ShoutMeLoud Monthly Income Report September 2010

We already published our monthly traffic report and we are back now with our monthly income report. Month of September was very decent for ShoutMeLoud network in terms of revenue and especially affiliate income and money from adsense has increased significantly.


We have offered few services like BlogSpot to WordPress migration, Thesis Theme customization and WordPress SEO services which is keeping me over booked and last month was hectic for me.

This month we started with 3 new Thesis customization projects and I’m sure it’s going to keep me busy for the next 10 days at least. Anyways let’s get back to income detail, which will help to give idea on which way you can go ahead and make money online.


  • Google Adsense:                                        $750
  • WordPress SEO:                                        $570
  • BlogSpot to WP:                                        $365
  • Thesis Theme customization:             $700
  • BuySellads + Direct Ad:                        $1020
  • Infolinks:                                                   $60
  • Affiliate Marketing:                                $1700
  • ———————————————————
  • Total:                                                            $5165

Compare to last month $3880, this is big boost for me and I’m looking forward to touch $6000 this month.

With time our expenses are also increasing and I ended up spending almost $2000/month on blog network maintainance and few paid services like hosting, aweber and few others.

Also our new tech baby CallingAllGeeks crossed 100,000 page views.

Income Proof:

I remember in my last month income report one of the commentator asked for income proof as he felt that such monthly income reports are not genuine. For me it’s not possible to share my Paypal screen or adsense screen but I’m adding pictures of few affiliate checks which I received in the past:




Thesis Theme Giveaway:

After last Premium WordPress theme giveaway one of ShoutMeLoud asked us to host a Thesis WordPress Theme giveaway and I think it will be a great idea for us to have such giveaway since I always share my experience and love for Thesis Theme. I will be coming up with Thesis Theme giveaway anytime soon, and I suggest you to subscribe to our Email newsletter (Below) to make sure you don’t miss this awesome giveaway.

I hope even you had an awesome month and hope to hear some great news from you as well. Do share your last month income stats.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 47 )

  1. Rana Irfan says

    Congratulation Harsh. saw your work hard. now i will also work hard to make money with adsense.

  2. Bhaveek says

    thats really nice to see your income touching $5100 for the first time. Congrats harsh..!!
    You will surely make more than $6000 next month. All the Best.

  3. Dean Saliba says

    That is the problem whn you start making decent money, people start calling BS and demanding proof, mainly because they can’t do it and thus feel less of a failure by calling ‘scam’.

  4. Dave Doolin says

    I don’t doubt your numbers in least, Harsh. I’ve watch you hustle this thing well over a year, and I know you’re coming up on your 2 year mark. You should be into 6 figure range pretty soon.

    Also, you’re smart to plow your profits back into new ventures.

  5. Curious Little Person says

    Congrats Harsh ! This is just excellent . You’re an inspiration to all bloggers. Keep up the good work and its obvious that we all have a lot to learn from you. Cheers sandeep

  6. Health n Fitness Care says

    Harsh congrats for your achievement. One thing I wanted to know is that whether the total income you have shown here is from one single website – ‘shoutmeloud’ or from multiple websites.

  7. Rakesh @ Wizard Journal says

    These are very impressive stats and motivating at the same time, all the best for the next month.

  8. Binoy xavier says

    Congrats Harsh. Monthly income reports are true inspiration for many budding bloggers out there. May the force be with you ;)

  9. Prabal says

    Wow Harsh .. Happy to see that .. :)
    Specially the boost in comparison with last month..
    And i think the person is happy who asked u to show cheques :D

  10. Sujith-Techliininfo says

    Hi Harsh,
    Congrats .. Many things to learn from you. Success stories are always motivational. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Murugappan says

    Oh, that shows your hard work.
    And yeah, thanks for giving your ears to me and announcing the thesis giveaway!
    I’m waiting for it! :D

  12. Mukund says

    Wow!! Congrats Harsh! That’s really some big money!! I hope to at least one fourth of it with my blog:)

  13. Imran says

    Congrats Harsh for the advancement in your income from your previous month. You are a roadmap for all new bloggers. I will be taking part in the give away contest for the thesis theme.

    Thanks for this wonderful share.

  14. Mani Viswanathan says

    Your income is increasing no doubt. But keep a check on the expenses too. 5000$ – 2000$ = 3000$. So you could probably work on reducing the expenses a bit :P

  15. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    Congrats harsh :)
    I earned $368 in September and hoping to earn $400 in the month of October :)

    You are my Idol Harsh :)

  16. Namit Gupta says

    Congrats Harsh, your last month income is really awesome. I think its only you in the whole blogosphere who regularly publishes monthly income report. This motivates people to work hard and to believe that blogging can also earn livelihood. This is what differentiates you from others. Keep Rocking. m/

  17. Ricky says

    Wow. That is cool. There is a big jump in your income I still feel that your infolinks income is less. I’ve got $224 from infolinks this month.
    You have also got more money in adsense compared to previous month which is great. Keep rocking bro!

  18. Lakhyajyoti says

    Great income report Harsh.Hope you’ll reach $6000 mark this month.Thanks for sharing your income details with us.

  19. Onibalusi Bamidele says

    Really great income report Harsh,

    You’re really gaining a boost in income and I hope it keeps improving.

    You also got some great result from Adsense this month.

    Thanks so much for sharing your income,

  20. Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot says

    Hi Harsh, just following you as per Hesham’s recommendation but wanted to say congratulations on what you’ve achieved here. I’m a blogger and a big Thesis fan too:) I have a gorgeous version of it on my blog. Anyway, great to tweet you!