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WordPress hack: Find the plugin used by any wordpress blog

WordPress hack: Find the plugin used by any wordpress blog

A useful set of WordPress plugin helps a lot in the success of your blog. The simple list of wordpress plugin Short and Powerful will help you to get maximum out of your wordpress blog.wordpress logo thumb9

Though people are always curious of knowing the plugin other successful blogs are using. One of the simplest way to know the plugin which any blog is using is to ask the webmaster of the blog. Sometime you might get a nice reply along with the list of plugins else you can use the simple Google trick to find the plugins any wordpress blog is using.

Though this trick will not work who have optimized his blog well by blocking his wp-content folder with robots.txt or any other method. You can read my previous article on robots.txt to block bots to crawl your admin folder.

Simple search Google with this search query :


Make sure you replace xxxx with the blog name.

wordpressplugin thumb

Though it will not word with all the blog but will be helpful in many cases.

So what are you waiting for, try this trick to find the plugin major blogs are using. If you like the trick you can help us with a stumble upon here.

Meanwhile which plugin you are using? icon wink

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  • Adnan Shahid

    Hey Man! This trick is not working on my side, now what wrong with it?

  • Peter

    You can use to found out what theme and plugins a WP site uses.

    • Chook

      Hey Peter,

      That’s a Great link :)
      It saves me from viewing page source and doing it the hard way.

  • Jam Replika Murah

    I used this method, but the web , which i want to know was show blank page

  • eHackz

    Hey! Harsh
    Great Post!!!! Very Nice

    Can you tell us which Plugging are you using?
    So that It will become useful for us.
    Thank you!

  • Suneel

    Cool one there Harsh. Mind if I use your robots.txt file format for my blog too?

    When I tried whether my list is visible, luckily it isn’t.

    Thanks for sharing this trick.

  • Ruhani Rabin

    Great writeup! i should link it up for proper explanation on the security risk on blogs exposing plugins folders .. take a look at my wordpress security article .. if you have some time :) btw .. Keep up the good work

  • Shiivendu Madhava

    Nice tip but It does not works for every website.It does not works for those websites whose directory access are restricted or search engines listing has been disabled in robots.txt.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Very true Shivendu. Idea here is to encourage everyone to protect their blog privacy by using robots.txt.

  • Harsh Agrawal

    @ Viabhav @Raju
    One of them is because of ad rotate plugin, which is because of 125*125 advertisement slot at the side bar. That link will redirect you to the advertiser homepage.
    Another one is post views, which is use to show the stats of single post views to the reader, because of new theme that’s not working. :)

  • Raju

    Suprise! surprise!! Shoutmeloud has 4 results for the query! Good post Harsh!
    Off topic: When I am viewing your site on 1024×768 screen, I have to scroll right to be able to view the contents completely. Kindly look into that. I have the same problem as well, but luckily no content is lost

  • Nihar

    Even my blog was exposed to this. I then created index.html file and placed in plugins folder to avoid being shown to anybody.

  • prince

    Hey! very nice hack, thats what i was searching from many days. Thanks.

  • Abhishek

    Hurray I have restricted all from Robot.txt already !!


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