4 Uncommon and Powerful Link Building Techniques

Uncommon link building techniquesLink building is an essential part of improving your blog SEO. There’s no arguing the effectiveness of guest posting, press releases, social media, and similar link building techniques. But if you really want Google to sit up and take notice and give your site the credit it deserves, here are four link building techniques you can use right now.

After Penguin update, all major spam link building techniques are out of the market now, and most of us are using the known and common link building techniques. To create a difference among your competitor, a good idea is to apply some unused, and uncommon backlink techniques, which will not only result in getting extra quality backlinks to your Website, but will help you in getting extra traffic. Here I’m sharing few such link building techniques, which are not so common, and if you use it carefully, you will end up getting some of the best natural links from the web.

Uncommon link building Techniques

Free or Low Cost eBooks

There are other ways besides the mighty Google to reach an audience. So what if your choice of keywords is extremely competitive? Have you researched the competition for those words in the ebook industry? Marketplaces like Amazon get their fair share of traffic, and you can capitalize on it to reach your audience.

Create and list your eBook in a few of these marketplaces. You can go as low as $0.99 or list it for free through SmashWords to build an audience. Include links to your website in the eBook and the traffic will follow. Make sure you put your best foot forward because you’ll need a five star rating, or close to it, for the book and traffic to explode.

Hire An Experienced Blogger

Getting an established and visible blogger to write a post for you is not as difficult as you think. Your investment could reap results that will last a lifetime. Ideally, you should approach someone who’s visible in your niche and make the proposal. Most bloggers like to link to content that they’ve written around the web. When you hired blogger links back to his post on your site, you’ll not only get a high quality link but also benefit from additional traffic coming your way. Do this once a month and you’ll have a solid backlink profile built from the sites of your industry’s key influencers.

Interview an Influencer

It might be a pipe dream to think you can score an interview with Oprah, but you can definitely access a few influencers in your field. Ideally, the person you interview should have a heavy social media presence and be a recognized blogger who is respected for his contributions. Most influencers will not refuse an opportunity to share their experience with your community.

An influencer will also promote anything they do on their blogs, and to their social media community. You’ll benefit from the backlinks, recognition and traffic.

Questions and Answer Sites

Quora and Yahoo Answers are just two of many Q&A sites that you can see what questions people are asking. Pay attention to the questions asked on these sites, and when you find one that is particularly interesting, compose a blog post providing a detailed response.

Once you’ve completed and published the article, you’ll also need to compose a short summary of your in depth answer. This summary is what you’ll post to the Q&A site in response to the question. You’ll also need to include a link to blog post with the more detailed response. You’ll not only get a backlink to your article, but also a steady stream of traffic from people who are searching for answers to that particular question.

These uncommon link building techniques are powerful but should not replace your other link building strategies. Use them thoughtfully and they will put you miles ahead of the competition.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Rupali says

    Out of all, i personally used more answer sites to get back links and result a good traffic.

  2. says

    Great piece of writing. Creating a free eBook is really powerful but uncommon technique to build backlinks. I used the technique last year by creating a simple free eBook.

  3. Kumar says

    I always mix all methods (basic & advance) and do regular base. Your 4 powerful link building techniques is awesome and I will also go with this. I also analysis competitor back-link to see method of link building and site’s quality.

  4. Sunitha says

    Most of blogger turning links in to nofollow relation due to recent Google penalty on paid links.

  5. Rupali says

    Unique Tips to build link, Last tip is great, u get a post topic from site questions and make good traffic through answering your blog post.

  6. Justice Bapadile says

    Of the four methods.I think I will implement the one in which I look for questions which are mostly in site like yahoo answers and then write a detailed post which.Cheers!!