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Do you ever imagined of publishing a post remotely to your WordPress Blog Though Emails? Mostly people are either busy with their tough schedule or don’t have enough time to login to their WordPress site to publish a new post. Using Emails you can easily write and publish post to your WordPress blog though your favorite Email service Provider. So today we will be going through How to Publish Posts to Your WordPress Blog Directly From your Inbox.

Our Goal: Our main intention is to publish posts to our WordPress Blog via Emails, to do so we won’t have to install any external Plugin because WordPress itself provides a built-in feature to Publish posts Though Emails. Here you can read the official documentation.

How To Synchronize Your WordPress Blog with Emails:

We have divided this tutorial in two parts, so in the first part, we will synchronize our WordPress Blog with Emails and in second we will learn how to publish posts to WordPress though emails. Just follow the following instructions.

Step#1: To post to WordPress though Email you have to create a secret Email Address with POP3 access, so whenever you send any email to that email address WordPress can detect and could easily publish it to your Blog. It’s a Good Idea to either keep that email Secrete or setup a Branded Email Address for your blog. Go and register a new illogical Email Address i.e. [email protected], zZnF4ScB, and etc.

Step#2: To synchronize your WordPress blog with Email, first you have to login to your WordPress Admin Panel. Now go to Settings >> Writings >> Scroll down and you will be able to see a tool called Post via e-mail.

WordPress post via Email

  • Mail Server: In this text area, you have to insert the URL of Mailing Server of your Email Service provider. Following is the small list of the Mail Server of popular email service provider. Remember: if the server URL is incorrect it will not work properly. (Don’t forget to Enable POP3 for your Email Address otherwise it will not work).

Mail Server of Popular Email Providers

  • Login Name: Here insert the illogical email Address, or your branded email Address that you created previously.
  • Password: Enter the password of your Email Address, so WordPress can easily get into your account.
  • Default Mail Category: Since you will be posting from your Email so you have to assign a default category though you can add more categories once the post is published.

All Done: Now press the Save button and your WordPress blog is successfully synchronized to your Email Address.

How To Publish WordPress post via Email Address:

Now after synchronizing your WordPress blog with a certain email address its time to publish a post to test everything is working in an order, because I love Gmail so I am using it though you can use any email service provider.

Step#1: Just go to or any other service provider and login to your account. (Remember: you can publish posts with any email address, though you have to make sure you are sending emails to that email address that is synchronized to you WordPress blog).

Step#2: Select Compose a New Email.

Step#3: Now it’s extremely crucial that you correctly type that Email Address which is assigned to your WordPress blog. Write anything in the subject box and it will act as your post title.

Publish Post via Email

Step#4: Mostly Gmail and other Email Provider give you a standard Post editor that has all the features which can be used to make your post a master piece. Moreover, you get the identical features that you have in your WordPress Editor, but attaching files will not work though you can upload images. Once you have finished writing your post, go ahead and send the Email

Blog post Published via Email

Step#5: After sending the email to the correct Email Address, go to www. and you will get the following message. (Don’t forget to replace domain with your WordPress Domain). 

Note: Make sure you send emails with the Admin Email Address otherwise it will be drafted in your WordPress admin panel.

Conclusion: Posting WordPress post via Emails is indeed a handy way to publish posts in real quick period of time. You can even use your Nokia phones or any other smartphones to publish posts without any problem whatsoever. Posting via Email will take less time but would surly give extra ordinary results.

Author’s BIO:

Faizan is a 17 year old young guy who is blessed with the art of Blogging. He loves to Blog day in and day out. He is a Professional SEO Consultant, Website Designer and a Certified Graphics Designer. He blogs at or Contact him on Google+. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    1. Matthias says

      Why do I have to do “Step 5″ with every post I want to publish with email.

      Step#5: After sending the email to the correct Email Address, go to www. and you will get the following message. (Don’t forget to replace domain with your WordPress Domain).

      Can step 5 be avoided somehow? Please help.


    2. Ravi kumar says


      I have subscribed for your blog, that is why receiving very good post and could be able to read this stuff. Really very good information for people who do not have too much time to post articles or blog. I did not know it. thanks for your information.

    3. says

      very informative post, having this option of posting through email can prove to be really helpful. But some how this is not used so widely probably because there are not many blogger who know this.Thanks for sharing this

    4. Sadhil Kumar says

      A really well written post, Syed. Posting via emails may be is the next big thing in blogging, considering the gradual shift from conventional desktop users to alternate mobile devices. I am sure this would come of help to many such users. :)

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