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Since Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, announced the update to profile look back in September 2012, users were busy tweaking their Twitter headers for that perfect look. Twitter headers are not much different to Facebook’s profile covers, only a difference in the dimensions, that’s all it is.

A great looking Twitter header grabs the viewers attention in a snap and they instantly hit the follow button. Okay, now I might have exaggerated it, but still Twitter has also opened out avenues for visual creativity, taking a page out of Facebook’s book. Since then, many of the Twitter’s users have got it right and expressed themselves visually on the network. But that has also left many of the users stumped over what picture to choose and how to format it to make it the best fit.

twitter header dimensions

As you can see from the above image, Twitter header  is 520px wide by 260px tall. This breaks it down to a 2:1 ratio with a maximum upload size of 1252px by 626px or 5 MB.

Design Tips for your Twitter Cover Image

Srikanth AN Twitter header

You can see above my Twitter profile with a dark themed photograph as the header in the background. The text that Twitter allows you is only in whites, so you’ll probably want a background that’s decently dark. However, Twitter does mess around with your image, adding their own filters and formatting the image by themselves. Twitter darkens your uploaded image, darkens the image, so that the text could be readable. Twitter also automatically applies the rounded corners to images.

Free Websites for Twitter Headers/Banner Design


Visit Wesbite


TwitrCovers is one of the many websites that are offering free Twitter header covers, but it simply stands out of the crowd with what it has to offer. Twitrcovers has a bounty of high resolution and meaningful covers for everyone.

Not only you could browse the popular header covers, you could also browse through its huge catalogue category-wise. If you’re thinking about how a cover would look on your profile, Twitrcover also shows you a demo of how it will appear on a profile, after you select your header.

You can apply directly to your twitter profile from their ‘Make this my cover’ button. But it requires you to follow their website. If you don’t want that, you can select ‘Download this image manually’ and apply it manually into your Twitter edit profile.


Visit Wesbite


TwitCover is the next best thing for Twitter headers just after Twitrcovers. TwitCover offers you almost everything as Twitrcovers does. But there’s a feature that makes Twitcover stand out from the competition – Create your cover. TwitCover lets you create your own header by adding images and text. Designed by the designers at GraphicFlash LLC and again, organized by categories, the covers on TwitCover are both polished and diverse.

For creating own Twitter header, users can import images, apply effects, add custom text, drag/resize them. The header created is downloadable and you can upload it to your profile. The user-created headers are also uploaded to their image database, opening a wide spectrum of available headers.

Visit Website is one of the another great destination for finding Twitter headers. Twitterheaders offers same features as the above mentioned both services. It also features a Create your own Header feature, similar to Twitcover.

Again, it lets you add your own images, text and format it to make a downloadable version of your header. features a wide range of Twitter headers and arranged in a category basis.

Freet Twitter Headers 

Visit Website

Free Twitter Headers

Free Twitter Headers is also one of a good resource for Twitter headers. The competition from the above websites, brings these down the pecking order. Still, FTH offers unique and wide range of Twitter Headers arranged category-wise. FTH also boasts of a Create your cover option, a Request and a Submit option.

A good resource for finding out more Twitter headers, although not the one with the highest priority.

Twit Headers

Visit Website

Twit headers

Twitheaders is again one of a good resource of Twitter headers. It is updated on a weekly basis. The headers are arranged category-wise and you can browse for the one that best fits your bill.

Twitheaders although does not feature much high-end headers, it sure does offers a wide selection options from its niches.

What about you? Are you using a unique Twitter header image for your profile? If not then head out to these resources and spice up your profile. Leave your thoughts and comments on Twitter headers below.

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