How I consolidated my Facebook Identity by Merging Profile Into Page

Do you have multiple Facebook profile and a Facebook page for personal branding? Are you tired of managing all of them? This used to be my story as I had two Facebook profile, and one personal page. For long I wanted to consolidate everything so that I have to spend less time on managing all the Facebook properties.

When I started online in 2008, I had one Facebook profile for friends & family, and in 2009 I created a new profile to connect with fellow bloggers and for networking. Now, over the time I have learned that there is no need to have two Facebook profile and I believe it was 2011 when I started my Facebook page.

Merge Two FB pages into one
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From last one year, I wanted to close down one of my Facebook profile and wanted to manage just one profile and one Facebook page. Now the problem was, it was a tough call to close any one of them, because It would lead to losing years of connections and over 3000+ subscribers.

Couple of days back, I finally decided to take the call and merge one of my Facebook profile into my Facebook page. This way, I can consolidate my Facebook identity, and I can direct users to Profile or page according to the situation.

More over, it makes better sense for me to manage everything from my Page and have a profile where I should connect with family, friends and people whom I have met in real-life.

If this sounds like your story, well in this article you will learn how you can merge a Facebook profile and a Facebook page and how you can convert a profile into a page. Converting Page into profile is easy, and I have mentioned it in this article earlier.

This is going to be a step to step guide for you to merge your profile into a Page. I will also share the few technical glitch which I found and how I handled them.

Learn from my mistake:

I made a mistake in this process by not announcing about this migration. I straight away migrated my profile into page and later on merged it with my existing brand page. If you are doing so, I would suggest make an announcement now, and migrate it after 12-24 hours. This way, all your connected friends would be happy and they will not feel; they are forced into liking your page. Sigh! This is one mistake which I made, which you should not repeat.

Guide to Merge Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page:

The steps are clear and it is done in 3 steps:

  • Download your Facebook information
  • Convert Profile into the Page
  • Merge Two Facebook pages into one

You should take a complete backup of your Facebook profile, this will let you download your uploaded photos, videos and other information that is going to be useful for you in future. Specially when you are converting your profile into a page, you should have these data backed up. Do remember, none of these would get transferred to your page, and only your connected friends and followers will convert into likes.

Download Facebook Backup:

To start with, Go to Facebook and click on Dropdown > Settings and click on Download a copy of your Facebook data. (See this guide for detailed information)

It would take few minutes (Depending on the size of your Facebook profile) to create an archive of your Facebook backup. You will get an email with the download link for your Facebook archive. Once you are done downloading, follow below steps and start the process of converting your profile into page.

If you have any existing groups, apps or pages that you are admin of, make sure to assign any other profile to become the admin of these properties.

Convert profile into the page:

Go to this link and select the kind of page you want your profile to be. In majority of cases it would be Artist, band & public figure page. Remember:

“Your profile picture will be used on your new Page, and all your friends will automatically become people who like your Page.  None of your other content will be moved over.  You’ll still be able to log into Facebook with your current email address and password.”

  • Your profile picture will be used as your Facebook page profile picture.

There is one issue which I faced and most of you who have an existing page with the same name will face is following error:

” Our automated system has detected that the name is not same or similar to your profile name. Please keep it same or similar and retry.”

To fix this issue, I tried by removing my last time, changing the spelling of my last time but it didn’t worked. Fortunately when I tried adding an “S” after my name “Harsh Agrawal S” it worked and profile got converted into page.

facebook profile to page migration
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How to Merge Two Facebook page into one?

Now comes the interesting part, as this process is quite simple.  Go to this link and select pages that you want to merge. In the first drop-down, select the page that you want to keep and in the second drop-down, select the page you want to merge.

Merge facebook pages
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The Page you select will have the combined likes and check-ins from both merged Pages. Everything else from the other Page will be lost and permanently deleted.

combined Facebook page
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That’s it and it will take few minutes before you would start seeing consolidated like. For me it was not an easy decision to first convert my profile into the page and than merge two Facebook pages into one, but I’m glad I did it, as it would have lead to major headache in future.

Word of advice:

If you are running more than one Facebook profile, I would recommend you to stop doing that. Specially the challenge for many people is to separate the personal and professional identity. My recommendation for you is to take advantage of Facebook followers and Facebook lists feature. This way you can control who can see your profile, and people who want to follow your updates can follow you too. Having a Facebook page is indeed a great practice for creating your personal brand and you should do that when you have something original to share or have your own voice. Just having an idle Facebook personal brand page is of no good.

If you have made a mistake like me by having multiple Facebook profile, you should better take action now and fix it. Because, with every passing day it would be hard for you to make that tough call of either deleting one of them or merging them like I did above.

Note: If you were a part of my Facebook friend list and now you are connected on my page, don’t be surprised. My updates will be the same and the whole idea is to have less to give more. Here are the profile and page where you can connect with me:

Go ahead and try the steps mentioned above to merge your Facebook pages and if you have any question or face any issue, feel free to let me know via comments. Do share this tutorial with others on Facebook.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

15 thoughts on “How I consolidated my Facebook Identity by Merging Profile Into Page”

  1. Rems

    HI and thx for this great explanation!

    But it looks like i’m missing something
    I have 829 friends that are supposed to become fan of my page, but when i check in my page, its written that all my friends have migrated and i have only 111 like…

    DId i made a mistake?
    thank you

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      It takes some time to migrate all & see your number rising. Usually few hours or worse case scenario; a day!

  2. David

    Thanks for this Harsh. I also have both a Facebook profile and a page …. but I would like to do the REVERSE to what you did – ie: to merge my PAGE into my PROFILE …. so that I am only left with a profile and not a page. I have searched everywhere for the answer to this, but haven’t been able to come up with a solution. Do you know if this can be done?

    1. Sven

      I agree with you. A page cannot visit and join closed groups of ones subject matter interests. If one is a productive group member, fellow members will issue contact requests to ones profile, which one would rather keep private instead. I’ve suffered from this for over a year and nearly gave up on fb owing to this inconvenience.

      Creating a separate profile seems like a necessary solution. Sadly, I haven’t found either any viable instruction for achieving a conversion from page to profile.

      In the meantime, I’ve created a new profile and changed the page ownership to this new profile, but I’m not using the page anymore, but just posting to the new profile. Anyway, the change has increased my convenience and enthusiasm significantly, and my interaction with fellow group members is a very positive and inspiring experience with my new profile. I would still welcome a feature for merging a page into a profile.

  3. Vivek Bisht

    Thank You Sir for this useful information. This post is very helpful for me because i have same situation mean i have two profiles and a fan page, by using this trick i can easily update my both profiles and page.
    But sir i want to know , is any drawback using this method

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      There is no drawback as such, but before you make this switch, do announce it in advance. Else it might be irritating for your friends & followers.

  4. tio

    Last night I just try to merge my Fans Pages, but I don’t see the part “select page you want to keep”. When I click “Merge Pages” it just straight to confirm button.

    Does Facebook have delete this option? or some technical issue doesn’t allow me to do that, because it’s a bit strange, I’ve seen many tutorials just like you’ve shown here in which the part “select page you want to keep” still exist and tutorial are also written lately, but I’ve also seen many people complain since few months ago because they didn’t get that option.

    Hope you can answer my questions.


    1. Lourdes

      Hi Tio, did you find a way of doing this? I also need to keep my smaller page and merge the bigger one, but Facebook only lets me do it the other way around. An luck???

  5. srinath reddy

    Hello harsh,
    That was a nice idea to merge profile into page. But what about the reach of the page ? Will the reach of the page will be same as profile reach ?

  6. Ajay Kumar Jain

    Hi Harsh,

    Is there any way to upload/restore the backup taken from one profile into another one or is it possible to merge two profiles?

  7. Lizzi Preddie

    I’m always looking for ways to utilize Facebook as more than just a social tool. This was helpful. Thank you.

  8. Prasad Np

    This is sure something I want to try straight away, as this is something that should make connecting easier and take less time than managing multiple profiles. Plus I think this gives more credibility and control to people with large followings.

  9. Angelica

    I never thought of that.. thank you Harsh
    Hope it will help.. 🙂

  10. Harsh chauhan

    Thanks a Lot Bro , It surely will Reduce the Headache and a Lot of work too , By following your guide i would not have to again again do the procedure of Logging in and logging out , Thanks Bro

  11. Gerald Chavez

    This is the article I’ve been searching for. I’ve tried converting My Facebook profile into a community organization page before and My timeline info was gone without understanding the consequences of merging pages. My 7 years Facebook is gone because of My wrong clicks I wish I could undo that mistake I’ve made but its too late. I would definitely try this advice now, thanks Harsh!

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