How to Create Gmail Email Template and Why?

Gmail is my favorite free Email client and I’m a Gmail user since 2007. I started Emailing with Hotmail, moved to Yahoo Mail and now It’s GMail which handles all my Emails.

One of the reason I use Gmail is, because with one login I can get into multiple site like YouTube, Google plus,Orkut, Google docs and many more. I have already shared few Gmail tips in the past and if you have missed it, check out our Gmail archive.  Now, here is another Gmail productivity tip, which will help you to save lots of time while you reply to Emails using Gmail.

There are many features in Gmail which helps in increasing productivity and helps in getting many things done quickly. One of them is Gmail Email template or popularly known as Gmail Canned response. This feature let you create pre-defined templates for Email. Let’s look into this feature in more detail below:

What is Gmail Canned response?

Being a Blogger, I keep getting similar Emails from people looking for guest posting opportunities and enquiry regarding various things. Many Emails like guest posting enquiry, Service enquiry, WordPress services requires me to send similar Email to everyone. Now, composing similar Email every time is time-consuming and this is where Gmail canned response feature comes into the picture. By creating a pre-defined Gmail Email template, you not only saving your time but also it will help in increasing your productivity. I have used this feature for long and I believe this will help you and others whose job requires to send lots of Email, canned response feature will be very useful.

How to create Gmail Email template ?

In Gmail, creating pre-defined Email templates is easy and here is a quick tutorial for newbies to get started with it. Login to Gmail account and compose an Email, which you usually send to everyone. For example, here is one such response which I have prepared for guest posting inquiries. Once you are done typing the Email, click on Canned responses and under save, select “New Canned response”. This will save that Email as template.

Gmail Email template

Now, Give a name to your Canned response, make sure you keep it meaningful, so that you can easily recognize it in future. I usually point out some important points which is required here and later when I will send email, I make changes like Name, any other details if required.

Now, to use this Gmail email templates, all you need to do is, while replying to someone click on Canned response > Insert > Select the template which you created. Here is a screenshot for the same:

Insert Gmail Canned response

That’s it and you can quickly send the Email and save your precious time. I have used this for long and it’s a real-time saver. I also suggest you to include your Email signature in the template which you have created for more touch and free promotion of your services/portals.

Well, this was a quick tip but I’m sure those are using Gmail and missing out canned response feature, they will find it useful. What other Email email templates have you created for faster response? Is there any other Gmail trick, you would like to share with us? If you find this post useful and informative, feel free to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. says

    I was unaware of this feature too. But I think you forgot to mention that, one cannot see the Canned feature in Gmail unless and until it’s enabled from Settings – Labs.

  2. Sahil says

    Wow! I was unaware of this feature too. But I think you forgot to mention that, one cannot see the Canned feature in Gmail unless and until it’s enabled from Settings > Labs.

  3. david says

    Hi Harsh, This is cool. The only drawback for me is that I would actually have to login to the web client. Currently, I download all of my mail to MacMail and read it there.

    If I were using the web client like you are, it would be a lot easier to take advantage of this feature. Not only that, but it would be easier to take advantage of future features that Gmail will come up with..

  4. says

    Beautifully explained everything Harsh!!! Definitely the post is very beneficial, eespecially it will save a lot of valuable time. Not only for the Guest post queries, this can be used in many beneficial forms, no doubt Guest Post being one of them. Thanks for sharing the article.

  5. tarun says

    I was unaware of Gmail canned response. I will try this, hope it will useful for me as well.
    Thanx for sharing this informative article :)

  6. george says

    good post but ridden with the same mistakes i tried to warn you of sometime back. It let(lets ) you create pre defined templates for e mail. Being a blogger i keep….. Getting enquiry(enquiries).. You not only saving(save) your time. And yes i have a tip about gmail. Many times newsletters come from sites we’ve signed up. Now if you don’t want them then create a filter by going to preferences and enter the keywords matching the newsletter. Example yahoo breaking news alerts. Ok