Top 5 Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers and FreeLancers

Paypal Alternatives For Indians
I have been a Paypal user for almost 5 years, and I love it to the core. When I was starting online, I had no idea how to receive money from people outside my country, and Paypal made it so easy to receive money from foreign countries.

In my country (India) due to PayPal and RBI dispute, I can no longer use PayPal same as others users from countries like U.K., Australia. For example, one Indian PayPal user cannot send or receive money from another Indian PayPal user. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of PayPal, and so I started digging down some of the best alternative sites to PayPal.

There are many sites that are similar as PayPal and have few different features. I will list down some of the best sites like PayPal, which I have found which researching for an alternate mode to receive payments, and if you know of any other feel free to suggest via comments.

Best Alternative sites to Paypal

I’m making this list exclusive for Bloggers and freelancers, and if you are a small business; I would love to know what tool you are using to send or receive payment from overseas. So, let’s start our grand list:



Payoneer is one of the oldest services for global payment, and now they are available in countries like India, Pakistan and many more. Payoneer will let you receive money from U.S. based & European countries. The best part about Payoneer is, the transaction fees are lower, and you will save a lot of money in between. Signing up for Payoneer is free, and once you have done a transaction of $100 using Payoneer, you will get a bonus of $25.

Sign up for Payoneer


Many of my online have resorted 2CO for all their online money needs. 2CO has a lot of positive reviews and is considered as a great alternative to Paypal. Check out their fees:

Signup/Account Establishment Fee: There is a one-time set-up fee of $49 USD.

Transaction Fees: 2CO applies a 5.5% commission on each transaction, plus a $0.45 USD charge per transaction. <Link>

Supported currencies for FOREX:

US Dollars,Argentina Peso,Australian Dollars,Brazilian Real,Canadian Dollars,Danish Kroner,Euro,GBP-Sterlings
Hong Kong Dollars,Indian Rupee,Japanese Yen,Mexican Peso,New Zealand Dollars,Norwegian Kroner,South African,Rand,Swedish Kroner,Swiss Francs


Skrill is another great alternative option because of the Currency conversion rates (they are the best).

Money bookers

I have tried it myself a couple of times and MB transfers works great. Their verification process is a bit rigid but apart from that it’s a cool service.

Check out the MoneyBookers here:


Xoom PayPal alternative

When Paypal had shut the doors for Indian users a couple of months back, Xoom played a major role for all the Indians who earn online. You can receive Paypal amount on your Xoom account, this is the best feature of this service.

You can calculate the fees by following this link:


PayZa dashboard

Payza is a newly rebranded site and offers almost all the features as Paypal. You can create a free account or business account depending upon your need. I haven’t used the site, but the interface and everything look pretty impressive. If you have used Payza, I would love to hear your review and feedback.

5)   Google Checkout

Google Checkout is yet to conquer the world of Online Payments. The service is pretty much limited and unheard. Hope they come up as the best competitors to Paypal.

These are the top 5 possible alternatives for Paypal if you are an Indian. Frankly, compiling this list was a bit of pain because none of these services come even a little closer to what Paypal is presently.

Do let us know which service do you prefer as PayPal alternative for Indian users?

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Kamal Hasa is a blogger, Webmaster from Bangalore, India. He is 23 years old and blogs mainly at Webmaster Blog. You can also catch him on Daily Techie.


COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. says

    Xoom and Skrill are totally new for Me.
    Can they are safe paypal alternatives for indian blogger? Because of Indian RBI rules about foreign currency they are not allowing some online payment processing system.

  2. Pratik Shah says

    Never go for skrill. They do not provide support. Many fraud cases, blocks your money, do not allow to transfer money, extremely higher commission.

    Provides all feature but due to lack of support its very difficult to do business with them.

  3. says

    Hi Kamal,

    I need to pay sellers on my site on a regular basis. What do you think of Instamojo? It would be great if you could give us your review.

  4. Shashikant jadhav says

    My question about paypal. My paypal account name and my pan card name is same but, my bank account name not match.
    Can i still add my bank account?



  5. Thymoty says

    I think India has enough alternative payment options and one can find even more beneficial solutions for one’s business. And more new solutions are appearing in the Indian market. For example Paysera started operating in India which is another option to collect payments and transfer money globally. So Paypal restrictions is not a big problem.

  6. Ramil says

    I heard that Paysera payments are expanding to India. I don’t know how far are they right now, but it may be a new option for Indian merchants soon.

  7. says

    Never ever go for Payza service. They will simply block your account for no reason if you have some balance on your wallet. The worst customer service I have ever seen on internet is Payza support. My account was verified and I had some balance on my account. Suddenly 1 day it was showing account on hold. I am not able to anything. I have contacted their support 5 months back. They replied after 4 weeks. And during this 5 months they have replied me 3 times only. And always telling some of there simple rules (which I have always followed).Still my account is on hold. Waiting for them to reply from last 3 weeks.
    My big big request to everyone. DO NOT GO FOR PAYZA !!!

    • says


      Joel James is right Payza’s service is the worst service in the world they block customers account without any reason. my account was blocked before one month and i got an email that i need to provide the documents which i have already given to them at the time of opning an account for the reopening of my account i gave then all the documents but still it is on hold i mailed then regarding this and they replied after almost one month and when we go for live chat they always have only one statement that our team will get back to you as soon as possible and when we say that why its taking that much time then they say that we are getting high number of customer flow that’s why its taking time but my question is if you are getting this much customer flow then you should have sufficient staff to resolve that their answers are totally unprofesstional i was thinking to use Payza as an alternate payment option for my customers but they dont want any customer.

      So i would request everyone not to use Payza if you want to save your time and money.

  8. Deepak says

    guys! i provide freelancer services and now i am going to expand my work in usa ….so can u tell me the best payment method (except paypal) for usa to india transcation???

  9. Ashraf Kamal says

    As you said no one is competing closer to Paypal, I also believe this. Others may have some new or excellent features but the largest community behind the Paypal is its biggest plus point. We hope RBI will understand one day and open all unusual restrictions on Paypal.

    There are some alternative ways to send money to indian users, but same day transaction is main problem with paypal in India.

  10. Sam says


    Are these options fine to RECEIVE money for Transactions in India from Indian resident buyers? I guess most of the listed sites, do not allow this, following similar guidelines to Paypal by the RBI… i.e: You cannot pay any Indian seller, if you are an Indian buyer, through these sites that you have mentioned here.

    Alternatives could be gateways like CC Avenue and others – But these are not as convenient as Paypal… Can anyone, suggest Paypal alternatives for Indian transactions as stated above? I mean as convenient as Paypal but acceptable in India as per RBI rules?


  11. Dkumar says

    Please tell me which site best to transfer dollar in paypal account
    and what should be the purpose code in paypal account ,also tell me more about a
    verified paypal account.

  12. Anil Sharma says

    Hello the first alternative doesnt sound right? I mean a set up fee of 49$ and on top of that 5.5% fee and also 0.45$ per transaction doesn’t look right at all, they are simply stealing money. Just my view on the topic, might differ from you apart from that, I would also like to add one more service to this list, its a new player in e-wallet services and named Okpay, not very popular but the cheerful part is it also provides a source of income with its referral service(like you invite users to orkut).

    Warm regards,
    Anil Sharma

  13. john says

    Dear All,

    I want to develop a site with products showing INR rates in shopping cart with Paypal integration ..When i enquired with my friends i came to know that Paypal doesnt accepts INR .

    1.My question is whether it accepts INR currency as i am targeting only domestic market in india .

    if so what is meant by currency convetion rates which its mentioned in Paypal website stating that “This exchange rate includes a 2.5% fee ” , Since i am accepting only INR currency why there is currency convertion rate is getting applied .

    So do i need to pay 3.4 % + 0.3 US dollars + 2.5 %
    Please advice …its most urgent …

    Thanks in advance .. God bless

  14. Sammy says

    Nothing comes close to paypal in terms of acceptance and features. Some time back when Paypal had an issue, odesk had waived off the payoneer card fees. I checked out their charges then.

    They have withdrawal fees and I think it works out to be more expensive that Paypal even without the card fees at the outset.

    Regarding other services like Alert pay and Moneybooker, have heard of them but never felt the need to check them out.

  15. Typhoon says

    Alertpay is the one which I think is popular after PayPal. So consider that service.

    One more alternative is Liberty Reserve..

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says

      Yeah Typhoon,

      Liberty reserve is another great alternative, I love it because of its popularity and ease of access.

  16. Ron says

    I think moneybookers is doing great. Their charges are lower. Unfortunately moneybookers is not supported at USA, so I also had to use payoneers for USA clients.

    An alternative of paypal is now very essential. They are dominating the market as they have huge users.

  17. plazza says

    I think MoneyBookers and AlertPay are two good Paypal alternatives. Google Checkout is surely not available in India so you cannot see it is alternatives for Indians

    • Kamal Hasa says

      Well that’s true. But am only hoping it’d be a good aspirant to take over the Paypal market ;)

  18. Nirav Mehta says

    Google Checkout is not open to Indians. It is available only to US and UK residents.

    I did not see Indian transfer fees on MoneyBookers.

    Not sure if you checked these sites before writing this post :-)

    • Kamal Hasa says

      Hi Nirav ;)

      I did mentioned this: “Google Checkout is yet to conquer the world of Online Payments”

      So it’s obvious ;)

  19. tushar says

    apart from few problems in recent days, i have not had any major problem with paypal as it sends money directly to my bank account….its their best feature although conversion rate is low, i will agree for it

    • Kamal Hasa says

      Exactly, Paypal is the best and other service is closer to it. But the monopoly in the market actually gonna affect us..

  20. Pradeep Bhandari says

    I use Alertpay it is much better then paypal and other.
    we can verify account via mobile phones add bank accounts and for standard member there is no receiving fees. :)
    Thanks for sharing

    • vishal says

      hey! bro. how to varify alertpay account through phone? or bank account or debit card please tell me?

    • Kamal Hasa says

      Hi Nabeel,

      I have not used Payoneer anytime but I guess their fees is a lot.. Am not sure though ;)

      Anyone in here uses Payoneer??? @ others