How to Index a Website in Google Search in 24 Hours [Case Study]

Index a Website FastUpdate: This post was originally published in 2012, and is being re-published with updated information on 5th July 2015.

Having a website today is an essential part of an online presence, and it’s important that your target customers can find your website by your brand name in search engines.

Many businesses have already added blogs to their websites for faster indexing and for more exposure from search engines and social media.

In this article, I’m going to share information which will help you to make your site visible to search engines in no time.

Recently I worked on two websites – one for my client and one for myself. The challenge with both was to index a website in Google within 24 hours. This is not a simple task, but neither is it an overwhelming one if you pay attention to what I am about to teach you here. A proper strategy will help you to put your website into search engines within 24 hours – and maybe only in a couple of hours!

Let’s get started:

You can try the following instructions with any new domain you have purchased, or with any site which you created in the past but which is not getting traffic from search engines.

The first step is to determine whether or not your site is indexed in Google or any other search engines. Go to and type  (Replace “” with your actual domain name, (example:, and check to see whether the site is indexed or not.

If there are no results, it’s time to follow the steps below and get your site into Google. Here is a screenshot for my query:

index website in Google search

What is indexing of a website?

Many of you may not be aware of the meaning of the term indexing. Indexing in SEO refers to search engines keeping a record of your web pages. When working on indexing of our site, we should target all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc).

Usually when a search engine bot comes onto your site, it starts crawling and, based on “index” and “noindex” meta tags, it adds pages with index tags in that search engine. This is how you control what pages from your website should be found in the various search engines. You can watch the video below from 5:27 to learn more about how search engines work:

Here is a synopsis of the strategy I used to put both my client’s website and mine into the search engines within 24 hours.

Apart from onpage SEO optimization like meta tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions and on-site SEO (noindex, nofollow), I used robots.txt to put the websites into search engines in just a few hours. Robots.txt refers to a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.

Before you try to index a new website, make sure you have your content prepared, because you don’t want Google bots to come and crawl your empty homepage!

Make sure you do all of the basic onsite SEO work mentioned above first, and then work on the following steps to get your site indexed fast.

Guide to Indexing a Website in Google Within a Few Hours:

This strategy should work with all websites, as we will be using external sites to send crawlers to our site. The results also depend on how fast Google updates the newly indexed pages.

Note that if you are doing this work for a client, you may wish to research the index status in all countries to check for data replication delays.

Submission to blog networks :


We talk about blog directories and blog networks as though they were things of the past, but in fact even today networks and directories work. As in the past, however, you should not submit your blog to every blog network or directory. Instead, submit your blog only to selected blog networks and directories, making sure to avoid link exchange directories!

To begin:


This is one of my favorites because this blog network drives lots of traffic and always links back to my blog.

Sitemap submission :

A sitemap is created to help search engine crawlers to effectively crawl your blog, so make sure you have created a sitemap for your site or your client’s site.

Next, submit the sitemap to Google/ Bing/ Yahoo / Ask and other popular search engines.


Commenting dofollow/Comment Luv:

Since one of the sites in my example was related to a paid job and it had to be completed within a given time-frame, I added almost 30+ comments for both sites on the CommentLuv blog.

I did not check for dofollow or nofollow attributes, but I did comment on popular, high traffic blogs. This confirmed that search engine bots will follow the comment links and will land on my blog, and that is exactly what happened.

Popular website stats program :

IMT Website Submitter

Some of you may not be aware of websites which keep stats of domains or show the price and value of any domain. This is a nice way to get your site indexed, however submitting to multiple stat sites is not easy, so we want to use free tools like IMT website submitter. With this tool, all you need to do is to add the link and anchor text, and IMT submitter will submit your site to sites like, “website stats” and other such sites.

Here is the link: IMT Website submitter.

Social bookmarking submission :

This is another very effective method, though somehow within four hours my website was in the search engines despite the fact that I did not seek social bookmarking submissions. If you wish to do so however, you can start with Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Facebook (public share), and Twitter for faster indexing of your content.

Guest posting:

If your budget is sufficient and you have the necessary time and patience required, prepare 5-10 quality posts and ask your fellow bloggers in your niche for permission to publish your articles on their blogs as a guest author and enjoy the resulting backlinks.

If you are doing this for a client, buy 5-10 quality articles and do the same.

Along with backlinks it will drive some traffic to your blog. Try to guest post on relevant popular, high-ranking pages and on regularly updated websites.

Ping services:


Ping services offer another effective way to notify search engines of your existence. Pingomatic is one such tool which you can use to notify multiple search engines at once, and another you can try is Pingler.  Wordpress does have a default feature to ping services, but giving one of these other options a shot can’t hurt.

If you are using WordPress, you should check out: WordPress ping services.

Here are my results, achieved within four hours:


The screenshot above is for one of my websites. I simply tried indexing that parked domain site for test purposes, so kindly avoid the meta description shown.

For your website, make sure you add a meta description and all of the other important SEO details, as you don’t want search engines to index useless pages of your site.

If you enjoyed reading this, here are two more suggested articles:

I also suggest that you create a profile on Google Plus, and add your website link or share your link publicly. This will also be very helpful, as Google has started following Google Plus links very quickly.

I would love to hear your feedback about this post as well as your thoughts on any other information which might be useful to the topic of indexing websites.

If you find the information in this post useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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    Hi Harsh,

    This is such a nice information and this case study about blog indexing is really works alot if we implement.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a resource full article about blogging.

    Actually starting a blog is easy but maintenance is tough but you have such a niche that really helps newbies a lot.

  2. mayank says

    Hi Harsh,
    me again, in this post you show that how to check number of index pages on google by typing site:url on google search. I used but I have a question ” How google bots decide the sequence of index pages for a particular website when we type site:url on google ?” .
    can on basis of seo of pages or ranking or etc ?
    need your help for a right answer ‘Harsh’ .

  3. mayank says

    hello Harsh,
    I use google search console to index new post and i saw that it indexed instantly on google. but after 3 days i saw it is not index on google it automatically remove from google index pages of my site.
    can you tell me how can this ?

    • says

      These are not spammy sites, but sites which shows website estimation & ranking. I would suggest to submit to top 50 sites only for a new website on a given day.

  4. Pique Dan says

    Great stuff here.I have added a meta description after reading shoutmeloud.My alexa ranked sky rocketed.Instead of creating content everyday I’m reading ,learning about seo.This is the best place to learn.

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    Hi Harsh,

    Actually I was going through with this article and you mentioned about IMT website submitter. So is it safe for Website ?

    As I have seen some sites where they are saying that it created problem for them even Google suspended thier site.

  6. says

    By following the strategy I have got awesome benifite. I was facing indexing problem one of my site. After follow this guideline my page was index in Google within 2 hours. It is really awesome. Thanks for the nice guideline.

  7. Regina says

    I read about this some years ago in Problogger website. I actually used this and it worked. But for my new site, I am just scared since Google doesn’t want us to make backlinks too fast. The blackhat community tried doing the case study on what happens when backlinks are made quickly for new domains after the last Google update. . They said its no more working. In fact, the site you used in your case study is not on the first page of Google.

  8. V Srinivasan says

    Hi Harsh,
    Great timeless piece of post on SEO subject. I visit your site regularly. You are my blog-dictionary.

    Btw, I want point out Technorati has discontinued website submission facility. Now through their new website announced that they have revamped their strategy of claim blog or authority index and has come up with new monitizing technology for publishing community.

  9. Adesanmi Adedotun says

    You said the meta description should be avoided, great but if I may ask, how do go about your blog homepage SEO strategy?

  10. Shravan says

    Thanks a lot Harsh for this complete and detailed post. Using these techniques, i was able to get my new blog indexed in a few hours. Once again thanks a lot. This post made my day and saved a lot of time and efforts. Thanks once again.

  11. Nagul Meera says

    I just did all of this for my blog. My blog is indexed, but individual pages are not indexed. Can you suggest me the way to index every post?

    • says

      For that you should update your Ping list and also create and submit site map to Google. Ensure that you use deep-linking method, and that is link Post A to Post B and so on. Add related posts at the end of blog post, which will help search engine bots to crawl your blog effectively.

      • says

        Hey Harsh!
        You are doing really great job guiding us. Please let me know can we do IMT submission for an old and already indexed blog.

    • Sumon ahmed says


      You can try featch as Google from your webmaster tools. And ensure some social share after make any new post. Wish you will get an awesome result. Happy blogging.

  12. Reginald says


    Thanks for sharing. This sounds like my usual steps. Haha! Great info though and as least, I know I am on the right path.

    Appreciate it!

  13. Mayukh Chakraborty says

    Harsh, many thanks for giving us a great idea to index website/blog within 24 hours in Google – the master-blaster of all search engines. Apart from all of your quality tips on Google indexing, one should first and foremost check whether their content is good enough for his/her visitors or not. Also its is always recommended to publish original, first hand content which should be purely a brainchild of any blogger. Anyway, thanks again for maintaining this tech blog. Regards.

  14. Anoop Sudhakaran says

    This is a fantastic post.
    To add to the list of methods, One can also do the following to get indexed fast.

    1. Answer a few Yahoo Answer Questions with a Level 2 acc.
    2. Make a Squidoo account and make a lens with your link embedded.
    3. Get some referral traffic from Twitter/Facebook/Forums etc.

    Hope this helps. Thanks again!

  15. Norgeskatalogen says

    Some very good tips here that most people will learn something from! Did not know about the ping tip to shout out that your site is here, so thanks for that one! :)

  16. koundeenya says

    I do tried the search thing before. but I never gave the social bookmarking sites a thought. They might be very helpful. I tried stumble upon. I heard it brings a lot of traffic. Now there are almost a huge bookmarking sites. so its my time to use them. thank you

  17. Pradeep Bhandari says

    Certainly a great article for new bloggers who want to index there blog. btw can you tell me is there any disadvantages of submitting blog in many blog directories? Or it was just a suggestion? Thanks

  18. Sagar says

    Nice case study, this proves the number of links pointing to one’s blog increases the changes of Googlebot jumping on your blog and indexing it faster.

  19. Rajinder Singh says

    amazing info. but i would like to ask about Ping service? i can add all pingin url in my wp such that every one knows about my blog existence and will it be called ping spam?

  20. Usman says

    I am facing a problem and I don’t know what it is. I post a blogpost one one of my websites and they do not appear even on the first 10 pages of Google. I post a blogpost on my other website and it turns up on the first page of Google within 10 minutes. Is it indexing issue or what?

  21. iwebsnacks says

    There are certain methods that need to be followed to give a push to your site on Google and other search engines. But if you choose right niche and way of promotion, it becomes lot more easier to promote your blog….
    These methods are for beginners..but

  22. B4Bahrain says

    Bundle of ways just a little taste is enough as you did and its a good. I will see how it will work for me and i will not use guest post or other wise i will try to write some intro about my new blog on my another popular blog. otherwise thanks.

  23. Siddanth says

    Did all harsh except guest posting and some 2-3 plugins right now need to change theme on the process will be done in 2-3 days Thanks Harsh yaar u always rock ;)

  24. Mtaram says

    I totally agree… I once did an assignment and it took me under 24 hours to get the website listed in top 10 results on Google search. Social websites do help a lot in providing the required exposure to the search engines.

  25. chandan says

    Hi Harsh, on the title you have mentioned about website indexing, but on the description you have mentioned informed about blog. I am also working for different projects of client. But I am getting confused how I get relevant link for those different niche websites.

  26. wiredcubes says

    MyBlogLog will shut down soon. No point in submitting. Anyways this is a complete post. I followed that problogger post every step and I got indexed in Google for less than 24hrs sure!!!

    For the guest posting and bookmarking are other good additions.

    cubestat and other stats site have high PR hence submitting to them will automatically a great bonus.

  27. loveish says

    Great work Harsh. This article is really helpful for all the new bloggers. Next time when I will start a new blog I try these methods for sure so that my blog starts to appear on search engines from the first day. Thanx for sharing this experience :)

  28. 100nblogger says

    I created this blog yesterday and today it has 4 pages indexed on google.. I used pingler to ping. and commented of few blogs.
    No expertize required to do this. But some times blogspot takes whole one month to get indexed.

  29. TechOfWeb says

    Just comment on any high traffic blog or website or you can try any Google forums. that’s it… Posting on Google Forums/google Groups will index your website


  30. Jens P. Berget says

    This was awesome. I have just launched my new blog, and I was thinking about what to do next, when I saw your post :)

    I have experienced that guest posting is one of the most effective ways to get indexed. But first, I’ll have to add my site map to Google.

  31. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Man, really stunning one. I’ll refer this article to my friends, who started blogging. Cheers… ;)

  32. Anish K.S says

    Its not a big thing, my two new sites indexed within 2-3 Hours (One got a PR of 2 in 1 month) , but last one takes 2-3 days.

    Its Simple, Activate , ALL In SEO and Google XML Site Map pluggin.

    Use Google webmaster Tools, also Yahoo site explorer.

    All these tips by Harsha is Cool. Its Simple and No cost :).

  33. SEOux says

    nice setup, harsh! If it’s necessary to get it index, you can also connect it with and get a blog comment backlink to tumblr.

  34. Basant Singh says

    An excellent article. BlogCatalog helped me a lot in initial days. Even Orkut helps me in driving traffic.

  35. Chethan says

    This is Awesome bro… But Indexing Homepage is Nice..
    But Can You tell me How to Index Individual URLs.. I need Tutorial for that bro… My Site is Facing some penalty.. can u pls suggest me few tutorials on “How to Recover from Google penalty/Filter”…

    I will be grateful to u bro

  36. Mad Geek @beingPC says

    In most of the posts like this a have seen that most people say that Social Bookmarking helps, but in my case it does not, except for Facebook. I didn’t see any traffic source coming to my blog from any of the social bookmarking sites, but I do get traffic from Orkut and facebook.

    In-spite when I become active in Yahoo Answers my traffics boozes like anything. So what I learned in the 3 month of my blogging experience is Social Networking sites do help but Social Bookmark not as much.

    But I am just 3-4 month old blogger so may be I am wrong. May be after sometime I will get benefit of it.

    • sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

      U r Absolutely right Geek…
      I totally agreed with you

      Social networking sites is best because many people engaging there for sharing their thought with friends than social bookmarking websites….

      If we go for digg, twitter etc., our mutual friends are excepting to retweet and digg the story so you have to concentrate in that also…

      So it’s become easier to find people and making traffic to our blog in social n/w sites….

  37. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

    Im doing all the process that you had said for my website without knowing some of them is a good one for indexing..
    example – pingomatic…

    Technorati claiming of our blog is tooooo late. My blog take about 1 month for verification of claim

  38. Surender Sharma says

    Hello Harsh,
    SEO is the main and most important part of any website or blog because without SEO website and blog can’t be visible in the search engine.You are right that feed submission and blog submission work nicely to get PR improvement and also for traffic driver.
    As my opinion your ways are really worthy to get SEO.For bloggers I would like to suggest professional theme like Thesis and some SEO related plugins like ALL in One SEO,XML map,Smart Links etc.Even anchor texts can improve page ranking.
    These efforts should be made to get high volume of traffic,I mean SEO.