Add A Marketplace To Your Blog and Earn A Lot Of Money with StackSocial


Blogging over the years has been transforming, and today we get to one aspect that is going to excite all of you.

ShoutMeLoud’s mission statement is to make blogging a full-time profession for its readers. In this article, we will cover a product called StackCommerce that helps bloggers monetize their blog by marrying good content with relevant products.

StackSocial is an e-commerce company that publishes deals on physical and digital products. These deals range from electronics to software to online courses. It is kind of like AppSumo, but for all products and all at the same time.

StackSocial, along with Citizen Goods and Skillwise, are e-commerce platforms of the parent company StackCommerce. StackCommerce is the product that we are going to cover today.

As we’ve mentioned previously, StackCommerce aims to sell products seamlessly through relevant content.

In short,

Stackcommerce is a blog monetization app. It let blog & website owners to add white label e-commerce website. A smart way to monetize our web property.

Before we get to the how, let’s cover the why.

Why should you do this?

If you are a blogger and have only started blogging recently, then it is more than likely that you are targeting a specific niche to blog in. For example, your blog could be about “tech gadgets” or “productivity”.

When you cater to a particular type of content, then you attract a certain kind of audience and you become an authority in that space. People interact with the content that they read and they react to it in different ways.

For example, if you have a blog post titled “10 tips to become a happy person”, many people might actually start implementing those 10 steps in their lives. That is the power of the content on your blog. People taking action on the content that you write.

When people react to your content well, they are more than likely to take a step further and purchase a product that you recommend.

So that’s why.


How should you do it?

Many amateur bloggers get their business strategy completely wrong. Blogging is a matter of heart, and selling is just a by-product. If you want people to purchase products through your blog, then you must work on one thing and one thing only: Your content.

The delivery of your message is extremely important. If you start out writing your content with the intention to sell, you will never sell.

Take a look at this Medium article.

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If the content is powerful enough, then sales will happen automatically

The author lays out the mood of the content by suggesting that the reader listens to a piece of inspirational music while reading. This is how powerful content works.

You need to make your readers understand where you are coming from. Anything after this point is just a matter of laying down calls to action that ask them to purchase a product. The delivery of your message depends on your recipients and the message- which is way more important than selling.

What are StackCommerce’s features?


StackCommerce Integrated Store

The StackCommerce Integrated Store lets you run an e-commerce enterprise from your blog/website.

StackCommerce curates the products based on your content and gives you highly relevant products to sell on your store. StackCommerce also takes care of customer service, payments, and even copy-writing for you.

They have a backend system that gives you the analytics you need to increase your sales. There are also tools that help you with promoting your content. If your website deals with teaching others, you can integrate a feature called ‘Academies’ that lets you monetize your course content.

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Integrate a shop to your blog for up-selling products in your niche
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For blogs that teach skills, Academies are a good way to monetize courses

StackSocial Affiliates

When you sign-up for the StackCommerce affiliate program, you get access to all of the products that are sold in the StackSocial, Citizen Goods, and Skillwise stores. (There are easily copyable affiliate links that will get you started.)

This dashboard gives you a complete picture of the affiliate sales that have been made through your website.

There are close to 2,000 products to choose from, and they have every product you can imagine. There is a search option available to search for specific products.

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The StackSocial affiliate program dashboard


To sum it up, StackCommerce can be a very useful addition for every blogger. If you truly want to make blogging a business, this is how you do it.

So let me know in the comments: Are you excited to get started with StackCommerce? If you had to sell some products in your niche, what would they be?

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    Amazing. I will give it a shot. I need ways to monetize my blog.

  7. Kunal

    Hey stack commerce prices are lower than amazon…..does that mean I can actually dropship from Amazon using stack commerce as my buying source…

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    Yesterday i have referred some products through stack commerce, Is that correct way to promote product.? [ I had copied affiliate link with my i d referred with face book page & twitter]

    1. Kishensreehari

      Thats right Pranita

      1. pranita deshpande

        If i am only referring these products without my site directly on face book & twitter by giving my referral link then is their need to make affiliate link or another affiliate account?.

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    This is a good marketplace filled with gadgets, apps, toys…I think it will be good tools for blogger. Thank for great post.

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    Really Cool. It is true that people can monetize from blog by putting call to action in the content of blog. However, i wonder what is the percentage of commission per product in Stack Commerce ? .

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    Great article Kishensreehari. You covered all the possible ways of making money from blog 🙂

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    How very native 🙂

    You know, I had actually looked at StackCommerce once, but did not comprehend its power. This review got right to the heart of the matter and I love that I didn’t have to scroll for 20 minutes to get the scoop.

    I’m off to the free signup.


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    Hi, few day back i heard about stackcommerce, but i dont have clear idea how to earn money through this, but with this post i cleared my doubts, hope i can earn money with your valuable techniques,Thank you.


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    StackSocial is definitely another great tool to use, love it. However, beginners bloggers without a large capital on investing into advertising they might find this tool harder to make money off with.

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    this is great way to make money online for every blogger. we are thanks to providing useful information.

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    Hi KISHENSREEHARI, really great stuff, I like it. I have tried to start up amazon or eBay affiliation program but its not work for me, May be it was little technical. But stackcommerce is really easy to set up. Its taken couple of mints and I have done it

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