please tell me that which tool could be the best amongs these 5 twitter tools..
    Abhishek taneja


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