5 Alternative CMS solutions to WordPress

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS for blogging, and there is no doubt as 18% of all websites on Internet are powered by WordPress. When you think of this as a whole, you would realize 18% is a very huge number. WordPress was started as a blogging platform, and with time it evolved itself as a content management system. Now, you can do various things on WordPress, like build an E-commerce portal, a membership site, integrate forum and so on.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on all other CMS alternatives of WordPress, as they are equally good, and could be picked up for any of your next project. So on behalf of all those who are flying the flag for less popular or well-known CMS’s, here are our Top 5 alternative CMS solutions:

5 Simple CMS Alternatives to WordPress

1. Umbraco

Umbraco now boasts more than 85,000 installations and is now in the top five most popular server applications. It is built on Microsoft’s .NET technology and is a CMS for .NET developers. Umbraco state on their website that “Umbraco is the choice of many organizations because of its no-cost, open-source licensing, its simplicity, and its unlimited potential.”

You would not tend to use Umbraco for a personal blog, it is a CMS solution better suited to organisations running large sites. Among their users are wired.co.uk and asp.net

2. Joomla!

Joomla! is one of the biggest rivals of WordPress. The community for Joomla is very active, there are over 7,000 Joomla extensions. You can find an extension for just about anything and there are lots of themes to choose from. The biggest stumbling block before choosing to use Joomla is that you’ll need to pay for most plugins and themes.

3. Drupal

This list would not be complete without Drupal. Drupal 7 has recently been launched providing what they say will be an “easier, more flexible and more scalable” CMS. Their community is great, if you ever get stuck or have a question it will normally be answered very quickly on the Drupal forum.

4. SilverStripe

SilverStripe is similar to WordPress but it is more suitable for content management rather than blogging. They are currently working hard to translate their CMS and application framework into dozens of languages which will perhaps see this CMS’s user base grow much more rapidly. SilverStrip has a reputation for being particularly good on the SEO side of things as well.

5. GetSimple

GetSimple is an XML based CMS that has a brilliant user interface that is extremely simple to use. It’s easy to install and customise and although it may not have all the features that large companies require, it does more than enough for the needs of most companies in the SME sector. There are many simple CMS’s being released at the moment and it is a busy market, however, I think GetSimple offers enough to stand out for the crowd.

Do let us know which is your choice of CMS solution? Do you prefer WordPress or any other WordPress alternatives mentioned above?

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. akismet says

    Good article. I would also add Expression Engine and Social Engine on top of the above list of CMS’s.

  2. Raheel Mushtaq says

    Joomla is a nice CMS but it’s really hard using it unless you have a good developer with you but there are many good options in it.. A good portal made on Joomla can go for a long time without much changes..!

  3. Jason says

    WordPress is good blogging platform, but if you want a full on CMS it just doesn’t fit the need. The whole thing becomes a mess. Joomla and Drupal are nice but use lot of resources eespecially the newed versions. If you don’t believe me check a site made in YII framework and Drupal and see the comparisons.

    Anyway Modx is really good open source CMS. Sites like gawker and others also use it.

  4. Anubhab says

    From the comments I see, and I also believe. Wp hasn’t got much competition in the blogging platform. However using a cross of another cms with wp could really work out charm i guess.

  5. Wasim Ismail says

    My top 3 are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, I believe choosing a CMS all depends to what you are looking to achieve from your site. Before choosing a CMS, see if it will be compatible and what your looking to get out of it, does it offer such features.

  6. techntuts says

    There are many CMS on the web today. But, WordPresss, Joomla and Drupal are the best in today’s market.

    WordPress is best suitable for blogs and its not pretty good for business and ecommerce sites… But joomla is best for such sites which has ecommerce and shopping site, but joomla is bit difficult to learn and it requires time to learn than wordpress…

  7. rohan @techlunatic.com says

    Cool compilation, will checkout “get simple” looks very cool with the minimal interface, sleek and powerful.

  8. Glitz @ Glitzyblog says

    I have never heard about these two Umbraco, SilverStripe. thanks for sharing this. and as for me I am very much comfortable with wordpress and its features. its very easy to use.

  9. Sujith says

    Actually there is no much competition for WordPress as a blogging platform. WordPress is very simple and easy to use platform even for common people also. To develop a full dynamic business site WordPress may not be good.
    I am using Drupal and Joomla. Joomla now available with some core design changes and good features (Joomla 1.6)

  10. BLOG404 says

    What about tumblr ? Though people use it as micro-blogging platform , it still is very powerful CMS platform for pro bloggin , what say ?

  11. Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

    Hm.. haven’t heard of SilverStripe and GetSimple. I have my church’s website CMS in Joomla but to be honest, I’m not really a fond of it. The theme is great (premium) but hate the administration panel, eespecially when writing new posts

  12. shashank says

    Great to see SML added this blog !
    Wish people realise that there are many other CMS in market!
    Else scores of bloggers went on thesis with SML theme :)
    Drupal,Joomla are the best alternatives !
    Drupal 7 got a drastic change hope to see other bloggers give them a shot:)

  13. Nick says

    I know about drupal and joomla already but not about umbraco thanks dude and if you had included some advantages and disadvantages it would be appreciated

  14. Sharat says

    3 years ago I started a portal on Joomla and created one portal for my client by using Drupal CMS. But according to me they are most complicated.

    WordPress is easy, best, huge plugin list, fresh look, fast loading themes.

    Still I am having a News Portal running on Joomla from last 2-3 years. But It’s loading speed is too slow. I am confused that either it is slow because of Joomla CMS or Joomla theme ;) .

    I always prefer WordPress. I cant say anything about Umbraco, GetSimple and SilverStripe because I have Zero experience with them.


    • Sandeep Singh says

      I agree with you sharat ! WordPress is simple and reliable, the best thing is the customization power and plugin supports you get with ease on the net !!!