15 Growth Hacking Tools Every Growth Hacker Must Have


Growth Hacking Tools
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A lot has been recently discussed over here at ShoutMeLoud by sprawling a series of articles on this quite new and trending term – ‘Growth Hacking’.

A lot has been talked about what exactly Growth Hacking is and Why you shouldn’t overlook it?

Growth Hacking tools are fundamentals for these growth hackers who take serious interest in the growth of a startup. No matter how fundamental these tools have become in the life of a growth hacker, installing an analytics tool without understanding the motive behind it would be nothing more than a waste of your time!

So, I recommend you get yourself well-acquainted by applying growth hacking techniques in your online life and subscribe to these best Growth hacking blogs to get well-versed with it.

15 Essential Growth Hacking Tools

The reason behind getting to know more about Growth hacking before jumping on to the tools is that operating on the tools will provide you with much more insights rather than just random number shooting at you. So, assuming that you have your mind clear about Growth hacking, without further ado, here I bring you the Top 15 Growth Hacking tools.

User Feedback/Surveys

1. User testing – Visit Website

User Testing
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Get instant feedback within an hour from your customers. User Testing lets you setup various tasks your customers needs to perform that provide user satisfaction information. You get written and Video reviews from your valuable customers and improve your interaction with them.

Pricing Starts from $49/Video

2. Type Form – Visit Website

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Typeform is one of the most intuitive user feedback service that I have ever come across! Typeform lets you design beautiful surveys with your branding and they are also mobile-ready.

Pricing: Free and Premium Plans

3. Survey Monkey – Visit Website

Survey Monkey
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Create amazing surveys using  Survey Monkey. This is an extremely powerful tool irrelevant of your product/market fit.

Pricing: Free for upto 100 responses.

A/B Testing

4. Unbounce – Visit Website

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Unbounce is the no-nonsense marketer’s tool for building effective landing pages. Even if you happen to be a non-developer, Unbounce is the right tool for you to build landing pages that convert.

Pricing: 30-day free trial. $49/month

5. Optimizely – Visit Website

Instantly deploy changes to your landing pages with their intuitive engagement testing. Makes it dead simple to get started on A/B testing your landing pages and work for a better lead generating landing page. Pricing: 30-day Free trial. $17/month later.



7. Google Analytics – Visit Website

Google Analytics
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Google Analytics is a Free tool by Google that doesn’t quite need an introduction. Most of the people with an online web presence happen to be using this service, but still that doesn’t make it miss this list.

Pricing: Free 8. Mix Panel – Visit Website

Mix Panel
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Mix panel is an event based analytics framework. The support guys at Mix panel have quite a good reputation with them being easily available on Skype for a quick chat.

Pricing: Free upto 15,000 data points. Basic plans from $150/month

User Retention & Analysis

9. Bounce Exchange – Visit Website

Bounce Exhange
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Bounce Exchange is the best user retention service out there. Bounce Exchange makes use of unobtrusive javascript receptors to understand the mouse gestures to determine whether a visitor is about to leave.

Pricing: Price varies according to monthly pageviews.

10. Crazy Egg – Visit Website

Crazy Egg
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Crazy Egg is all about customer experience. Find out the behavior of your audience once they visit your site to understand the hotspots they tend to click and back to the board to A/B testing. Crazy Egg is all about heatmaps, scroll maps and overlays.

Pricing: Free Trial. Basic plan from $9/month.

Email optimization

11. MailChimp – Visit Website

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Mailchimp are the best in what they do, and they do not need a particular introduction.

Pricing: Free for upto 12,000 emails/month

12. Intercom.io – Visit Website

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Intercom.io is one of the unique growth hacking tool that I’ve ever come across! Intercom.io is basically an all-in-one tool for you to organize your Helpdesk, Email marketing and customer engagement. This service will fill you to the brim with reports and statistics.

Pricing: Free for upto 250 active users. $49/Month.

13. Send With Us – Visit Website

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Send With Us is basically an intersection of Email marketing and A/B Testing. SendWithUs allows easy editing of the transactional email for the non-programming growth hacker. It also allows A/B testing of Email marketing.

Pricing: Free upto 1000 Emails. $79/Month.

Social Monitoring

14. Social Mention – Visit Website

Social mention
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Social Mention is a measurement and analytics tool to find out if a brand has been recently mentioned on different blogs, social media sites, magazines, bookmarking sites, etc.

Pricing: Free

15. Colibri.io – Visit Website

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Colibri.io is the best growth hacking tool for every growth hacker who wants to improve his/her visibility. Colibri.io monitors Twitter, Quora, Google blogs, Hacker news and many others and provides you with the most important ones to comment on rather than you spending all your time finding engagement spots on the web.

Pricing: Free Trial. $45/month.

So, what  do you make up of these Growth Hacking tools? Stay tuned for an analysis of how big companies are making the most of Growth hacking here at ShoutMeLoud. Shout out your thoughts about using growth hacking tools below.

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A Shouter whose articles got mentions from the likes of The New York Times, Kissmetrics and AllTopStories. He writes articles, novels and poems; spends most of his time reading everything he could get his hands on. Srikanth is currently pursuing his Masters from The University of Illinois and holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai. He is a programmer, a motivational writer and speaker.

13 thoughts on “15 Growth Hacking Tools Every Growth Hacker Must Have”

  1. Gloria

    Great list!
    I would also recommend BRAND24 for social listening and analyzes. Quite nice, easy to use and efficient tool which gives instant access to all mentions about your brand, analyzes of reach, sentiment, influence. Very helpful and powerful tool. Truly recommend to try 🙂

  2. Sateesh kumar

    Great tools to grow any website. I prefer Kissmetrics and crazy eggs as their analysis is very detailed.

  3. EmpireHive

    These Tools are Amazing next time they will surely come handy, thanks Srikanth.

  4. Arup Ghosh

    I used crazy egg analytics on one of my blog and the result was surprising. It helped me to increase the affiliate sell to 150%. Hats off to Neil Patel for this kind of tool.

  5. Anurag

    The best amongst all the tools for bloggers is Kissmetrics. As it analyzes almost everything of a blog. Right?

  6. Tammy Dillard

    The principles of “Growth Hacking” are the same ones that successful marketers have been doing since the caveman days. I have gone through a few of these. The level of detail there is incredible. Definitely a must read. That is a good list!

    More than enough for beginners.

  7. vikas yadav

    Hello Srikanth, Growth hacking is gaining popularity day by day on the web. You have shared some of the most useful tools for growth hacking. I have tried user testing and social monitoring in this list and try to use more in the near future. Thanks a lot for sharing this handy list among us.

  8. Tim Wut

    Thanks for compiling this list! Definitely a series of tools I’ve seen segmented across multiple articles but having everything in one place is definitely handy as we build our growth machine. Colibri is pretty interesting, will take a look!

  9. Shaun Clark

    Great one Srikanth !

    I was just searching about Growth Hacking tools and google pushed me towards this article and you have made it pretty clear and simple. And I believe that Growth is always a discipline which comes by merging the data with few of these tools mentioned above with legit user feedback and gracefully solving the user issues with good design by measuring and testing different combinations of these tools.

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Kamal Pandey

    Understanding visitors is one of the important tool to gain traffic. Proper analysis of the visitors and improving is most to sustain the online business.
    Spending time and money in this tools are surely the investment rather than expenses.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Mihir Naik

    Very Nice Compilation Harsh ! (y)

    You have covered nearly every thing a top notch marketer need ! Kudos !

    But I think, Growth Hacker is becoming overrated ! The same is being discussed more than happening 🙂

  12. Deepak Singh

    Hi Srikanth ,
    Growth Hacking is definitely one of the trending topic these days. Anyway Thanks a ton for sharing all these awesome Growth Hacking tools, will definitely give a try to some of the above mentioned tools like Bounce Exchange and Mix Panel .

    Have a good day!!

  13. Nilantha Jayawardhana

    Very useful and interesting post. Thanks for the post.

    I really like to this topic “Growth Hacking”. I read your previous posts and they are very useful and informative.

    In this post you explain the essential tools every growth hacker should use.

    Among these tools I can highly recommend Google analytics and Kissmetrics according to my experience. Awesome post.

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