My Blog Yearly Income Report: 2014

Shoutmeloud 2014 Report
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From last few years, I have shared monthly income & traffic report to motivate you and to show if a blog can really be main stream income source for you or not. Because by the end along with your passion, having money in your bank account is what matters to get on with your day-to-day life.

Transparent income report
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This time I’m sharing this one year report of income and traffic to give you an idea how much one can earn from a blog. Do remember “If I can do it, you can do it too”. For this post I can’t give a detailed breakdown for the income source, since I’m using my bank statement to count my earnings and expenses. But for the sake of record, I will share the major earning and expense source, so that you will have a better picture. Do remember, this earning source is from my multiple blog under ShoutDreams blog network.

Here are the blogs:

Even though there are numerous blog, but a majority of my income source is due to this blog only. So I will be sharing traffic report from ShoutMeLoud only, and income source from all the blogs. This report consists of traffic, earning and expenses from 1st January 2014 – 31st December 2014.

Traffic report from ShoutMeLoud in the Year 2014

Here is the stats graph from Google Analytics for the year 2014:

ShoutMeLoud 2014 traffic
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Total page views for the year was 4,700,971 and you can see the traffic difference increasing from October 2014. That was the time when I started publishing less, and started focusing on editing my old posts to make them evergreen. You can learn more about the techniques I used back then here.

Here are the top traffic source for the last year  (Use this data to start tapping traffic from sources you been avoiding)

Major blog traffic source
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While checking the overall traffic performance from the referral source, I realized that traffic from linking site is better in terms of conversion than the social-media traffic.

Takeaway here is, you should focus more on getting links (Mentions) from relevant blog sites than social-media. At the same time social-media traffic is important to keep your visitor’s meter running.

Another important factor that I want to share is how much traffic I got on Desktop, Mobile and on Tablet devices. I’m hoping to see noticeable difference in 2015 and you should definitely have a responsive web-design and a mobile optimised theme for your website.

device category
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So this was all in terms of traffic for ShoutMeLoud for the year 2014. I wish I could have shared the traffic report from other blogs, but for now I’m just keeping it for ShoutMeLoud.

Though overall, by the year-end I was able to save about 13 lack after paying all the taxes and expenses (About $20,500).

Since blogging is my only source of income, you can calculate and decide if blogging is a decent professional in terms of money or not. Recently I read this book called “Rich Dad & Poor Dad” and I would recommend you to read the same. This book will give you various ideas on thinking beyond just making money, and how to earn money from your savings.

One of my biggest mistake in the earlier income report was not to calculate my expenses and for January income report (will be published on 1st February), I will also be calculating my overall expenses.

I hope this report will give enough data to decide a good career option for yourself. Do consider creating one such report (If not for public, for yourself), as it will help you to find out the red flag in your income and expenses.  If you are a blogger, I would like to know how much was your net income for the last year. If you find this report useful, do share it with others on Facebook and Twitter.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

45 thoughts on “My Blog Yearly Income Report: 2014”

  1. Marie Chatteau

    Hi Harsh first of all thanks for sharing! clearly not hiding anything 🙂

    Well best of luck!

  2. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hello Harsh.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. Your income report keeps me motivated. Seeing your exploits tells me that there’s money in blogging.

  3. Jacque Marie

    Hi Harsh first of all thanks for sharing! clearly not hiding anything 🙂

    Well best of luck!

  4. Siva Kumar

    Thanks for such a detailed report. Since you have an Alexa rank below 2000, I thought you would be making crores of money. This article was really helpful. I am eager to see the 2015 report which may have gone much higher. Do you really need to use WPengine? Wouldn’t it be better to host it yourself in DigitalOcean or Vultr?

  5. Nabtron

    This is great, but I was expecting your blog to be earning bit more than that…

    Or maybe it has increased a lot in 2015?

  6. Mahesh Dobhal

    Sir good post. It’ll be helpful to boost the confidence of start-up bloggers. Thanks for the post

  7. Prince

    Hey Harsh,
    Are you showing these expenses in your Tax filings?

    1. Prabhu

      Yes, I believe he does because of the norms we have in India and the rules. I have to so I think he being a giant he also does that.

  8. Neha Mehra

    Congratulations Harsh on achieving so much at this young age.You’re an inspiration for all the young bloggers who are aspiring to achieve a position in the world of blogging !

  9. Rahul Poonia

    Congratulations Harsh,

    You are doing great with Blogging and being transparent is cool as you are.
    Thanks for sharing as it gives me lot of inspiration and Encourages me to do lot more with blogging.

  10. karnal Singh

    Hi Harsh…
    Nice of you to share your all the details of income and expenditure so openly….it gives others a helpful insight into the business of blogging…I liked the point that your income from google adsense is less than 10% of the total income…great…You spend a lot to maintain your blogs….

  11. Gaurav Yadav

    It shows Your Hard Work to get this Success as well as Your Bold Decision to Choose Between Job for Some IT firm and Blogging as Full time Profession. But hell yeah a lot of expenses and after all these expenses, taxes, hosting etc you were able to save approx 40%. Good Decision to Ignore unwanted expenses and wish You Good Luck for this Year.

    Love the way you Share all these thing Honestly and will wait for next post like this with more success.

  12. Akash

    Hi Harsh,

    A nice earning! 😛
    What i think, WPEngine take at-least 8-10% of your earnings just saying Overcharge!

    And your Social Sharing Plugin ROCKS! 🙂 Its working like a charm. But i think it need a update about Pinterest and g+, sometimes it not showing anything. 🙁

  13. Ravi raj

    Thats why you called one of a top blogger because of these types of transparency with your reader.Hope 2015 will be bigger than this.

  14. Nickk

    Hi Harsh! I am New to blogging and getting an average of 25 visitors daily on my blog.
    My Query : I have around 15 posts on my blog. Should I buy a Domain/Hosting now ? ( I am asking this because I am not sure If am doing it the right way or not , Does my blog has any future or not…. I am blogging because it’s my passion )
    After buying Domain , When should I apply for adsense. ?
    Looking forward to get some help from you.
    Thanks for sharing a lot with us.

  15. Nilantha Jayawardhana

    WoW! It’s really awesome. It takes massive efforts and you catch it’s positive results. Good.

    I’m new to blogging. After I launched my blog, I made $125 within first two months from affiliate marketing. About 20 visitors visit my blog per day. It is very low. Now I’m trying to build quality traffic to my blog.

    Last week, I started two facebook campaigns and I make one campaign to getting clicks to my website and other one to getting post engagements. I spend $2 per day and I got about 300 post engagements and 10 website click for now. Campaigns are end on 13rd of this month.

    Is facebook advertising effective? How I improve my results?

  16. Vicky Sadhu


    Very nice post and congratulations for decent earnings. What i would like to know is this expense also includes salary of your entire team, as above report only have 1 full time person.Also, do mention your total experience as Blogger/IM.

    New Year Wish for you 🙂

  17. Imran Topu Sardar

    A great achievement Harsh.
    You are the mentors in Blogging. Go ahead.

  18. geoio

    Very useful and encouraging information for me, very sincere!Thank you for sharing. Five years of work on the web didn’t bring me any money but I am going on!

  19. Susheel Karam

    Thanks for sharing your earnings so clearly. Its inspires every blogger. But it makes me sad that you get less that half of your earnings in hand.

  20. Rajat Gaur

    I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday. Your Google Analytics data shows that Shoutmeloud got 47000971 pageviews in 2014. This translates into 4700971/365=12879 pageviews a day. How is it possible to achieve an Alexa Rank of around 2700 with that many pageviews ? Please let me know.

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