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One of the thumb rule of on page optimization is Keyword density. By maintaining right %age of K.D, you will be able to target your post for particular Keyword. In this post, I will talk about one such Keyword density checker WordPress plugin, which will help you to find out which Keywords in the post has maximum density.

Some time back one of ShoutMeLoud guest author shared about SEO scribe WordPress plugin which is a premium plugin and helps you to SEO optimize your blog post. No doubt that plugin is really useful for any blogger to optimize their single post for search engine.


SEOPressor plugin not only offers density checker, but also tell you SEO score of your blog post. You can read complete features and review here.

But every budding blogger can’t afford a premium WordPress plugin and here I’m sharing an alternative to SEO scribe plugin which is not as feature rich as SEO scribe, but still very useful for any bloggers to find the right keyword for their blog post.

Keyword Density Checker WordPress

Some time back Google announced that they don’t care about meta keyword tags but from my experience, they still helps you a lot to rank for right keyword. More over instead of small (single word) keyword it’s easier to target long tail keyword and rank for it.

I’m talking about WordPress plugin known as SEO-Tool – Keyword Density Checker which shows the most used keyword in a blog post and you can pick the targeted keyword. It shows the keyword/phrase and number of time that keyword is being used in your post. If you are trying to optimize your post for certain keyword, you might like to edit your post and maintain the right density for SEO. I usually prefer to keep it around 1-1.5%. Though, you might like to check the calculation based on your target Keyword: Short tail or long tail.  Also, when you target a Keyword try to use LSI keywords, which will be very helpful to rank better.

While using this plugin, One thing which you should keep in mind that don’t try to pick all suggested keywords, instead use 3-4 strong keyword or phrase. You can also use Google instant search feature to check if that long tail term is part of suggested search term or not.

This plugin comes with an option page from where you can configure settings, more or less, you just need to install and activate this plugin.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 38 )

  1. says

    It is kind of interesting what Google finds as relevant. At first I thought you were using the work keyword to much and then I counted the on page times and it was 20, estimated the post length at 600 words and that is 3.3 percent or there about. So that would be in a good range, right Harsh. Second keyword your using is density. I didn’t count any of those.

    Anyhow, I think I need a density checker.

    But here is what I mean about Google. I am running queries on “WordPress Comment Section Site Density” because I am trying to figure out how much the comment section can effect the SEO, or how much the comment section can effect your overall site and page density factors.

    Kind of odd. You came up number 4 where the query is off except for WordPress and Density. I did a querry specifically to “Keyword Density Checker” and you don’t rank, then “Keyword Density Plugin” and your at number 4 on that one.

    So your H1 and bold text precise match doesn’t rank well, but when you put in plugin instead of checker it does, and something very off like “comment section site density it does.” LOL, Google is nuts. Well, they say precise keyword string to query search just doesn’t work well anymore.

  2. Jenny says

    Harsh-this plugin you suggest says it has not been updates in 2 years and no longer supported

    your thoughts?


  3. iLUVcoolstuff says

    Thanks for the plug-in Harsh! I’m working hard to understand more about how to optimize keywords and increase traffic to my blog. Will give this a try! thx

  4. Nasif says

    This plugin is not compatible with the latest wordpress version. Can you recommend any alternative ?

    • says

      I’m using it with latest version of WordPress and it’s working without any issue. Which version of WordPress are you on? You might like to check if this plugin is conflicting with any other plugin and causing it not to work.

  5. Pratap says

    I am a newbie in this blogging world and i am in search of ways which helps for optimizing my blog. This article revealed good tool for me. Thanks

  6. David says

    Just found your plugin and have installed it on my blog, looks good and i’m looking forward to using it. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to make this plugin, your effort is appreciated.

  7. Suresh Khanal says

    Hi Harsh!

    I was writing a post on alerting the keyword density with suggestion of some tools we can use to find related keywords rather than repeating same keyword over and over for this sunday. This plugin is great handy to review if the density is desirable or not. Thanks for the post.

    • piglet says

      I was really excited about the above plugin as I am new to blogging and a complete techno muppet. However, after hours of trying to work out how to download it – apparently you can’t if you are Have I understood this correctly?


      • MKR says

        Hosted WP is a locked-down platform, so you’re limited to the features they offer. The best you can hope for is asking them to add it, but I doubt they would.

        I highly recommend getting your own hosting for it, though. Most of the stuff that makes my site work well wouldn’t be possible even if I paid for the add-on features offers.

        • pigletinportugal says


          Thanks for your comments.

          However, W.P even with the limitations as they stand with .com is perfect for a techno-muppet such as myself :) For example, it took me 2 days to add a pigging widget :)

          My blog’s not a commercial site, but just for fun. A platform really for me to express my thoughts, voice my frustrations and share information…if there are any other options I can use to optimize my site for search engines plus keyword density checker please let me know.

          I actually only discovered blogs existed earlier this year so I am a bit of a virgin!


  8. GadgetCage says

    Hello Harsh!
    I have been using this Plugin from past 3 months and Its one of the Most useful plugin that Power GadgetCage. It helps you to know the keyword density. But actual problem with this plugin is it shows grammatical conjunctions like “and,for,of” etc..
    But It comes really handy when we are writing killer posts.
    But I will suggest to use this without using any other Keyword Density Checker tools!

  9. Namit Gupta says

    I am using this plugin from some time and can say its much useful. A must try for checking on proper keywords density of an article.

  10. MKR says

    Took a couple of its suggestions and my ads ended up being better-targeted. Awesome.

    Not all of the suggestions made sense given the content, but you should be judicious in SEO usage anyway.

  11. Devesh says

    Hey Harsh,

    Really great post. The Plugin looks great.
    Will Going to try it on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this great plugin.

  12. WebGuide4U says

    Installing plugins on your blog will increase the loading time of your blog. Instead of installing a plugin you can check out the keywords by using google adword tool which will help you out in choosing the better and top keyword. and help you to cut out one plugin from your plugin directory.

    • says

      I believe you missed reading complete post and commenting on basis of title. This plugin doesn’t suggest keyword but pick the keywords which you have used most of the time in your post.

  13. Mosarrof says

    I am looking something like this. I will use this plugin to my blog soon. Thanks to author for this advanced post of SEO.

  14. Djs Helpline says

    Sure it could be useful for some blogger but not for me because i always write for readers not for search engine. I saw in my blog that i receive traffic for keyword they have 40% and .5 % density. So friends i think these type of plugin useless for those blogger who write for readers and useful for those who write for search engine.
    Sorry friends if i heart anybody.
    Choice is yours, you write for reader or you write for search engine.

    • Harsh says

      I appreciate that you write for readers, but what’s the point in writing for the handful readers, if your reader base doesn’t increase over time. SEO should go hand in hand with your thinking.

      • says

        Hey Harsh & Djs thanks for your comment..
        Just for the record, this plugin doesn’t hamper your reader in anyways…
        You just optimizing your keyword and this plugin helps you to find most used keyword in your post which you can use as meta keywords.
        At the top of it, a post can also be optimized both for readers and search engine… :)

      • Simrandeep Singh says

        I didn’t get expected results with that plugin. But the plugin is best to know what people are searching to reach your blog posts. The plugin tells you about popular search terms as well as recent search terms.