How to Find your Blog Demographics Using Google Analytics

Know your audience“, this is one of the advises which you will get in every aspect of business. From a blogging perspective, it’s very important to know our current demographic of our blog. If you are wondering what is demographic, here is a quick explanation:

A demographic is a measure of type of audience reading your blog. It’s based on various things like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Sex
  • Devices uses
  • Browser used and so on…
  • Earning potential

And it changes from the perspective we are calculating, but for any business to succeed, you should always keep an eye on demographic you are attracting to your business. This will help you to understand your audience/customers, and plan a strategy accordingly. If you want to understand, a common example of impact of demographic on your sales, here is a quick one:

  • If your traffic consists of people age between 16-22 (school and college students), you are likely to make less sales, as buying power of this particular demographic is less.
  • If you traffic consist of 24-32 age group, you are more likely to inspire people to try something new and challenging.
  • If majority of your blog country demographic is U.S., you are more likely to earn more due to buying power.

Even if you have ever received an Email from Advertising agency regarding direct ad sales (CPM based ads), they are more interested in selling ad spots to a website with more U.S. based of European based traffic, as buying power of these countries traffic are usually high. Now, let me put everything in a way that will help you to understand you your blog demographic, and how you can use it to maximise your blog profit.

Identifying your blog demographic using Google Analytics:

I always prefer using Google analytics to keep a track of my blog statistics, as it’s free and give great in-depth details of readers and content. If you don’t understand the power of stats, or never analyzed your current stats, you are doing things wrong. Your current statistical data is most important asset for your blog to improve your blog/website, and in this article we will look one aspect of it.

First let me explain what kind of demographic details you can find via Google analytics, and later I will explain how you can use these data’s to plan your content strategy. Login to your Google analytics dashboard > Click on account > Select the profile (Website) for which you want to analyze the data. You are free to change the date for analyzing your data. I usually use last 3 months data to analyze my statistics.

Click on Audience > Demographic and from here you can find important details like:

  • Language
  • Location
  • browser used
  • Mobile device used and many more.

Here are few screenshots from ShoutMeLoud last 3 months data:

location demographic
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mobile demographic
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These are two examples for my country specific demographic, and type of mobiles ShoutMeLoud readers (Shouters) are using. Though, I could n’t find most important demographic and that is (Age group), as it will give me an idea about the buying power of readers.  Here is a 3rd party app with great reviews, but I haven’t tried it yet.

For this purpose I will be usingmy Facebook fan page. Here are details to get data details from Facebook fan page.

From Facebook Fan page:

Go to your Facebook page > Insights > See all > likes and set the time-period for last 90 days. This will give you detail about the demographic that is liking and engaging with your Facebook page. ( Which is similar to your blog demographic).

Facebook demographics
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This report is little different from your blog traffic report, as social media audience could be little different, but it’s still enough report to judge the age demographic for your blog or for your brand.

How to use this demographic data for content planning?

At times, your demographic might be different from your actual goals, and you need to plan future content planning according to your goals. For me, my demographic is meeting my goals:

  • Empowering college students or freshers to start a career in blogging and online marketing. (High)
  • Empowering employed guys to create a business of their own. (Medium)

If I analyse the above stats, I’m reaching out to right set of audience. Now, my next goal is to plan out a content strategy for the audience, that I already have. For example, if you would notice, most of my content are targeted to bloggers are initial level or mid-level. Most of my motivational posts are targeted to users been age of 18-28, who are trying to do something different.

To create a quality content, here are three important elements:

  • Know your audience.
  • Target your audience
  • Motivate/Inform your audience

Since, I have a detailed information about the demographic of my blog audience, I can easily plan out strategy to write content to target my blog current demographic. One thing which is very important here to know, with time your blog demographic will change. For example: If now, a majority of users are from 18-24 age group, with time content maturity will improve here (in next 3-4 years), that age group will be changed int 22-28 age group.

As an example:

  • My first 100 posts were posts related to technology ( I was 19-21 that time)
  • My 100-500 posts were related to initial phase of blogging ( I was 21-24 that time)
  • My 500-800 posts were about blogging at medium scale ( I was 24-25 at that time)
  • My last few hundreds posts are about advance level of blogging and small business blogging (25-26 age)
  • My future posts will be more targeted to analytics and online businesses (Current age and future)

And like this, with my age, the content level will change and so will the demographic of my blog. If you keep all the above points in mind, it will help you to create a content strategy, that will not only help you to reach your goals, but will help you to plan out content, which is liked by your audience.

If you more insights to add here, I would love to hear via comments. If you find this article informative, feel free to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Hi. I started writing a blog. I live in uk but im polish and my target audience are polish people living in poland.
    After checking my blog statistics realized that 90% of people visiting my website live in uk…. is this because i post from uk and my blog is not “visible” in poland when people search for blogs??
    Is there anything i could do to change it?….

  2. Tahir Siddiqui

    Very well written and explained! Helped me alot. 🙂

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