Blog Copying Article Ranking Higher After Google Panda Effect

I’m sure all bloggers here are aware of Google panda effect and those who have suffered from Panda should read How to recover from Google panda effect.

So I have been working hard to make sure that we recover the lost traffic after panda effect as soon as possible.

While working on SEO of my blogs, I realized that many blogs which are using auto RSS method to copy content and publishing it are ranking higher in the search engine.

This problem is not with my blogs but also with major blogs including Google engineer Matt Cutt blog.

This is one serious issue and probably shows why Google panda is not very effective. Google panda update is supposed to remove all low-quality content and such auto RSS blogs from the search engine.

Though one thing is for sure, this panda effect works on domain side and not on individual posts.

Here is a screenshot in which I have searched for a sentence from my blog post on CallingAllGeeks in Google and I don’t see CallingAllGeeks listed anywhere and I can see lots of other blogs who have copied posts directly:

If you are facing the similar problem, it’s time to stop cursing Google panda and take following actions to get back your lost ranking.

How to outsmart content copier and get back lost Ranking?

In this process, we will be taking care of lots of things including reporting it to Google, getting free backlinks and also make sure that for future posts these websites will not rank more than your blog.

Remove content from Web search or Complete delete it:

This is a lengthy but most profitable and working method. Report all such blog posts which have copied posts from your blog to Google. Google will review your request and within a couple of days or week, those blogs will be removed from the Google web index.

Here is the link where you can report such copied posts. For BlogSpot blog copying your content, you can again report using the same link. One advantage of reporting such BlogSpot blog is, Google either delete the post or if the blog is spammy in nature, complete blog will be deleted by Google. If it’s a self hosted WordPress blog, you can report to their webhosting company and send them a DMCA notice.

Get Free backlinks:

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Anyways, no matter what, these auto blogs will not stop. They don’t care about ranking as it’s all automated and even if they rank for certain posts they are happy about it. Use WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO. This plugin will add a link back to your blog post and blog. This way you will be getting free backlink. To make most out of it, I have also added 2-3 extra keywords and link to get free backlinks.

Partial RSS feeds:

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I know many of you hate Partial RSS feeds and so do I. Though for now, you need to start offering partial feeds instead of complete feed. This way Google will find those Auto RSS blogs as offering low quality content and over the time you will get back your lost ranking and traffic.

In WordPress you can go to Settings> Reading and select summary as an option for syndication feeds. This will enable partial feeds.

I have tried and tested these three methods and for my new posts I’m not missing any traffic and they are getting indexed without any issue. I’m sure those who are facing a similar issue will find this post useful and will get their ranking soon.

Do let us know if you are using any other method to get back your lost ranking because of content scrapper blogs?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

48 thoughts on “Blog Copying Article Ranking Higher After Google Panda Effect”

  1. Emily

    I just submitted 68 pages to Google to remove. Each one had taken the exact phrasing that Google had assigned to my pages in the search results and used it to rank higher than my pages.

    It took 2 hours to request all these removals.

    Google in turn DENIED every single request to remove every single page because the pages are still live.

    Google wants me to contact the webmaster of each page to request that each individual page be removed.

    OR they want me to wait wait until the next time they crawl the page…

    So basically if some hacker steals the phrases Google assigns to your pages for the snippets they use in the search results, there is nothing you can do as long as the page is live.

  2. Deepanker Verma

    Hello harsh.. i always like to read your blog post. As we all know that producing short content is not good and google hates this. But i have seen pany short posts on mashable which are no more than 120 words. Most of the new posts are really short. Is Google panda is going to hit those websites?? i do not think that Google panda is doing right on web. Even i can see that copy bloggers are ranking much better than original author. Most of the times, copy blogger fails to remove internal links of original. Still google can not identify it.
    Google is only demotivating new bloggers..

  3. Minos

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve turned off my blog Full Text RSS after reading your post.

  4. Nat


    Good information you’ve provided.

    Perhaps I’m missing the boat here. I have used Copy Write Pro plugin on all my blogs just for this reason but perhaps that is not enough?


  5. sony

    I have Very Good Solution of These Copy Cat Blogs or Website, when you write any artical you should not include your Main Keywords at the beginning of your Article/Post and write your website url or write something about yourself or about your website before beginning of your article, this would not make those blogs to come high in Google search because they would not have any keyword which is important to come high in Google search.

  6. anand

    IU have been affected by Panda. 3 of my sites are deindexed. one site was making revenues. I checked for any duplicate post using duplicate post plugin and the plugin is unable to detect any duplicate post.

    I have been using for SEO. I have removed the code and deleted the domains from my account.

    Is there any chance for getting my site back in google’s index?


  7. Anand Kumar

    Which Plugin you use to show related post in Feeds?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yet another related post plugin A.k.a YARPP.

  8. Rahul

    Hersh, i agree with u that PANDA is not perfect, but when you are speaking of changing a Search Engine algo then it takes time for the internet to get optimized to it. II think Google Played it right. Write good content, no copying, good quality site are are only ways for good SEO rank. This in turn will lead to an overall improvements regarding static websites in the upcoming years. MARK MY WORDS! PANDA IS HERE FOR THE BETTER

  9. Amit

    @Bimal: There is no way a computer can determine who is the original author of a piece. They use a lot of signals but remember that humans have designed this algorithm and thus the scrapers can break it..

    Whatever you do, these scrapers are too smart and they will determine one or the other hole on your ship and try to sink it. If copied content is ranking higher in SERP’s , it is literally impossible to take down each and every blog via DMCA Complaints.

    One thing I did is downloaded the whole CSV list of incoming links to my blog from Google Webmaster tools. 7000 links pointing to my domain, aww snap …Then I set up a filter and found that there were typically 250 sites who have scraped my content. It took me more than week to file DMCA for all these sites and take them down.

    Problem is: God knows how many scrapers are out there scraping manually and removing the RSS footer link. And there are some sites like liquida[dot]com who will auto post each and every single post from your site, once it starts getting good number of hits. And there is nothing you can do with them.

    After filing tons of DMCA myself, I am really fed up. But that is the only possible thing you can do against them

  10. Sonu

    I think Google had penalized CallingAllGeeks that’s why other blogs are ranking higher.

  11. Jasmine

    Great tips to get back some lost ranking and traffic. I am sure if we all report to Google, eventually those spammy sites will get closed down, or delisted by Google.

  12. Mrinmay Bhattacharjee

    If still these blogs continues copying your article, go for AdSense DMCA and send an Abuse Email to their respective Webhosts

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