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    Reshab | GetFree.in

    Informative post but you missed use of social media to brand blogs.. Thanks for the post…



    Greatly written. one must also focus on the competition on his niche so that he would be able to compete with others.
    Branding and perfect marketing is necessary for any blog to grow in this blogosphere


    Rahul @ MazaKaro

    I am not regular in posting and writing articles for my blog. Now I am looking on posting my articles regularly.


    Harsh Agrawal

    If you are a part time blogger and Could not maintain post frequency, I would suggest use Post scheduling method.
    Depending on your sped schedule your post for next 7 days..Lets say 1 post a day or 1 post in 2 days and if you get time in between the week, come up with 1-2 more posts..!!



    Be careful with logos, images you want to use though..

    They can slow down your site, especially if we use pagespeed from firefox (addon), it says, specify dimension bla bla lol..



    Solid steps and one that of implemented would definitely help a lot in establishing credibility. Once this is achieved then your brand should be recognized as one of the “authorities” out there. Good one and thumbs up!



    Hi Ajaero

    These are some of the best tips for building your brand and blog I’ve seen summarised so well. Congrats.

    It’s an interesting point you make about using your name for your blog domain because people like http://chrisguillebeau.com have done it really well as their domain name but when you land on their blog it has it’s own name, same with http://jonathanfields.com

    I think you can do it successfully if you’re consistent and you is the biggest part of your brand!




    Well yes, blog header is usually the first thing visitors see on visiting, so having a catchy header is important and agreed having a own unique logo is really good, as it represents the blogs and serve as a symbol of authority. Thanks Ajaero for this wonderful and informative post :)


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