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Design Free Twitter Background With These free Tools

Design Free Twitter Background With These free Tools

Design Free Twitter Background

When ever we talk about online presence, Twitter is one site which is highly recommended. Being a micro blogging website and easier to reach to millions of people, Twitter is one effective social media tool. Now, getting back to branding part, we know how important design is and same is with the case of Twitter. Twitter let you upload a gravatar and a custom Twitter background. In real, people usually see your twitter avatar but twitter background is viewed by followers who followed your profile from various sources and landed on your profile. An attractive Twitter background will help you to convert that Twitter user into your follower. Now, when we talk about custom Twitter background, it means a lot of things that includes proper use of branding, letting your viewer know what they going to get and so on.

Custom Twitter Background

Custom Twitter Background

Anyways, before I will move with my gaga on branding, I would suggest you to open these few posts in new tab to learn more about Twitter.

Getting back to twitter, Among all the social networks, Twitter is one of the popular and useful social media site for bloggers & internet marketer. Bloggers should be active on Twitter to get latest updates and for their blog marketing. If you are active on Twitter by sharing, exchanging useful links and having attractive profile then the chances increase to get more followers.

For customizing your Twitter profile, you don’t require to be a designer there are many websites gives you option to create customized Twitter background. Here are few of them, which will help you to create a personalized Twitter profile. Though, there are unlimited options, but I have created list of top 10 according to which I liked and mentioned on many forums and site. My favorite among them is Twitbacks as it supports new Twitter design and let you create Twitter background and upload it instantly.

10 Websites to create Custom Twitter Background :


Artweet allows you to create  custom Twitter background according to your requirements like professional, corporate or personal. It provides you very easy way to add information about you and customize the colors, image or background you want. This web tool is free to use.


[ Link ]

Twitter images:

Twitter images gives you lots of attractive Twitter backgrounds which you can customize according to your needs and can upload it to your Twitter profile. There are varieties of categories available like 3D, abstract, cars, Fantasies etc. It also provides personalized Twitter background with price of $9.99.


[ Link ]

Free Twitter Designer:


Free Twitter Designer is a free and easy to use web app to create a customized Twitter background. You can add your own creative image or choose one from the given template and you can also add text, icons etc. to give personal touch to your Twitter background.

Twitter background creator


[ Link ]

Wish a friend:

Wishafriend is another free Twitter web application which allows you to add effects to your images before using it on twitter profile. You can add different effects on your images like displaying it on iPhone or adding name acronym with your images. You can add images, name and text to the Twitter background.


[ Link ]


It provides both free and paid service for customizing your Twitter background. You can download free Twitter design templates or add your image, text, URL, badge etc. You can also select to add more personalized touch to your Twitter background by choosing the paid service for $4.88.


[ Link ]


This one is really interesting and fun to play with. It gives you plenty of options to fully customize your twitter background. There are around 1,049,557 textures/ deigns and around 1,298045 colors to choose from and it is very easy to change the combinations. You just need to login with your Twitter credentials and you can give a new look to your Twitter profile.


[ Link ]


Twilk is bit different from all above web applications, it does not add your image or text on Twitter background rather it allows you to add your Tweeps profile pictures as your Twitter background. You can select your Twitter friends pictures who you want to add in your customized background for Twitter.


[ Link ]


TweetyGotBack gives you awesome collection of Twitter backgrounds. You just need to login in Twitter, select the background from given attractive templates and then apply to your Twitter profile. It is fast and easy to use but it doesn’t add your image or name in your Twitter profile.


[ Link ]

You can select any of the website which suits your requirements and be creative to make your Twitter profile more attractive. Though most of this profile offer almost same & similar design, you can also hire some Twitter background designer from sites like Fiverr or and get a custom Twitter design to match your brand logo or design.

If you are aware of more such Twitter tools which provides attractive Twitter backgrounds for free, do share with us.

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  • rakesh

    This is great i am going to customize my twitter profile using any of of them, right now i am not sure, but this list is going to help me a lot.

  • deabhail

    New to Twitter so look forward to experimenting. So much information here, have bookmarked. Thanks for sharing Whiztechy.

  • Ashish Mundhra

    Now in new interface the background is hardly visible. No point in making one

  • Saket Jajodia

    Thanks for sharing, now thinking changing from Twitter default to a new design.. :)

  • Mani Viswanathan

    Awesome collection Ruchi. I wanted this long ago. Never the less Bookmarked it now :P

  • Abhishek

    This is great and I find one can also design twitter background.It is a image which we can edit ourselves and can give awesome background.

    Thanks For Sharing

  • Kunal

    Good list.

    Twilk is something unique..Love it.

    BTW,We recently had a Twilk Premium Accounts Give Away.

  • pocket zone

    Ya, you are right. I know the importance of twitter customization, personally I benefited by changing the background which resembles my blog. Tough, still I think Facebook is better than Twitter as far as traffic iff you have high fanbase.

  • kbharath

    thanks for the list, infact i was in search for custom twitter backgrounds.

  • Beben

    sometimes in upload BG, twitter over capacity explained…
    btw is nice list for BG…

  • Fiona Bosticky

    With such little “open” space available on the new Twitter… can anyone actually see if you have a background any more?

  • Thiru

    I was searching for best one to make my twitter bg. Hope i ll get it out from here. Thanks.

  • Reshab |

    As the new twitter almost kills the old twitter background designs most of the users certainly need new customized backgrounds… Thank for the post Ruchi…

    • Whiztechy

      Agree Reshab, even I need to customize the Twitter background of my profile because of new Twitter and that’s why listed out these background customization tools.

  • Vijay

    Thanks for providing the nice set of twit background sources.

  • Sathish

    Hi Whiz, Thanks for sharing this list. I am already using for my Twitter account. Will try the other’s for sure. Thanks again


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