UnInstall WordPress Plugins to Fix WordPress Slowness Problem

Slow WordPress Solution

2 days back my blog was constantly down and I was facing blog slowdown problem. I was cursing my web hosting company and was planning to switch it. Probably I would have done that but after lots of research, I found the issue was not with my hosting   and it was because of WordPress.WordPress Logo

Few days back we discussed on How many WordPress plugin we should use? And I explained there why it is important to uninstall the unnecessary plugins. Most of WordPress slowdown issue is because of hosting, plugins or your database.

For hosting We have some of the best hosting companies, which is recommended by WordPress. One of them is Dreamhost, which I recommend for my readers.

WordPress is big memory hogging software when you use it with lots of plugins. There are many settings under the admin panel which you need to review to keep your database neat and clean. Most of the WordPress blogs are hosted on shared hosting and there is a downside of shared hosting that memory and process has a limit, when user start getting such error, they might find it the best way to switch to new hosting company. But moving to a new hosting company is not a solution, because your database and plugin will be the same, and sooner or later you will face the similar issue. The best solution is optimized your WordPress for better performance.

If you are using too many plugins, I suggest you to try P3 profiler plugin, which will help you to benchmark all Installed WordPress plugin and see which plugin is slowing down your blog.

Now plugin, there are thousands of plugins are there for WordPress. Every plugin add an extra functionality to your WordPress platform, though if you use lots of plugins, you might be overloading your WordPress database and making your blog slow or making it to cause internal server down error. The best workout would minimize your plugin as much as you can. Also, when you uninstall a plugin, make sure to use clean options plugin to remove all unnecessary tables created by that plugin.

There are many WordPress plugin, which might not be as handy as they sound, so instead of making your blog slow, it’s better to uninstall and remove it from the database. Here is the list of plugin, which I recommend:

The less number of plugins, you will have faster your blog would be.

Do let me know your opinion?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. TD says

    Hi Harsh, Recently I was working on a WP site and it was using 53 plugins on which 30 are deactivated. Hosted on GoDaddy shared and issues is the First Byte takes huge 12-14secs to load. What could be the issue? WIll try deleting plugins still I doubt why Very Fisrt byte is loading so slow..

  2. JustOnlineBiz says

    This is another helpful post.

    Few hours ago, my blog showed a database error, I had to contact hostgator chat, by the time they answered me, I discovered it is working on it own.

    I am going to check my pluing again to see if I will get some of them off the DB.

    Thank you for this post.

  3. Pranjal says

    Howdy ,Harsh we are also expecting this kind of issue on shared server, but our hosting is suggesting us to move to premium hosting package as our website usages are high due to increased access.What are your suggestions.


    • says

      Pranjal Most of hosting will always reply in the same manner. Make sure you always check your configuration first, as moving to premium hosting is not the solution always. Try to read few posts on How to optimize WordPress and also optimize your database. Remove the plugins which you are not using and if possible drop those tables as well…
      And last but most important, make sure you are using caching mechanism for WordPress.

      • Pranjal says

        thanks for your reply and valuable comment and we are using W3 Total cache for caching mechanism and while looking towards plugins we are using plugins which are almost required and are very well properly configured and none of them are waste as we already remove the waste one.
        So please supply more more details about reducing server usage.


  4. Ash Nallawalla says

    Harsh, I am not sure if the Thesis theme was around when you wrote this article, but if not, using it will remove the need to use some discrete plug-ins.

  5. Andres says

    I had been tested all the alternatives (removed plugin too), and the plugin “No Blog Clients” fix 80% my problem. This plugin removes link elements from your WordPress header for Windows Live Writer and other blog clients using the WordPress XML-RPC interface. After this plugin, the Admin Panel of WordPress loads more fast.

    I added this: extension=curl.so in php.ini (line 597 aprox.) and help some too.


  6. Robin says

    Server loadtime is a very big concern for a blogger. I am bit afraid of UNLIMITED’s when it comes to hosting.

    As they normally send us notice when we reach certain amount of CPU Load due to increase in traffic.

    Any comments harsh ?

    • says

      That’s true and that’s why I have written this post. Even if you have high traffic blog, you will not face any issue, if you have optimized your database and lower down the number of process.
      Usually it takes an hr to completely optimize a blog database and it’s very important for anyone who is on shared hosting.

      • Rohan says

        I have faced same problem due to wordpress. My Host suspended my account because of excess use of cpu resources. As per host my wordpress is not properly installed, Plug-ins using cpu resources, un-optimized database.
        It’s all fine but can you tell me how to optimize wordpress database? Is there any alternative for wordpress?

  7. Gautam says

    Yea, plugins cause slow loading of blog.
    When I was new to blogging, I always went forward and added each and every plugin… the result that came out was very slow loading of the blog (and also increase of server load). Then I removed all the unnecessary plugins and the blog was fine again :-)

  8. Nihar says

    I have to schedule 1 to 2 hours this weekend to check the number of plugins and see whether i can reduce it or not.


  9. Michael Aulia says

    It’s funny, because once I move to HostGator recently, I’ve actually increased the number of plug-ins I’m using :P

    Since no matter how many plug-ins I throw at it, my CPU usage is only showing 0.1% (at most 0.2% once a while) heh heh

    • says

      Michael may be not now, but sooner or later, when your CPU usage will increase then you might need to consider removing few plugin.
      I’m sure that’s one thing you did with your x-hosting company.

  10. George Serradinho says

    Hi Harsh,

    I saw that your site was down a few times when trying to access it. I thought it might be my internet access, but now that you have written this post, I understand why.

    I read your other post about the number of plugins and I have to say that you taught me something. The number on my blog has come down significantly and I’m still trying to reduce it even more.

    I feel for you and hope that you sorted your problem out. Glad to see yo are back up and running again.

    • says

      Initially even I thought it’s because of my hosting, but I was wrong when I saw the difference after removing almost 5 memory hogging plugins.
      I’m sure even you can feel it in terms of blog speed.
      I’m glad my posts are helping you in a way :)

  11. Curious Little Person says

    Never knew it was an issue with the plugins. Thought it was with your web host

    • says

      Initially even I thought so, but I was wrong. I’m Still on the same web host and you can see the difference after I have taken out some plugins.

    • says

      Sushant I will suggest, remove the plugins which you don’t use and whih are not very important. You will see the difference in terms of blog speed .