4 Free New Words in Blogging Because You Need More Traffic

Power of Free
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From Large Billboards to Online Marketing, from toddlers to Men and Women the words has targeted every type of people. So is the power of this word, even great marketers think what would they do if they had to found an alternative to ‘Free’. But what if the same is used in the Blogging counterpart? Will it bore me the success at the blogosphere too?

‘Yes, certainly’.

Let me put it clear. Suppose there’s a guy ‘X’ and you have got a Tech enthusiastic blog. He has no interest in tech niche at all and is not any kind of Geek. So to attract Mr. X to your blog is quite  more than wonder. How will you get him to your blog? Bribing him (probably not). But by using some of the most used and appealable words noted down the article might get him towards your blog. You can embed this Golden words to your Title, or Description or Post anywhere you want. But the result will be same : Massive Traffic.

Once again, let us stitch the blogging and marketing scenario. The worst part or the taboo is that most bloggers think that the later cannot be mixed up with former. By mixed up we mean, tactics used in once cannot be used in another. And the thing is that, this is how their is a bridge of difference between them(Great Bloggers) and you. And that’s another way how secrets are born.

Remember, Blogging is no more than a experiment. Your failures can you teach you much, and with your success you can become a overnight Blogging sensation. Great bloggers experiment to evolve, that’s how they leave back mark. Even great philosophers like Darwin has said that to evolution is a necessary part of survive. In this case, the survive is the tough and tedious rivalry of blogs these days. In this whole article, we are going to explore some of the great words often scribbled by most bloggers in their posts. Straightway from Free to many other words.

4 Powerful Words For Your Blog To Get More Traffic

Before you start using any of these words, I highly recommend you to don’t overdo it. These words are useful and does work well, but overdoing it will kill the essence of these words, and you will not get the same kind of attention as occasionally using these words.


It’s a no wonder that the word is so damn popular that even led us to an opening of a post with that. From old days of Shopping with Mom to your newest hanging out with your Buddy, this is one of the word that no one can dodge. We have already seen marketing legend having embedded this magical words into their every shopping campaign, but did you ever thought  what if the same is applied and implemented to Blogging? Massive success. People will just flock to your website no matter what is even given as free. This is a natural behavior in humans and humanity. Even I flock to the nearest shop or website stating as free regardless the object placed at free.

The word just brings the excitement out of the soul of every body. And, if you are successful at trap out the visitors to your blog, God! Your Website gonna be Insanely flooded with visitors. This is the power of words. Use it anywhere, Title, Description or in your whole post anywhere (only where visitors can see it publicly) it will bore you the fruit.

If you have observe the word ‘Free’ has been used only when there is a season of giveaways or any online shopping website. But as noted above, try to experiment with these words. And the best part is that it don’t have any worst part as people would surely run to your website as they spot the word ‘Free’.

So Let’s shift our word base from Free to another word, which is :


Word New
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Gizmos and Gadgets, new albums and songs or new show premiers or movies, everyone wants to get the taste of the “NEWEST IN THE MARKET”. People are in the move, the times are changing. Taking the urge of the ‘latest’ as the base, you can provide them with some fresh and latest content of your niche.

Let’s look from the Gossip view of the topic. Basically, Gossip is the sharing of the new hot topic among your friends. And these hot topics, people come to know through reading newspapers and the internet. And internet is flooded with websites and blogs. Who knows they hit upon your blog too? So assuming that, you can provide your visitors some fresh new never heard content.

Or, create your own news.

‘Your own news?’

By this, we meant that get some leaks to your blog. Some sneak previews of the new movie or song, or leaked images and specifications of a new gadget coming up. Leaks are the best source of new topics.

By getting some prominent leaks, you can get thousand of backlinks for free! But How?

You see, there are tons of traffic visiting your website. Which may include some of the great writers or editors or administrators  of the top-notch blogs. They would immediately try to cover up the latest leak or rumor and indexing the source of the leak, or your blog’s link. Voila! You got a free link without much work.


You? That’s it? What the heck will it do?

You are Awesome
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We know this type of questions might be floating in your mind, but it is scientifically proven. According to recent research examining brain activation, few things light up your brain while seeing one’s name in any media. Research has shown that we will gladly pay more for personalization, so why not use that tactics?

There’s one problem, a very annoying one out there.

In your blog post, you can’t apply anyone’s name in it. Suppose you add one, you can’t index all of the names out there. Which is the biggest glitch. But no worry folks have found an awesome solution to it too! Why not indexing your fan’s name and emailing them about the latest stuff or reports? In that manner, it’s quite popular and is highly recommended.


Word Because
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Experts claim that this is the top #1 word for blogging, and why not it is! Likewise in blogging most of us try to clear FAQs and Q&As via our writings. And no other word has more potential than ‘because’ the way it heals and answers the question is undoubtedly the highly preferred. Even checkout any post in the blogosphere, you would get to see this word for sure. Be it in the start or the end or anywhere else you will find this word more than once.

NOTE : You might have been some other words too, but this is the list of words mostly sequenced and chronological kept.

Try adding any of these uplifting words in your next blog title, and let me know how it works out for you. If you know of more such powerful words which we should use in our blog Title, do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your other blogging friends on Facebook and Google plus.

PS : Did you Observe how we silently placed all the four words in our headline?

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Sayantan Mahato is a fun-loving freelance writer, who blindly believes that Pens are more powerful than Nukes. He has been working with many top-notch blogs which includes EliteDaily, LifeHack & ShoutMeLoud and is eager to write for your blog!

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  1. CA Karan Batra

    Thanks Sayanthan for this resourceful article…

    A very good part of this article is that you yourself have used all these 4 words in the title tag… So what you are advising others has been very nicely implemented in this article as well…. This is called “Leading by Example”

    One more thing – Do you think using a Numeric Digit also has an impact as it attracts the reader’s eyeballs ?

  2. sandeep

    Well I read many articles here in shoutmeloud and i find every one of them to be useful…Thanx sayanthan!!!! you deserve a 1000 likes 🙂

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