9 Guest Blogging Mistakes You Need To Stop Making


Guest blogging is growing in popularity.

In the post-penguin era, it has become one of the safest ways to build links. However, some SEOs and other internet marketers have jumped on the bandwagon a little too quickly.

Sometimes we get so excited to see those three precious words – write for us – that we fail to really think through our article pitch.

We are so anxious to get a valuable link on a good site that we don’t give the guest blogging process enough thought.

Meanwhile, blog owners are feeling Google’s wrath too.

Webmasters have started paying more attention to what gets posted and linked to on their site. Plus, they are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of guest bloggers contacting them.

As more and more writers pick up their pen, blog owners get more and more requests to post.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that guest bloggers and blog owners tend to butt heads:

  • Guest bloggers constantly feel the sting of rejection.
  • Blog owners are constantly annoyed by subpar work.

So how can we make the transaction go more smoothly?

As a guest blogger, there are certain mistakes to avoid.

Follow this guest blogging etiquette and you’ll have much more success.

9 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes

1. Not Being Personable

Pitches that start with “Dear Sir or Madam,” or “To Whom it May Concern” will usually get deleted.


Because blog owners expect guests to be familiar with their site and what they are about.

They like to think of the experience as a relationship – not a one night stand.

  • Take time to read the About page.
  • Find out who you are addressing the submission to.
  • Write your pitch like an honest-to-goodness form of communication.

Don’t copy and paste the same message to a thousand different blogs.

  • Comment on the things you like about their site.
  • Or reference your favorite post.

Blog owners are far more likely to interact with individuals who take an interest in what they do.

2. Not Investigating

Not Investigating
  • Save

If you want to make a guest post contribution to a site and don’t instantly see posting guidelines, take a few minutes to poke around.

See if you can unearth that information.

  • This will save you and the blog owner a lot of time.

You will instantly set the blog owner on edge if you email to inquire about information that is already shared publically on the site.

Don’t bother the blogger with something like, “Do you accept guest posts?” when the site already contains proof that they do.

3. Not Following Directions

Even if the blog owner hasn’t posted guidelines on the site, he or she no doubt has them.

When you have been given access to the guidelines, read them carefully before you even think about writing.

Some bloggers will ask for an article idea to be pitched first.

Sometimes, you will need to include certain words in the subject line.

Sometimes you need to supply examples of your writing style as part of the application process.

When you sit down to write:

  • Be sure to do everything the blog owner has asked.

Some things to look out for:

  • Formatting preferences
  • Minimum and maximum word counts
  • Submission document preferences (.doc, .pdf, etc.)
  • Media size
  • Submission policies
  • Link placement

4. Submitting Irrelevant Content

Submitting Irrelevant Content
  • Save

Why would a blog about hair restoration want a post about car insurance?

Don’t waste your time and the blog owner’s time by submitting content that is irrelevant.

  • Look at the blog categories.
  • Check the archives.
  • Find out who the target audience is.
  • Write something relevant.

Fatal Guest Blogging Mistakes To Stop Doing Today!

5. Submitting Redundant Content

How many times does a blog audience need to read an article on the same, tired subject?

Do you really think that weight loss blog needs one more article about counting calories when the archives already have 20 articles on that subject?

Look at what has already been posted.

Do a site search for the topic you want to write about.

If the subject has already been written to death, pick a different one.

6. Submitting General Content

Right topic for your blog
  • Save

Not many blog readers get excited about general, not-that-useful content.

People do online searches for helpful information.

They subscribe to blogs to receive the most relevant information on a particular topic.

Take this into consideration when writing.

Don’t just touch the tip of the iceberg.

  • Cover every aspect of the topic – leave no stone unturned.

7. Trying To Be A Show Off

You may be an expert on a particular topic.

But just because you have a wealth of knowledge, that doesn’t mean the audience will as well.

Don’t use technical words or assume people understand what you are referencing.

George Orwell, an English novelist and journalist, advised writers to do the following:

  1. Never use metaphors, similes, or other figures of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
  2. Never use a long word where a short one will do.
  3. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.
  4. Never use the passive voice where you can use the active voice.
  5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.

Speak directly to the readers.

Write like you are having a conversation, not like you are writing a product instruction manual.

And while you don’t need to have the same voice as the blog owner, you do need to have a voice.

Boring, uninspiring content won’t appeal to anyone.

8. Resisting Edits

Don’t be surprised if a blog owner makes edits to your article.

Your name is on the guest post, so its quality will reflect (positively or negatively) on you.

However, your post is on their blog so its quality will reflect on them too.

It never hurts to have a second set of eyes hunting for grammar and punctuation errors.

Most blog owners will simply make minor changes here and there. If major edits need to be made, they will likely consult with you.

No matter how major or minor the changes are:

  • Don’t fight the blog owner.

And don’t go into diva mode.

If it doesn’t make sense to the editor, it probably won’t make sense to the readers either.

Trust the editing process.

9. Going AWOL

going awol
  • Save

Once you see your article go live, it is tempting to scram and move on to the next guest post that needs attention.

However, it is important to maintain a good relationship with the blog owner.

One of the fastest ways to peeve a blog owner is to go missing after you’ve reaped the rewards.

Hang around for a while.

What’s the best way to do that?

  • Reply to comments.

And don’t forget to thank the blogger for helping you out.

Don’t Make These Guest Blogging Mistakes!

Writing is like every other skill set. It needs to be polished and refined.

Furthermore, learning how to be a professional writer comes with its own set of challenges.

Guest blogging is a great way to build up a name for yourself and get some high-quality backlinks to your blog.

But you can only get these opportunities if you stay professional.

Hopefully, by avoiding these 9 guest blogging mistakes, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your guest post published.

  • Take a look at these guest blogging challenges which you will surely face along the way.

Are you making any of these fatal guest blogging mistakes? What are some more things you avoid when guest blogging? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments!

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35 thoughts on “9 Guest Blogging Mistakes You Need To Stop Making”

  1. Luke Pais

    Thanks for the information. This will help the new bloggers who are making repetitive mistakes while blogging. Because of these silly mistakes, even the good content doesn’t receive recognition. By using the tips, the will be able to get more traffic on their blogs.

  2. Keri Vandongen

    You’ve chosen an ideal topic, Dipraj. Guest blogging is rising in popularity and difficultly.
    We’ve all made guest-blogging mistakes. Thus, we relate to your topic.
    Having a checklist may be helpful, i.e. Chosen a relevant topic – now research when that topic was last published. Found top 3 posts – look for questions asked by the readers in the comments.

    Curious. Which of these mistakes have you made, Dipraj and Harsh, and what you’ve learned?
    Here’s to learning from our own mistakes and sharing insights from lessons with others.

  3. Endre Fredriksen

    I guest blog on a few health related blogs, and have found this to be an effective source of traffic. With Google Analytics I can track which blogs are driving traffic back to my blog. Also, rather than try to figure out the reader, I read other articles first to understand the audience and read comments. Then using this info I search popular keywords on the topic to drive traffic.

  4. Poonam Singh

    thanks for such a nice article on guest posting.

  5. mark abrim

    Thank you for this post… it really helps, but I have a question, is Domain Authority important in guest posting / guest blogging? Some webmasters or sites have payment… is there any difference between free published and paid contents?

    1. Kewal Dubey

      I believe in most of the cases domain authority is not important in guest posting. It is the content which matters, if you are writing a useful, new and relevant content then surely the web owner will allow your post on their blog.

      1. Keri Vandongen

        Kewal – you’re SMART to be asking questions while getting better at Guest Blogging.
        Domain authority is 1 criteria to consider when choosing a site to guest blog. Also consider social authority, blog engagement and whether readers match your ideal readers.

        Yes, coming up with fresh, relevant topic ideas is key!

        Tip: offer 3 of those ideas as possible topics. Blog owners often have editorial schedules for topics.
        As Nirmal indicates below – keep in mind blog owners appreciate when they know you’re part of their community.
        Here’s to continued sharing posts on their site and commenting.:)
        Do you have any guest blog plans, Kemal?

  6. Nirmal Kumar

    There are a lot of people online who had made Guest blogging as their link building technique.

    I am wondering how my little website Online Rockers Hub is getting a lot of guest posts submission.I guess, Shoutmeloud will get 100x times guest posts submission.

    And I recommend every guest bloggers should read this post. Because, they disappear once they submit their post.

  7. Leonard

    THANKS for that amazing post Dipraj.
    I am New to shoutmeloud and really love this post.
    I run a blog http://www[dot]shoutoutguide[dot]blogspot.com which is related to blogging tips, SEO and online strategies for financial increase but jeep getting guest post irrelevant to my content materials.
    I think this post would tell bloggers how to go about guestposting.

  8. Lovekesh Sachdeva

    I am reading your articles from last one year and start writing blog posts for my blog and following you from past one year and hoping to become a good writer in future biggest problem is english is not my native language and face a lot of problems while writting posts.

  9. Diva

    Getting a guest published on established blogs isn’t easy anymore as it was used to be. Following the dipraj guide will sure help you out to get your content published.

  10. Rahil Shaikh

    Excelent article! Loved it.
    I’m planning to get started with guest blogging as well as allowing guest posts on my blog.

  11. Mukesh

    Dhiraj, came across many articles that tells how to do guest posts. these 9 tips how to avoid mistakes while looking out for a guest post opportunity is really unique and informative. Any webmasters would look for only quality content for their blogs. when you have the same approach and when you hit with the right pitch success rate is high. Thanks for sharing

    1. Dipraj

      Yes Mukesh, your aim should be to find some unique articles that was never published in the website where you’re looking to contribute or why else will someone publish something that already there? Doesn’t makes sense then πŸ˜›

  12. kumar

    The concept you explored about guest blogging is very nice dipraj, it is very helpful to every blogger…i believe this is the one of the best technique for getting huge traffic to the site..finally it is a nice article .. keep helping by posting such articles..

    1. Dipraj

      Thanks for all your kind words πŸ™‚

  13. Hardik Porwal

    A highly useful post with a very informative content. One more important thing to consider while submitting a guest blog is a proper bio. Submitting a bio just for the sake of submission is a very big mistake. The authors bio must not only speak about the author but also tempt the users to click on the links provided in the bio.

    1. Dipraj

      Yes an author bio is must need. But you should make sure that your content strikes or else they won’t scroll till the footer of your content to view your Author bio πŸ™

  14. Palashtd

    Hi DIPRAJ,
    I think guest blogging is the number one traffic generation and brand promoting method.But most of the blogger don’t apply proper guest blogging process. So here your blog post is really helpful fro knowing about guest blogging.
    Thanks for sharing this guides….

    1. Dipraj

      Yes, that’s completely true as you will get both brand exposure and targeted traffic to your website which is not possible when it comes to network blogs as there’s no reader in it. πŸ™‚

  15. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Great article Dipraj. Guest blogging have tremendous opportunity if anyone use it wisely. Your tips are really helpful to bloggers who are seeking to pitch a quality guest post. Thanks again for this wonderful post.

    1. Dipraj

      Welcome! You liked this post, took time for commenting on it that’s the most precious thing for me πŸ™‚

  16. Anjali

    Hi Dipraj,
    It’s true that many people just look at guest blogging as a source to get backlinks. But, they generally don’t provide value to the blog they are writing for. They don’t concentrate on writing professionally. They just write for the sake of backlink and that too very mechanically. It hurts the reputation of the blog they write for. Such guest writers harm the blog which is trying to help them out. So, all the Guest writers should keep the things that you mentioned in their mind before writing.

    1. Dipraj

      Yes they should or else the verdict is “Your Article Went to the Spam”. Writing quality contents and choosing quality websites should be your first preference as you’re there to get some exposures for your work a a reward.

  17. Mike Lee

    Hi DIPRAJ,

    Thanks for great tips for guest blogging mistakes.

    I believe many blog owners prefer the guest writer to share their personal experience, having the unique screenshots, etc.

    Besides, experiment result, A/B testing, analysis and “How to” tutorials are always preferred.

    Lastly, I would say the quality of guest post matters the most.

    1. Dipraj

      Yes The Quality Surely matters as you’re writing for humans not for bots πŸ™‚ Hope you liked it!

  18. Abdul Waheed

    very nice and informative post. keep it up,,,,,,,,,,

  19. Jasmine Bhatt

    This is really amusing and guidable post. Yea, Guest Posting is a best way to get a reliable and valuable link from a valuable blog / site. I have learnt a lot from this post. Thanks

    1. Dipraj

      That’s a pleasure for me that you could learn a lot from it πŸ™‚

  20. Muralidharan

    how to find the post submitted by guest bloggers are unique and it is not published some where else?

    1. Dipraj

      Take The Account of This Guest Post “9 Guest Blogging Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Make”. What I do is I pick websites (Only Quality Websites). After that I hit on their search boxes to find what’s there and what’s not! I found that Shoutmeloud has no guides relevant to my topic so that was a sure fire to get lighted πŸ™‚

    2. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Muralidharan,

      You can use any plagiarism tool to check the content. I prefer Grammarly to check the content. Also, you can simply copy few lines from the post and copy it in google search to see whether it is copied or not.

    3. Dipraj

      I’m sorry, I was in a bit hurry so I didn’t understood what you meant to say Murlidharan… If you want to check the uniqueness of a content then you can use Copyscape, smallseotools or just picking up the phrase of the content and searching on Google will help you πŸ™‚

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