How to Request money and Send Invoice Using PayPal

So far all Indian Freelancers and Online marketers are aware of latest PayPal issue. Now here is a quick solution to the problem of $500 limit. This tip is for all those who are into freelancing. Since we can’t accept payment of $500 at one go and solution is to explain your client about this issue, and ask them to send money by breaking amount into lower than $500.

Now to make your and your client work easier, you can always use PayPal request money feature or better PayPal Inbuilt Invoicing system. Many of you who are not aware, you can use PayPal to generate free invoice.

How to Use PayPal request money feature?

In order to request money using PayPal, login to your PayPal account and click on request money.

paypal-request-money paypal-money On the next page you can add more details like reason for requesting money and your client will receive an Email to pay the amount.

How to generate Invoice using PayPal?

Now above tip is basically the most easiest way to request money. But if you want to be more professional, you should start using any invoicing system. PayPal has an inbuilt feature which can be use to generate invoice and request money at the same time.

Follow the first point, and when you click on request money, on the next page at the navbar there is an option to create invoice. Click on Create invoice and you will be taken to a page where you can create and send invoice using PayPal.

paypal-create-invoice This is the direct link to create PayPal invoice. You can also create and save template for later use.

paypal-invoice-sample PayPal invoicing system has lots of features which will help you to create a professional online invoice. Once you are done, send the invoice to your client and he/she can pay directly following the link in the Email.

It’s becoming hard for Indian PayPal users to digest whole new scenario which is brought by PayPal team and people started hunting for PayPal alternatives. Though most of online websites prefer PayPal over any other company, so we should hope that PayPal and RBI will get rid of this issue.

Do let us know if you have used PayPal invoicing system before and which one is best PayPal alternative according to you?

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  1. Manendra says

    I have searched many web sites how to request money and you explained in a easy way. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Nihar says

    Thanks for sharing this tip.

    This will be helpful for all who are thinking as to how to get the amount which is more than $500.

  3. Hank says

    I like to bill my clients that I freelance write for using Freshbooks. It is free to invoice up to something like three clients and then a small monthly fee after that if you have more.

  4. Prabal @ LPII says

    Its a real shock to all paypal users. Hope to see some alternative soon. There is no fault of rBI here.

  5. Suraj @SmartFatBlogger says

    Thanks for sharing this, article.
    I still wonder why did paypal came to this sort of conclusion, may be its not well established in India and for Indians internet users.