How to Embed a Facebook Video on Your Website or Blog Post

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How to Embed a Facebook Video on Your Website or Blog Post

Video marketing is the future of content marketing, and one should integrate it to multiple places. When ever I create a new video, I share it on multiple social platform including Youtube, Facebook page and Google plus. Now, when ever I’m writing a related article on my blog or any other website, I use those videos and embed it within a blog post. Specially, it’s a great idea if you directly embed Facebook videos on your blog as it gives another way to market your videos and your Facebook profile and page.

Earlier, one has to play with the codes and all to embed a video from Facebook on a page, but now Facebook has streamlined the process and made it easier for anyone to share videos from Facebook on their web-page. Specially if you are using WordPress, it will be very easier for you to add any Facebook videos or post inside your blog post. Here I’m sharing two quick tips that will help you to add any videos from Facebook to your Web-page. Depending upon what blog platform you are using, you can pick that trick from here. Facebook is a community of real human so videos which got likes can’ be fake. More over the quality of videos which are shared on Facebook are better than any other video hosting website.

Embedding Facebook video on your Webpage

One important think which you should keep in mind before adding a Fb video on your webpage is: The privacy of post should be set as public. Now, all you need to do is get the URL of the shared post and simply copy paste the URL within blog post (WordPress only). For non-WordPress user, you should use the second method. But first lets look at how you can use the first method in two parts:

Adding videos from direct video:

So you see someone sharing an amazing video and you want to share it with your readers on your website. Here is what you can do, play the video and  click on options at the footer of video and grab the embed code. See the screenshot for better understanding:

Embed Post

This will bring the embed code which you need to grab and paste it in your website. You can also customise the width of video to match your website width.

Embed Fb Video

That’s it, and below you can see the result after pasting the code on your webpage (Note: You need to add the code in HTML part of your blog).

This 2nd trick is also useful for promoting your own page or personal profile. All you need to do is, click on share button on the video and share it on your Facebook profile or Fan page.

Now, on the page click on either time when post was shared, or hover your mouse on the post and fro drop down select embed post to grab the code.  For example, this is the URL of my status as shown in below image and I have copied and pasted it below to embed Facebook video along with post without any tech-hassle.

Facebook video share option

That’s it and now you have learned embedding Facebook videos on your web-page. I will also be doing a video tutorial on the same soon, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notified for the same. For now, if you find this tutorial useful, do consider sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter. Have a question? Feel free to ask via comments.

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  1. Virtual Avatar says

    Thanks for sharing :) I wondered for a long time how to do this. My Facebook is what I use mostly for personal things and now I can integrate my videos in the blog.

  2. Athul @ Juniorhero says

    Wow, Embedding facebook videos is possible.. I will definitely embed FB videos but by Speed and customization Youtube is the best

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