5 Websites to Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

It’s been a while Facebook timeline is live for everyone and despite of initial criticism and reaction, it looks prettier now. Facebook timeline cover photo works like an ID card of your profile and you can design and personalize it in any ways you like. With huge allowed dimension of 851*135, you can speak a lot with your cover pic. Now, everyone is not a designer and creating your own Facebook cover picture is not possible for everyone.

Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

When we use any normal picture as cover picture, Facebook scales it and despite of putting your best picture, your cover pic looks scaled and stretched. If you are good with photoshop,you can always create your own Facebook timeline cover image, else there are many websites which will let you create and design your own cover picture. Here I have collected a list of few of such online websites, which you can use to personalize your facebook account.

Specially for Bloggers, who are using their profile as professional outreach, it’s a good idea to have a creative or professional cover pic. If you have not done anything great with cover image, it’s the right time to show off your creative side. You should also check out How to create Facebook timeline movie, and I’m sure you will love the idea here.

Websites to create Facebook TimeLine Cover Pictures:

Facebook Timeline has given a whole new face to the social networking site and yes, it is much prettier than before. The most enticing feature of the timeline is the cover photo as you can upload a picture that will is much larger that your profile picture. And that sure, is a splendid thing. Many of my friends have been confused about what picture to upload as their cover photo, so, I mentioned 5 websites to create Facebook timeline cover photo.

Cover Junction

Cover junction

This is a great website that will give you the best cover picture that you can have. You need to click on the link “Create a Facebook cover” and then you will need to log into your Facebook account and then upload the picture that you wish to have as your cover picture. Though, you need to take care of dimension of uploaded image to create a perfect rendered size.What I like about this site is, you can find lots of user generated cover pictures which you can download and add into your profile. Certainly, not really great for creating a Facebook cover picture but still very useful for browsing and downloading, pre created one. <Link>

Timeline Cover Banner

Facebook Timeline Cover

One of my favorite in the whole list and this site makes the whole process of creating a time line image lot easier. There are many pre-defined templates out there and you can use them to start editing and create a unique design. There are a variety of backgrounds that you can choose from and you will have to personalize the background once it has been selected so that your photo fits in. There are editing features as well. Once you have got the desired results the photo will be saved in your system and you can later upload it on your profile.  <Link: Timeline Cover banner>

Pic Scatter

This one is a suited for those who love collages as the site will generate a Facebook timeline cover picture that is a collage of the photos that you have selected from your profile to create it. You can choose pictures from the albums that you have on Facebook or from the ones that you have been tagged in. You have the option of downloading the picture and saving it in your system or you can directly upload it to your profile. For extra features you will need to pay a fee of $1.5. Some nice effects and an interesting site, but having a price tag to remove watermark is downside, when we have so many free options available. <Link: PicScatter>



This is one of the best site for Facebook fan page admins, as they can do much more than just creating a simple Facebook timeline cover picture. This site offers many apps for your Fb fan page, which you can utilize to add engagement and many features to your page. If you are into affiliate marketing or a service provider, you should look into FaceITPages coupon app, which is out of box concept. This website needs a detailed review and for now, I suggest you to check out this site and create a cover image for your fan page or use any of the available Facebook apps on this site.


There are many more such sites which will let you create Facebook timeline cover photo for your profile and fan pages, but for now, above sites are good enough to let your creative cells alive and come-up with something interesting. If you know of other sites which let you create and design cover for Facebook, do let me know via comments.  If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give it a shout on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Pritam Nagrale says

    Hmm, good sites. Few days back, I saw one of the guy on Fiverr, making timeline covers for $5. This is better option now. Thanks for the article.

  2. Hirak says

    Well I am lazy so I have used Site Canvas a lot. It simple and effective, otherwise I just upload a time cover and adjust in FB itself. But the best is, if you have smashing pictures which concentrate on a particular subject, that should go into the timeline. :)

  3. Nizam says

    Really useful information on websites to use for creating a Facebook timeline cover. Coverjunction seems to be interesting, I will give it a try. Thanks !

  4. Ashish says

    I would prefer photoshop over these websites but for guys with a little to no knowledge of photoshop these websites are really very useful.

  5. says

    Well I usually didn’t use to pay attention to timeline, but as I knew that it plays a great role to reveal your personality I wanted to create one for myself. Thanks for sharing this post hope it will help me.

  6. Irfan Siddiqui says

    Seems a time saving website-to-work for me though I’m photoshop guy who spend his time designing vector designs. I think the people who aren’t familiar with designing stuff can save their lot of time using mentioned websites.

  7. Gautham Nekkanti says

    Although I use Photoshop usually to design my custom timeline covers, These websites seems like a great idea to save time designing from scratch