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    How I Unfollowed People Now following me on Twitter

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    twitterrific icon How I Unfollowed People Now following me on Twitter


    I have been on Twitter for some time with the handle @denharsh and at times, I would like to unfollow people not following me. I’m not talking about official Twitter profiles but people I followed to make connection by personal tweeting. Though, it’s always a good idea to clean up your profile once in a while and get rid of all such people who are not part of your twitter community.
    We have already covered quite a lot of tutorial on twitter and if you have missed out, I would highly recommend you to see following posts to boost your profile:

    When I Joined Twitter, I started adding friends on a regular basis and in the end I see that I’m following almost 2K people and only 100 were following me.Now first thing I wanted to do is to remove those people who were not following me. Though, my approach was wrong, as I ended up following unlimited and un-targeted profile, but anyways, now when I have connected to many users, it’s bad idea to remove all. So, I decided to find such online tool which can let me quickly unfollow those people who have not followed me. I usually use this service after one month and remove them.

    Service which I’m talking about here is call “LessFriends” and as name suggests it let you have less Friends on twitter. Ahh, Less following or Less noise, sounds much better to me. Anyways.

    Then One of my friend told me about this interesting site, Which tell you the exact status Of people whom you have added.That means if you are mutual friend or only follower.

    lessfriends How I Unfollowed People Now following me on Twitter

    LessFriend is a useful Twitter web application, which let you see who all are your mutual friend and who all are following you and important part which shows whom all you are following( and they are not).

    I prefer instead of receiving thousands of useless tweets, Listen to useful tweets from your friends who   reply to your tweets, From my previous post when i started writing about twitter.

    I have added few friends who are actually very good while replying to my tweets and these people   define the meaning of twitter.

    So, my advice for all the twitter user here is “Quality is always better then Quantity”


    Alternative to it will be FriendorFollow

    You can add me on twitter here : http://twitter.com/shoutmeloud

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    Thanx buddy i have multiple twitter a/c it was a tedious job to unfollow people one by one.Thanx



    I’m going to test lessfriends, but i don’t like login page, username and password of my account. that is not good
    .-= Dadony ´s last blog ..iPhone / iPod touch applications: TweetTime =-.



    LessFriend service is shutdown now.


    Jib Cranes

    Thanks for showing the way to unfollow. I agree with your point of view that why we follow someone who is not following to us except the there is superstar or famous personality on twitter.


    The Padrino

    this doesnt seem to work any other alternatives



    Hi Harsh.
    Nowadays LESSFRIEND doesn’t seem to be working.But FriendorFollow is very nice tool.



    Actually, I knew that there were tools to find followers and to follow others, but never knew there are tools to trick on twitter.


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