Here is the Most Critical Factor For Success Of Your Startup


If observed minutely, no sport is an individual sport at all.

Now, you must be thinking when did 100 m dash/ sprint or high jump, long jump transformed into a team sport.

No! They did not, it still requires an individual to perform the actions.

But, I still say it’s the team and not an individual.


Because the individual performing actions is backed by his/ her team.

Their team comprises of coaches, physios, managers, etc. Not just the athlete takes or puts in all the efforts, but also the other guys who are responsible for the athlete’s performance.   

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The same applies to startup businesses as well. Consider your business to be the athlete and your employees to be the team.

Unless all the teammates are doing their work efficiently, your athlete will not succeed. For your business to bloom, you need to ensure that your team works efficiently and is high on spirit round the clock.

This will not just boost the business but also the moral of your employees. Now, let’s focus on some elements about how you can manage your team effectively.

Your Guideline to Manage The Key factor of your startup:

Step 1: Hire “A+” Players

Self motivated team
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It is rightly said that hiring prevails to be one of the most important entrepreneurial skill of all time. We have heard about this time and time again that 

[Tweet ““If you are an “A”, player then you must hire an “A+” player in your team”.”]

By A+ players it just doesn’t mean that hire people with experience or qualification. There are a lot of other credentials that you must take in your calculations. The first and foremost is self-motivated. This according to me is the best one can possess. These people love and are efficient in their work and also motivate others to work efficiently.

This will build an amazingly healthy team which will last long and will always be willing to run the extra mile.

Step 2: Analyse Their Skills

Many regard this as not so important but there are some who do. The reason is, that you cannot ask someone to do something which he/ she is not capable of or has no knowledge about. And, also as you might know, people are at their best when working on their core competencies. This just doesn’t ensures that someone will complete optimally the work but also ensures that the job is done within time constraints. This boosts productivity and motivation among people.

When hiring examine if the candidate possess the required skill set. Once done allocate work suited to their core competencies. The reason being the above-mentioned paragraph.

Step 3: Define And Share Your Vision

Employees in startup
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Every business has to have a vision and you are the one who decides it. So, define the vision and share it with your employees. Your employees need something to look up to, to work for. When you clearly define your vision and clearly communicate the same with your team, it ensures that all of your employees are on the same path and are marching towards achieving that vision. A highly motivational thing as some see as their targets and want to achieve it at any cost.

Step 4: Design An Employee Enhancement Programme

Many Fortune 500 companies follow this practice religiously. Learning is a never-ending curve, and neither should you limit it. Ensure that you, and your HR or core team, design an enhancement program. This will boost your employee’s productivity. As your employees are learning new things, thus they are increasing their skill set. So, the next time you have some work to be allocated that requires some extra skills, worry not your employees already have it in them.

Step 5: Get Everyone Involved

Team work
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Explore a way to involve every employee. Get your employees in planning and decision-making. Not saying that give them the whole authority, but allow them to submit their suggestions. This way they will be more engaged and now your project matters to them more than anything else as they will treat it as their baby. This not only empowers and motivates employees but certainly scrapes out the hidden manager within them. This ensures smooth workflow of the project and a highly motivated team.

Step 6: Make Work Fun

Fun at work
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Often heard, but only a handful acted upon. Give them the respect, the love, the attention, and the amusement that they deserve. Only work no play guarantees downfall, and you don’t want that, do you? Mix it up with some co-curricular activities, sports, fitness programs or maybe a party. This executes the common abstraction between employers and employees. Thus promoting a happy and happening working atmosphere.

Step 7: Implement Incentive Programmes

Generally, this term is associated to the sales team or the sales guys. Where they receive incentives for achieving their sales target or may be for doing more sales than expected. It has been observed that this gig works more than anything when it comes to increasing productivity.

Every company does this to keep their sales team motivated, ever thought of incentives for efforts? For the not so sales people. Introduce incentives in any department and you will discover a positive curve in the productivity graph. Here are few suggestions for rewarding your employees within budget:


Your business will prosper when you and your team share the same vision and are relentlessly working to achieve it. But, to have your employees working relentlessly for your vision, you need to keep them happy and motivated. I hope this article helps you in keeping your team happy and motivated.

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13 thoughts on “Here is the Most Critical Factor For Success Of Your Startup”

  1. Anuj Kumar

    Hi Nayneesh,
    Thanks for sharing this helpful article, The things you shared are very useful to make any start-up success. Keep it up.

  2. Palash

    I always prefer Analyse and Skills. I believe that if you have not enough skill to do something, you will not success later. So before going to do something, everyone should gather minimum knowledge(Skill).
    Thanks for sharing this information…

  3. Angila Amand

    A perfectly written article ! As a beginner in entrepreneurship studies i appreciate that how you have described all that. In my opinion these are the some most important factors for a perfect start-up. Nayneesh ; you have explained it so well and perfect. A well organized and efficiently written article.

  4. Derek

    I don’t use this methods for my online blogging stuff but for my career job yes and I do a lot more then what you mentioned. I have worked for a huge IT company for the past 16 years (work anniversary is actually today). I just turned 36 and you do the math. I started there at a young age and have moved up the scale throughout the years to become the Team Lead for my department running day to day operations on the tech floor with a ton of authority to do things.

    I made lots of changes since I became the boss because the idea’s I had in my head for so many years I know had the chance to make it happen and if it worked it would make our employee’s happy about the place they work at and eager to come back the next day besides still satisify our clients.

    I am the one boss who at least once a day goes up to one of my techs or a few and look them in the eyes and thank them for the hard work they put in that day and it means a lot to the company. Just by doing this, the employee is happy that his boss takes notice of his work he does and is happy with what he is doing. I can be mean if I have to but I don’t.

    We getting ready to role out a bonus program meaning 1 tech on each shift will get a small bonus check at every quarter. Now the same tech can not win multiple ones in the same year so it makes it fair. But we won’t tell the tech’s how we come up with the winner. They have to figure out how they can become the top guy to get it. One thing I look for is teamwork and someone who would drop what they are working on to help another tech who might be struggling 1 day with a certain problem. That’s 2 things I will take note of.

    I was a bench tech for over 10 years so I know the stressful job the techs have and also having to do whatever there boss tells them to do.. So I figure out ways to not get the tech unhappy with me but still do what I ask of him. Sometimes I stop my daily activites and will do 1 or 2 orders myself on the bench while people look at me saying to each other… Why is the boss doing our work? Yes, I like to still show off that I still have the skills they do even though I am a boss.

    My department is the repair department. We repair all kids of stuff. Servers, printers, cash register setup (whole thing you see), desktops, laptops and this year getting into repair mobile devices. I have 2 techs going away next week for a whole week getting trained by certified Apple employee’s and Android employee;s. Then these 2 techs need to study and get there IOS certs to be able to fully repair any mobile device. We pay for techs to get trained and for any IT certification they want to get..

    1. Nayneesh

      Hey Derek,

      It was a small but a nice read. You could too inspire the generation. The first 5 paras were really good, but not sure about the last one. Anyway, it was a god read and hope to read more from you anytime soon, if you write.


  5. ZIK

    Wow , Its totally true. Working without a functional team can be boring , And without a team one can end up not completing his or her mission ..

    Thanks for the info. I envy Shoutmeloud team

  6. Himanshu Gupta

    Informative Post.
    I totally agree on making work fun.
    It’s critical factor.

    Thanks Nayneesh for your post here on Shoutmeloud.

  7. Shane

    Everything that you have said here is very true.

    Currently I work in an environment that is trying to implement many of the ideas you have given here. This is in an effort to keep employees fully engaged and happy at work. This will translate to better customer service and higher profits while lowering costs.

    All entrepreneurs should follow this and when hiring should really consider the soft-skills and the certification of others before hiring someone to join their team.

    You have hit the nail on the head. Great work and keep posting more content like this.

    ~ Shane

    1. Nayneesh

      Hay Shane,

      Thanks a ton for appreciating. I am happy to know that the organization you work for is willing to implement the elements mentioned in the blog. And I surely will post more and more blogs.


  8. Nayneesh

    Hi Avtar,

    Thanks a ton for appreciating. Hope you get the right team and achieve what you mean to.


  9. Avtar singh

    Very well explained NAYNEESH,
    I got an idea to work with a team after reading your article.I want to make my office and also want to hire a team.But I got a way from you to work with a team as fun really Awesome.
    Thanks for sharing such great articles with us.

  10. Hardik

    Really a mind blowing article which really gave me knowledge ! Shout out to shout me loud ! That’s the high quality content that’s why I read posts on shout me loud

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