Copyscape: How To Use Copy Scape & Alternatives?

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What is Copyscape?

Copyscape is an online service to find duplicates of a text or in technical term it helps you find plagiarised articles.

Let’s understand this with an example –

Eveluating an article submitted by a writer-

You hired a writer and assigned him an article to write, he might have copied content from 10 different places without giving citation. To know this, you need to use a plagiarism checker tool such as Copyscape, as it will scan the billions of webpages and let you know if there are exact copy exist on the web.

Someone copying your content –

Often people copy your original idea (content), and re-publish on their website. Using a service such as copyscape, you can find which website have copied your original content, and you can take proper action such as reporting copied content to Google, or ask the webmaster to remove the copied content.

Note – Google could treat copied content as original, and you might lose search engine ranking because of copied content. So it’s important for you to occasionally report copied content to be removed from web search.

How to use Copyscape?

Copyscape offers a free and premium version.

To start with, you can try their free version, and if required, you can always try the premium version of Copyscape.

Go to the Copyscape homepage, type your blog address or the address of an article, and hit the GO button.

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On the next page, you will see the result from the page which has copied posts from your blog. If you are using notes and other features of social bookmarking websites, you might see such results here.

You can ignore such results.

Copied content Copyscape
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Now try to find hosting and other details and refer to this post to report such websites which are copying content from your blog.

At the time of writing, I might not go for the premium version of Copyscape, but in the future, I will certainly try its premium version.

Once you have found out which websites/blogs are copying content from your site, the next task is to report it to Webhosting, and blogging companies like (Medium, WordPress, and Blogger) & also report copied content to Google.

Usually, I don’t pay much attention to anything else apart from getting it removed from the search engine. 

Below mentioned guide will help you to get the post removed from the search engine.

Click on it to read it:

How To Remove All Copied Content From Google Search

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Copyscape alternatives:

1. Grammarly

A lot of new Copyscape alternatives has come up in recent time.

The most popular one is Grammarly which is available as a web app, downloadable app, and chrome app.  As soon as you enter the text in your Grammarly app, it scans the internet to let you know if this text is original or copied from somewhere else. If it is copied, it will also show you the source from where the text is copied.

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2. Originality – Modern Copyscape alternative

If you are looking for another Copyscape alternative that also lets you detect AI-written text, then you should use this tool called Originality. The latest version is full of many features such as chrome extension, API, and scanning of an entire website.

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When scanning, you can choose if you wish to scan for plagiarism or AI-written content or both. Originality is paid tool but the first few scans are free, and you can try it right now using the link below.

Do let us know if you are using Copyscape or any alternative tool to Copyscape to find people copying your blog content.

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  1. Bhai Dupare

    Hi Harsh!!!

    Nice information. after this i search with copyscape. and found some of copies articles in my blog. Now i rewrite some old blogs.
    So tell me when google will reindex those posts.

  2. Clare

    Great article. Copyscape is a great tool for writers.

  3. kksilvery

    Hi Harsh

    After reading about copyscape i have tested my blog and it is says internal duplication ,does it effect my SEO rankings on Google?


  4. jyotsna aggarwal

    Copyscape restricts the number of use in the
    free edition.After than it ask to create a premium account.
    So Plagium is a another tool to check copied post..
    above this google is the ultimate tool..!!

  5. Anish K.S

    No but some of my images seen in other sites, now me using watermarking for images.

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