How to Set up Advance Segment in Google Analytics

Google analytic is one best free tool for every webmaster and Bloggers to analyze their blog data and stats.  Google analytics offers many advanced features which we usually ignore or find it too technical to use. If you are paranoid about stats and optimizing your site based on stats, Google analytic can do wonder for you.  We have already shared some useful post related to Google Analytics in the past and if you missed out any of it, you can read them here:

Here I’m starting with first in the topic of Advance segment in Google analytic.

What is Advance segment in Google Analytics?

Advance segment option in Google analytic will let you see your data at precise level. For example, if you wish to see the traffic coming from Twitter or only from Social media sites, you can set the same from Google advance segment. More over, for advance bloggers you can set up Custom Keywords to see the progress of it in long run.

Getting started with analytics Advance segments:

You can access advance segments by logging into any of your site analytic dashboard, click on advance segment at the top and you will see an option to set up advance segment for your account.

Click on create new advance segments  to create your first custom segment. Now before you start with your first custom segment, you should get familiar with the dashboard. On the left hand side, you have tons of dimensions and matrices which you can use to create your custom rule set.

Once you have created a segment, you can always test it before applying. Nonetheless, you can also add the same custom segment to your other Google analytic profile.

Here is a screenshot of segment which I have created for traffic from my feedburner:

Now once, you have created an advance segment, you can go back to your dashboard, refer to first image), select any of the custom segment which you have created, click on apply and see complete analytic is your advance segment.

To get started with, you can read SEOMOZ guide on 7 Google analytics advance segment. Here I have created a quick tutorial to show how you can add those custom keyword expression to find 4+ words Keyword which is driving traffic to my blog.

If you running a campaign, advance segment is going to be really handy to see your progress. We will keep sharing more info on Advance segment and targeting using Google analytics in coming days, don’t forget to subscribe to our Email newsletter.

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  1. Ranjan Jha

    Once again nice driven topic with full of information helping me to get more realistic regarding SEO. As usual you always write great posts.

  2. Amandeep Singh

    Very informative post, Harsh.. I have also started to explore GA in the last few days and it is helping me a lot in getting more information about the top posts and now in some instances, I am writing posts based on the research that I end up doing in Google analytics… :)Thanks for sharing.

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