Question: Are You One of The “Professional Bloggers”?

Starting a blog is fun, and everyone has a blog these days. Some of us are maintaining it properly, planning to make it huge like many existing professional bloggers. Many of us are in dilemma of deciding between part-time or full-time. This article, is targeted to those 10-7 working class, college students, who are in the state of sitting idle, waiting for offer letter, finding a job. Do you have what it takes to be The next professional blogger?

Full-time blogging requires time, knowledge, dedication and most valuable of all which it requires is patience. Being a professional blogger, you must have the vision of where is your blog going and how much you are committed towards your blog.

Few days back Harsh talked about pro-blogging as career option in India, and we all know it’s getting better with each passing day. Here is an image of India’s professional bloggers. From right to left: Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Abhijeet Mukharjee, Abhishek Bhatnagar and Honey singh.

Professional Bloggers from India


I suggest everyone before declaring themselves a professional blogger, ask yourself the following questions:-

Question to ask before becoming a Professional blogger:

Are you writing in your area of expertise?

This is a fundamental, and a must answered question for every blogger. You should have knowledge on the topics you are writing as without the proper information you will not be able to build up a reader base. So, you must write or make blogs in your area of expertise. If you are one of those who started a blog for experiment sake, and good instant success without any expertise. It’s time for you to claim that expertise by learning it, and improving yourself.

A professional blogger always maintains a niche blog as it increases their authority among readers. Maintaining a multi niche by passion will not provide you a path towards professionalism. So, it is better to focus on a specific niche, and build the faith for your blog among your readers.

When you turn yourself into a professional blogger, your readers expectation increases. Your critics helps in shaping up, and breaking up a brand, product or service. Your words matter. Yes, I’m talking about credibility here. Needless to say, you need to work on building your blog credibility.

The role of bloggers are changing with time, and now blogging is not only about sitting in one room, and writing what you love. If you planning to make it big, you need to get out of room, attend events, meet like-minded people, and seduce them with your expertise, and knowledge.


Are you really present online?

This question may sound weird, but every professional blogger should ask this question to themselves. Your online presence is very much needed in making you a successful blogger. You should be in contact with the top successful bloggers via social media or E-mail and should read and comment on their blog regularly.

If you wish to be one of those internet marketers, who makes million of dollars every month from being nobody, ‘be my guest’. But I’m talking about, being an ideal, a mentor and establishing yourself as a brand. What is the first thing comes in your mind, when you hear names like:  “Darren rowse” “John Chow“, “Amit Agarwal”, “Harsh Agrawal” and many more.

Are You a Quantity or Quality Writer?

Being a professional blogger, you must have the vision of what are you writing for. Posting in bulk does not make any sense if it does not add any values to our readers. Making quality post is a very much essential to build up a reader base, and for better ranking (Eespecially after Panda and Penguin update). Your role is now like a journalist, where you will be writing a topic with your expert advice, recommendation and critics.

  • Quality or quantity of posts: What matters the most?

You could choose to be just another blogger by writing news pieces, or you can get into A-list blogger by adding more value to your articles.


Are You Updating Your Blog Regularly?

This is going to play a vital role as readers will always search your blog for something new. You should update your blog 3 to 4 times in a week otherwise it will create a bad impression among your readers and ultimately harm your professionalism. You can write a few articles well in advance in case of times when you do not get time to do so. This will keep your blog updated even in rush times.


Is your blog, Just a blog?:

When you decided to wear a professional blogger suit, at the same time you should wear the image of it. Your blog is just not a blog anymore, but it become your only source of income. You can’t let your blog treat like just another blog, and it’s time to bring the major change.

Your blog is now a brand, and you are the first advocate of your brand. You will be getting your business card ready, your blog is offering good user experience, and you are ready to implement all latest need of technology. Being a professional blogger is easy, but being a blogger who creates a difference requires hard-work, dedication and patience.

These are just few of the questions, which I can think of now. The difficult time comes, when you are in middle of deciding between your current career or taking blogging as a full-time career. When you are working for someone, you have peace of mind in terms of running a business, maintaining office and many other things. But when you are planning to become one of the professional bloggers, you need to work on many things and treat your blog as a business. You can ask these questions before taking blogging as a career option. Here are few tips from Harsh on professional blogging Vs. Part-time blogging.


So ask yourself all the above questions and answer them honestly. And if you do not have some of the above mentioned traits, start working on them and hone your skills. You never know, when you will turn yourself into another professional-blogger from your country.

I would love to know, if you wish to be a blogger by profession in future? What changes you are making in your life, working style to reach your dream?

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Deepak Kr. Das says

    Great post or I should say bull’s eye. I ‘ve been facing the same trouble. As a start-up entrepreneur, you can’t afford to hire highly paid professionals to update your blog or website. And it is quite frustrating to manage the brand online as well as offline. But after reading this article and all the other articles related to it, I am in a better position to take any decision, at least to reorder my priorities correctly.
    Thank You so much!

  2. Zack Lim says

    Hi Vicky,

    Thank you for sharing this blog post.

    I love the list of questions that you have listed and it really gets me thinking that I should get back to blogging soon so that I can provide more content and values to my subscribers.

    I agree with you that making a full time income from blogging or interner requires commitment of time, effort and work.

    Great blog and content that you have over here :)


  3. yash says

    Motivational.. !! Yes I am a Pro Blogger.. thanks..!! Loved it.. totally…!! Hard work will pay someday!! Will abide through the guide!

  4. Anish K.S says

    I am a pro blogger, me too started a blog just for fun, then it turned my life. very happy to say that me a bloggerrrrrrrrr.

  5. Imran Khan says

    It’s great to see all the top bloggers at one place..!! Anil Aggarwal and Harsh Agrawal are my favorite too..!!! And blogging is great responsibility as the readers love to get more knowledge from your blog posts…!

  6. Nirmal Kumar Pandit says

    Yes, Exactly right. If you write a blog, it should not be an only blog. Always try to present it like a special lesson, which can provide sufficient information through it. I am very impressed with it, thanks to provide this kind of blog.

  7. says

    Hey, great to see all the top Indian bloggers together. Although I’m not a professional blogger but I strive to be one. Hope one I have a pic with all these bloggers.


  8. Gautam Doddamani says

    updating and providing quality content is the most epitome part of blogging…the only person who does these at a consistent rate is said to be a professional blogger :)

  9. Ravi kumar says

    Right Said Vicky, these are the important questions, should be asked to myself. I have started my career after my B.Sc as a full time professional blogger, on that I was just motivated from Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal blog.

    I am stick in my niche and specialization.