3 Easy To Use Tips for Writing Post Title For High Traffic

Title of the blog post is just like our face on our body, As we know our face shows the actuality of our over all personality, just like this title of the blog post does the same thing for our blog posts. Your blog post title determines the CTR of your blog post, and a bad title will ensure you will not get enough traffic.  There are ways you can write different title for Search engine and for readers, and you should always utilize this technique to attract more visitors to your blog.

Think of writing blog post title as, writing headline for a sales copy, more cheesy, appealing and simple it is, it will work more in favour for you. If you utilize this technique on most of your blog post, it will make your one time readers to read more on your blog.Now it is the time to discuss how you can get more response for your blog by title writing brilliantly, Some useful tips are as follows below.

Tips for Effective Title writing of Blog Post

Use Multiple Keywords in Title

Mostly various bloggers focus on the single keyword in the title of the blog posts. Then they generally get normal ranking for their keyword used in the title. But some advanced bloggers follow the technique of using multiple keywords in the title.

This way increase the probability to find the blog posts in the search of more than 1 keyword. I usually try to use 2 – 3 keywords in the title of my written blogs posts. Here below an image will show the example:

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The image is taken from the search engine of my blog post.

In this post Title is – The importance of social media in SEO

Thepossibleossibility to find this post for some keyword searches which are as follows –

  • Keyword 1 – Role of Social Media in SEO
  • Keyword 2 – Importance of Social media in SEO
  • Keyword 3 – Importance of SEO

The above described post in the image is worthy after searching above 3 keywords and there may be some possibilities to find the post some where in search engine after searching the 3 mentioned keywords.

Check out some of the best Keyword research tools here.

2 – Title must be Readers and SEO Friendly Both

Some bloggers more focus on the writing titles seo friendly and some do focus on writing readers friendly, But the intelligent bloggers do focus on both equally.

Now the question is that How to write the title of the post both for search bots and Readers.

3 – Title Must be Descriptive & Long

Short title has very less content to describe summary of the post, But the long titles have enough words in it to describe the purpose of the the post by using multiple keywords also. If title of your blogs posts describes the summary of the whole post, then your blog post is going to attract more eye-balls. This kind of post attracts the readers from all possible ways just like search engines, social media from other posts of the same blog also.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your permalink free from stop words
  • Use your target Keywords in your Post meta title and H1 tag
  • Keep your post title length limit to 60 characters. <Source>

I always try to apply this technique on writing titles of my blogs posts. For example of the long and descriptive title you can read the title of this blog post which you are reading now.

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11 thoughts on “3 Easy To Use Tips for Writing Post Title For High Traffic”

  1. Barnali

    I was thinking about how to tackle stop words in title. Your post addressed the issue. Thanks for the information.


  2. Walter Pinem

    I’ve already implemented the first two tips on the list. It makes something great result for my new blog to get more traffic. Thanks for the 3rd tips 😀

  3. Pranay Patel

    A very useful tips provided by you Avinash.
    And as you said title is the head of an article, all the bloggers should use such tips for a catchy title of an article.

  4. Ashish

    really nice tips you mentioned… M doing same and getting very good traffic. Adwords key tool is really awesome.

  5. Rudd

    I use WordPress SEO plugin and I found it very handy. There’s a text field where you can enter the focus keyword and the plugin will analyze whether users have include the keyword in their post title.

    I definitely like the concept of long tail keyword. It gives us more chances to appear in the search engine.

  6. Ravi

    I do not want to Contradict You My Friend, But Google Penalize the Blogs which Stuffs the Keywords, So isn’t Using Two Keywords in a Title is an example of Keyword Stuffing?

  7. Ravi kumar

    Yeah, very correct said. Our website CTR depends upon title written by us. The Title should be effective one. When some one search on Google by writing any keywords, it should be matched to your article’s title. Then it will list on search engine.

    How much character we can write in Title..after the Google Pandan updation?


  8. raman bathina

    I use two different titles for getting traffic from search engine and readers.Actually it is effective in wordpress but in blogger also you can do this by changing permalink to search engine friendly.

  9. Gautam Doddamani

    gr8 tips on how to optimize titles…i have had many posts according to the 2nd point…i.e. make it friendly for search engines as well as readers…and i agree the more longer it is, the better, keeping in mind the title limit!

  10. Nizam Khan

    Excellent and useful post, it is indeed much useful. Well, using multiple keywords in title seems to be a great idea to improve SEO and also the title should be readers/SEO friendly with effective description. Thanks Avnish for sharing and tweeted 🙂

  11. Dhruv Bhagat

    Yeayyy..!! I am doing the same way you mentioned here 🙂

    Thanks to Adwords Keywords Tool 🙂

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