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    Shanker Bakshi

    I would be needing a logo for my client by tomorrow, noted down some cool point here. Good write up. Thanks



    need a cool logo for me. I guess these tips will help me for the same


    ZK@Web Marketing Tips

    Logo is an essential element of any business and one of the core aspects of marketing. It’s difficult to promote or market any business without a logo..


    Marla Hughes

    Well, I just finished mine and was going to ask your opinion of it. :-)
    Next: website.


    Fareed khan

    Excellent Tips Sheeba, Creativeness is important to a Designing Purpose..Nice Post…



    If you can mention any specific software used for editing images & logos, it would be helpful.


    ifham khan

    well sheeba i really thnks for the tips because it helps a lot in desgining my new logo


    Don Bixby

    I don’t want a logo that withers in time, but other than that, pretty good advice.


    Chris Kahler @ Bloggeritus

    Hi Jana!

    Very helpful points indeed… explaining something like logo creation is difficult because there are so many attributes that a logo should stand for yet very few specific things you can do to bring out the right ones. You’ve done a good job explaining the system and letting whoever reads benefit by adding their own creativity to your process… Great info, I must say!

    Great post, I really enjoyed it :)


    Traci Bell

    Great post, but what is the best way to get a logo without spending too much money?


    fazal mayar

    definitely a nice post, I need a cool logo for my blog :)


    Kavya Hari

    Logo should be more attractive to the people so you have to choose attractive back ground color with the suitable text for a logo. Thank you so much for given great post on here :)



    Excellent points. It is mandatory to have a logo for years. I work for IBM and if you have any chance of seeing their logo you can have modified alot.

    However an interesting and simple is too good to start with :)

    Nice post Jane :)



    I designed my logo in just 5 minutes. Very simple one. In other words I just wrote my blog name in some font and uploaded. Will consider these tips


    Amrish Singh

    Logo Is the most important to make a brand . And we can do this by design an attractive logo for you site


    Cool Boy

    A simple logo is more beneficial then a complex logo. The company logo must reflect the industry a website is serving. Any ways shout me loud has a clean and simple cool logo



    Thanks Jane for your advice. Really helpfull for my next logo design :)



    Nice ..article between can you suggest any particular software for making a LoGO .or just Photoshop is the only option ?


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