UberSuggest : Awesome Free SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

Here at ShoutMeLoud I have covered many Keyword tools that are free and paid and helps you to find Keywords, which not only drive traffic but helps you to increase your sales or increase Adsense income. If you have missed them, here is a list of such Keyword tools that we have shared in the past:

UberSuggest SEO Tools

Now, I will be sharing another useful tool Call Ubersuggest, which is created by an Italian SEO guy and one of the best free keyword tool for getting lots of keyword suggestions. Though before I move ahead, like always here are few things for the first timer and new bloggers.

Keywords research one of the essential and important element of SEO and the whole process of Keyword research will help you to find profitable and traffic is driving Keywords. If you are new to Keyword SEO, here are few beginners guide that will help you to get started:

Above three posts will help you to get basic understanding of SEO and Keywords. Now the most difficult part is finding Keyword in your niche. One way is to use hard core SEO tools to find such Keywords or if you are a Blogger like me who is more focused on writing quality content but keeping a Keyword in mind, Ubersuggest could be your best friend.

Ubersuggest: Easiest Keyword suggestion tool

I know SEO sucks, and it makes Blogging boring  but again we can’t ignore the importance of SEO when we are taking Blogging as a Profession. Moreover, post Panda SEO world, one easy way to maintain authority in your niche is by keep writing niche related article. My suggestion is to, mindmap at least 40-50 niche article ideas initially and start creating content.

Ubersuggest Keyword tool

Now, instead of taking long route of using hard core SEO tools to check Keyword traffic, competition and other factors, simply find Keywords in your target niche and start creating quality content and you will get good ranking and authority in no time. This is where Ubersuggest comes into the picture, as it will help you to quickly brainstorm and find Keywords in your target niche that people are searching for. It uses Google suggests, and few other Keyword suggestion service for Keyword suggestions and you can search for Keyword suggestion based on your target market like Web, news, shopping, video and more.

How to use Ubersuggest Keyword suggestion tool?

Go to Ubersuggest and in the query field enter your target query. Since, I’m doing Keyword research for one of my WordPress niche blog, I will just put Keyword “WordPress plugin” in the query field, select target country and my target market.  Click on Suggest, and it will list down Keyword suggestions. You can further click on any suggested Keyword to expand it to get more ideas and Keywords that make sense to you, simply hit the plus button, and it will add the Keyword in your list.

Check out this screenshot for better understanding:

Free Keyword Suggestion

You can check out all your selected Keywords in the right sidebar of Ubersuggest site and click on get to copy all the Keywords.

Copy Keywords

Now, go ahead and write posts based on Keywords extracted using this Keyword suggestion tool. Personally, I find Ubersuggest to be very useful for quick keyword based post ideas. Especially, in new SEO era, it’s quite easy to rank higher with a niche based Website and Ubersuggest is certainly one best free SEO tool, which you should add in your arsenal.

Do let me know what other SEO Keyword suggestion tool you are using and how would you rate Ubersuggest for its feature and free price tag?

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  1. says

    Hi Harsh, Awesome keywords tool. I have started blogging recently and it’s really helpful. Thanks for sharing….

  2. says

    Hi there,

    hope it’s okay if I mention my own little keywordtool I just launched.

    It gives you hundreds of google suggest phrases but in addition, it scrapes the top 10 pages on google for your query and does an in-depth analysis on their terms based on TF*IDF and Co-Occurence. And it’s free!


    Robert from http://www.keyword.io

  3. says

    Hello Harsh,
    UberSuggest is very good if you just had started your blogging carrier and don’t want to pay anything for keywords tools like semrush etc.
    I’m also using UberSuggest as its free and useful too.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Rahul Dubey says

    Hello Harsh !

    Really a very useful tool. However, Ubersuggest doesn’t show the search volume on monthly basis for that particular keyword. Any recommendation for free keyword research tool that also shows search volume (other than Google AdWords Planner) ??

    I personally don’t like new version of Google Keyword Planner. Please help with any such tool that meet similar requirements like Google Keywords Planner.

    Once again thanks for this post !

  5. Ankit says

    Hi Harsh,

    Useful article. I knew about the other tools you mentioned about but i had not heard of ubersuggest before. It seems impressive.

    Thanks for the article.

  6. Andy Roberts says

    thanks for the info but is it really any different to using the free google tool even if they have changed it to the planning tool? there doesn’t seem to be any competition data with Uber?

  7. Sannymedia says

    Have you tried seopanel yet? I think for these tasks a web based application is far more useful as you can schedule cron jobs and sit back. What is your opinion on that?



  8. Amit says

    Ubersuggest is awesome free keyword tool competing with many other paid tool, I loved it. Simple to use and effective also.

    thanks for share.

  9. Sunil says

    I was a little frustrated with the current adwords tool i was using. Ubersuggest seems to be a better and more efficient tool. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Sagar Gholap says

    As I always try out each and every seo keyword tool you’ve suggested even before, I’ll be going on with this one too the same way :P

    But this one looks simple than any of the tools you’ve covered before!!

    • says

      Sagar this Keyword tool is perfect for any non technical person or a Blogger like you and me who doesn’t want to get in depth of Keyword research… Hope you find this tool useful…Do come back and share your impression about this tool…

  11. Shorya Bist says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing about ubersuggest, I treid many seo tools like this which are free but i don’t think they are that effective as paid 1!

    I will try ubersuggest hope this time i ill get good 1.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest