Brand24 Review: Monitor Your Brand On Social Media And Beyond


Part of building a thriving online business is knowing what people are saying about your products or services. Maybe you have avid followers you didn’t know you had, or maybe there’s an unsatisfied customer somewhere yelling about how bad your product is.

The problem is that most businesses don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge needed to put a monitoring system in place. Most often, customer service associates are left with the task of damage control without knowing how they can prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

Thankfully, there are apps that can help any brand owner manage their business’s online reputation before things escalate.

Brand24 is a social media “listening” tool that monitors social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and analyzes the web’s keywords.

In addition to social media metrics like mentions and audience reach, Brand24 also gives you insight to positive and negative comments received for target keyword(s).

Setting Up Projects With Brand24

The first thing you need to do after creating a Brand24 account is to add a Project.

Projects are where you enter a keyword or set of keywords for a brand, product, or topic that you want to monitor. For instance, if you sell blogging ebooks online, then your keywords might include ‘blogging’ and ‘ebook’.

Brand24 SetUp
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Note: You can add five keywords per Project on the “Personal” plan, but if you want to add more, you can upgrade to a higher plan like “Premium” or “Max”.

Other than typing regular keywords, you can also track hashtags across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just type the hashtag (with the # symbol before the keyword) and save the Project.

Saved Projects will appear as a list on the left panel of the dashboard.

After data is generated, you can proceed to view your Project data by clicking on Summary under the Project name.

Understanding The Data

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When you expand a Project on the left panel, you’ll see several links: Summary, Mentions, Analysis, Sources, Quotes, and Comparison.

Here’s what each of these links means:

  • Summary – This is a bird’s eye view of your topic or keyword’s presence on the web. You’ll get a list of the latest mentions about your keyword, as well as a list of the top influencers for that keyword.
  • Mentions – This is a more detailed section to check mentions about your brand or chosen topic on the web. Other than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Brand24 also scans websites, forums, YouTube, and other places on the web which are accessible to the public.
  • Analysis – As the name suggests, you’ll see how all this social media information can be interpreted. Social media shares, mentions, and likes are all counted in this window.
  • Sources – This is a simple list of authors and web pages that use your specified keyword.
  • Quotes – A collection of direct quotes from people who use your specified keyword.
  • Comparison – Here you can compare two Projects.

Mentions and Sentiments

Brand24 has a feature called Mentions. This feature is great for anyone who wants to build a reputation online. The app collects all mentions of a topic/brand/product across the entire web.

Brand24 Mentions and Sentiments
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On the top of the page, you’ll get a line graph with the number of mentions and the overall social media reach.

You can set this to a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

There’s also an option to show or hide Interactions and Sentiments from the top-left part of the graph. Interactions are either likes, shares, or comments, and Sentiments are mentions that are either negative, positive, or neutral.

There’s a Sentiments slider on the right side of the screen and you can “filter” them by sliding the slider to the left (for negative), the right (for positive), or the center (for neutral).

In Mentions, you also get the most popular mentions, as well as the most popular authors who used the same keywords. Clicking the Engage button will bring you directly to the page (either on social media or a website) where the mention occurred.

Brand24 most popular mentions
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Reports and Analysis

There’s no point gathering data if you don’t know what to make of it. However, you don’t have to take a course in statistics to figure it out.

Brand24 offers easy exporting of reports to PDF or Microsoft Excel with just one click. You can even create an infographic to present to prospective clients and advertisers.

Brand24 Reports and Analysis
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The Analysis section is a more detailed statistics page of several metrics including social media engagement, social media reach, and the number of mentions for a keyword (including those outside of social media).

If you want to customize the frequency and content of reports sent to your email, you can do so by going to Project settings and clicking on the Reports tab. You can choose to turn off daily or weekly reports or not get any empty reports.

There’s a feature called Storm Alerts which gets triggered when your mentions and social media reach spikes up to a certain percentage. You can set this to be any number, but the default is 200% for mentions and 500% for social media reach.

Brand24 Pricing

For the convenience and valuable information that Brand24 brings to the table, you’ll have to pay a price.

But luckily for us, there’s a 14-day trial if you want to test the service out before making an investment.

Brand24 Pricing
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I highly suggest getting to know all the features before deciding which plan to choose. If you’re unsure, you can always go with the lowest-priced plan and then upgrade later when the need arises.

Is Brand24 Worth It?

Being an online entrepreneur requires awareness of your audience and what they are talking about.

While not every feature in Brand24 may be vital to your business, it is still a valuable tool for monitoring the social world.

In addition to building an audience and asking them what they need, you simply need to set up this tool and keep on eye on how popular (or unpopular) you are.

If you have the funds, this is a fantastic tool for social media monitoring.

Have you used Brand24 before? What do you like about it? What can you add to this review? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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37 thoughts on “Brand24 Review: Monitor Your Brand On Social Media And Beyond”

  1. Manikanta Naga

    Hi, Kim Barloso

    Very nice article. I first heard about this Brand 24 through @Inspiring Thrives. Through this Article, I Got a clear picture about this Brand24. I Have Signed up For 14 Day trail. Thanks for sharing useful Information.

  2. ashwini

    Wow, thanks for the mention here! A great piece that I totally agree with, also. I think that brand inconsistencies on social are a tough thing to overcome, but very worth it.

    So happy to see that Process Street use case, too. 🙂 How did you find out about it?

  3. Shaheen

    Hi Kim, Very good tool, helpful to evaluate social media advertising performance, thanks for sharing. By the way, It’s always pleasure to read your posts and comment.

  4. Golden Okechukwu

    Wow Kim,

    I love this tool.

    I learnt about it a few months ago and I’m loving it.

    In the keword section I mentioned my brand then keywords and hashtags relevant to my brand.

    I’ve used it to track mentions that I didn’t even know were there.

    What rocks so much about this tool is that I get emails too. So when I dont feel like typing in in the address bar the email just motivates me to do so.

    Kim thanks for the nice writeup.

    Do have a nice day.


    1. Kim Barloso

      Thanks for sharing your own experience with the tool!

  5. Ajay

    Hello KIM BARLOSO,

    Glad to see you here at shoutmeloud, you have provided an in-depth information about brand24 and its features. I guess this platform is very useful for monitoring brand.

  6. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Kim,

    Powerful tool here; I have not used it but based on your review and Lisa’s glowing endorsement above – she is a social media wizard – I know it is good money.

    I worry not about my reputation but still like to engage folks who note me or Blogging From Paradise on social media. Google Alerts can help in some regard but Brand 24 keeps track of social mentions in a more thorough, powerful way.

    When you engage people who dig what you are doing, your presence grows. Doesn’t get any better than that. But of course you need the tools to make this happen, so you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to track down brand mentions through various social channels.

    Sometimes these folks will not bother to tag ya, and other times, even if they do tag you, when your social media engagement volume goes through the roof, it will be impossible to sift through all the responses, to connect with brand advocates.

    That’s why this tool fills a very real need.

    Thanks for sharing the rocking review Kim.


    1. Kim Barloso

      Hi Ryan! Thanks so much for the comment. I agree that it’s important to track your biggest fans on social media. Thanks to this tool, we won’t miss a thing!

  7. Charles

    My favorite feature of brand 24 is the daily email I get each morning sharing mentions by top influencers on Social Media and new mentions in online posts with links to our companies website. This is a great way to spark engagement by reaching out to start a discussion or to simply thank. However, I would appreciate an easier format with which to export results. I often want to use graphics that are generated in reports in presentations to superiors, but the graphics are small and hard to read.

  8. anshul

    Very nice and informative article…
    It seems like I should try this tool. I have heard about it and got good reviews but never tried. Thanks a lot

  9. Jay

    Hi, Kim
    Very well written article that give insight full explanation about Brand24. After reading your point to point explanations abut functionality and usability of tool, I am thinking to give a try as possible as soon!
    Thanks again for sharing it!

  10. skptricks

    Harsh: It is a great application to analysis a business. Really it is providing the exact data analysis and their comparison. Can we change the keywords what we set during the account installation ?

  11. reet

    Hi Kim, I love this tool! I’ve been using it for over 6 months and I’m always finding mentions about my blog and business that I would not have known!


    Hi Kim,

    I’m very thankful for this review. You’ve emphasized briefly what’s most important for entrepreneurs and managers in here. That’s awesome to read such a piece on our tool.

    Hope you’ll find more and more usages of Brand24 with time!

  13. Viral patel

    Hi Kim,
    Very nice and informative article…
    It seems like I should try this tool. I have heard about it and got good reviews but never tried. Thanks a lot

  14. Magdalena Urbaniak

    Hi Kim,

    I’m very thankful for this review. You’ve emphasized briefly what’s most important for entrepreneurs and managers in here. That’s awesome to read such a piece on our tool.

    Hope you’ll find more and more usages of Brand24 with time!


    1. Kim Barloso

      Glad you found this helpful, Magda!

  15. Ashutosh singh

    Hi Kim,

    A great tool that I learned today from your article. I didn’t understand a lot so I personally sign up on Brand24 to understand this thing more. I think it is beneficial to join on Brand24.
    Thank you for sharing a new tool with us!


    1. Kim Barloso

      Sometimes you have to try a tool yourself to fully know how it works. Hope Brand24 helps you or your business!

  16. Ganesha bhojwani

    thank you for suggesting the platform to analyse and to track the niche audience great article , really appreciated it. social media is really the great platforms to boost our traffic ..but I wanna gain my followers on fb and insta , suggest me some good guidelines so that I can enhance my targeted traffic and how can I increase my reach…quick reply ll be appreciated..thank you

  17. Yogesh Khetani

    That’s another wonderful thing that I have learned today. Thanks!

  18. satyajit singha

    wow very good tool for Social media marketing providing some very good features as well.Thanks for sharing

  19. Rajesh

    Hi Kim,

    Nice information kim. I like it and created freeware account right now. If I get proper result from here then I will soon upgrade as premium package.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kim Barloso

      Cool! I hope you find the tool useful.

  20. Lisa Sicard

    Hi Kim, I love this tool! I’ve been using it for over 6 months and I’m always finding mentions about my blog and business that I would not have known!
    This post reminds me to add a few more projects to add to mine.
    Thank you for the suggestions using it.

    1. Kim Barloso

      That’s great to hear, Lisa! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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