February 2009 – Blog Earning

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February 2009 – Blog Earning

Reading other people income report is motivating and at the same time it gives more ideas for generating revenue online.I have started sharing my report because I believe it would help my blog readers and you would know how blog and bloggers are making money.

Though I started professional blogging from the month of March 2009 and I started monetizing shoutmeloud from last week of January 2009. So till now I have not made any significant money because I’m more into building reader base for me rather then hitting my readers with lots of advertisement.

Though 2 weeks back I realized that affiliate marketing and direct ad sales is the best way to making good money online. Probably soon you will see adsense replaced by Affiliate and direct advertisement.

Till now I was working with shoutmeloud only and now I have started with another personal blog of mine www.chromoz.com and I hope to see some improvement in my source of income next month. I’m calculating this income on the basis of stats and sales I have made. I will receive this income after 2 months (Most of these advertising network have hold policy of 60 days).

So here goes my Income report for February 2009:

  • Google Adsense : 170$
  • Commission Junction : 45$
  • Infolinks : 40$
  • Dreamhost referral program 94$
  • Digital point service = 25$
  • WordPress installation and set up for 2 client = 50$
  • Buy Sell ads: 10$


Total = 434$

Looking at the above figure I’m not happy with BuySellAds performance because it sold my top header ad space at very cheap rate. I might consider changing it after this period of cycle.

Talking about adsense, I removed the adsense from Shoutmeloud feeds, as it was not performing very well and it is not reader friendly. Recently I tried Interest based advertising in Google adsense, that didn’t performed very well for me. So I opted out of it. Right now I’m experimenting with adsense to find out which ad placement and colors will do the best for me.

I will   be targeting more on affiliate marketing because that’s one of the best way to make online money.

Meanwhile if you are looking for advertising with shoutmeloud : You can check Advertise with shoutmeloud page.

I was using chitika earlier and then I shifted to Infolinks because of the performance it’s giving me.

You can read about them here:

Make your text sell viral with infolinks

I know not an impressive figure but I’m happy with it because I’m not targeting advertisement program more. Apart from it this income stats is for the month of march when I was working full time with a tech company Convergys Technologies and blogging was part time for me that time.

I just signed up for Clickbank and I will be targeting more on hubpages, SEO services and wordpress services to make most of blogging.

I would like to know your success stories and what are your source of Income.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1047 articles.

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  1. Anita says

    Okay, maybe you can write an article for dummies like me. I have a blog with wordpress. I do not publish it anyhere else. I cannot run plug ins on wordpress. Can I run adsense ads or other ads from my blog, and if so, where do I put the code? Do I create a text widget for it or put it somewhere else? I’m so not getting this!

  2. vijay says

    thanks Harsh for sharing the info.
    I too realized that affiliate marketing is having very good potential earning big bucks.

    Best wishes for your blogging business. I too earning descent amount from blogging now. Hope we will be helpful to each other in our future assignments.

    Thanks and regards,

  3. Vaibhav says

    Nice work, first time i visited this site. Impressed your site looks pretty clean and full of rich resources.
    i have just started blogging.
    nice to see a problogger from india.

  4. Atul says

    u revealed ur all earnings Honest blogger
    May u get more earnings

    Atul™s last blog post..Open for Yahoo! Means open to innovation

  5. Sanjay says

    Looks like you make a quiet handsome amount with considerable amount of visitors ;)
    keep it up :)

  6. CPA Arbitrage says

    Making money with Adsense it’s becoming harder and harder. Couple of years ago, Adsense program was really hot

    Nowdays, affiliate earnings are much more rewarding. More and more publishers go into CPA networks everyday. Adsense is paying penny per clicks .. Too bad .. I actually enjoyed it while it lasted.

  7. Mayur says

    Nice earnings dude :D
    Plz tell how can we earn with Dreamhost referral program ?
    Do we need to have their hosting..

  8. Seo Make Money says

    You are do well. How is the money make in March? :)
    I will come back, In march i made almost $300, hehe I’m so happy!

  9. Ajith Edassery says

    8K is not bad at all and that well matches the 20x figure (20 times monthly earnings).

    Recently, I have been going through a lot of trouble and even thought of selling Dollarshower for similar figures. But suddenly the blog income reduced due to my lack of commitment :)

    Good luck for your future endeavours Harsh!


    • says

      Ajith, Commitment is very important for blogging.
      I have been here for long and no matter what I never let shoutmeloud run out of content
      Infact I started with other projects as well.
      You got a nice blog, best of luck!.

  10. Rahul says

    Hey thats a good number.
    I never thought blogging can make this much money. I will hope if you give more idea on how you make money

  11. Infolinks Tweak says

    I just made a simple Infolinks tweak in my Infolinks settings that made my earnings multiply by 5 times compared to my previous month’s Infolinks earnings. ..

    • says

      @ Infolinks
      Dude I like the tweak..and obviously it will increase the revenue if we remove the double line..and keep it to one…
      but is it allowed by the TOS of infolinks??

  12. says


    I’m revealing my source of income so that people will get an idea from where I’m earning and they can target the same field to earn more….. :)

    Its more like try , fail and succeed .

  13. srinivas says

    Your blog is very intresting for me.
    Can i know how many years of blogging experience do you have?

  14. Work At Home Blog says

    Wow! Your earnings are very impressive. I get somewhat motivated just looking at your statistics. Congratulations! Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep in touch please.

    Peter Lee

    • says

      `Why do u need stats?
      In case if you need it to know my traffic source ..I can make a unique post…showing my traffic source…
      Meanwhile my page views stats falls somewhere between 55k and 60K

      • Himanshu says

        Yes dear, i want to know your traffic source and the exact traffic you r getting ,if you could tell me, normally i never see any blogger revealing his income ,even amit agarwal but kindly speaking you are a very honest blogger reevealing everything. i learn many things from you .As i am doing a startup i am a learner.Actually my blogging interest rise after attending Wordcamp India.

        • says

          Thanks for the appreciation and nice words.
          I understand the importance of traffic source because it will help you to target those aspect of Traffic which you must be missing…
          I will try to post it asap…
          Meanwhile I think we didn’t had word at wordcamp. Planning to organize a party for tech bloggers again in April…
          Will let you know..

  15. Alexandria Cleaning says

    Congrats you did a good job, I too have wish to earn like this Please share some tips with us.

  16. says

    I didn’t targeted Affiliate marketing last month because of lack of time and this month I’m out of active Internet connection. But I’m sure next month you will see some interesting stats from Affiliate marketing.

  17. Ravi Sagar says

    Wow man, you earn impressive figure while working part time!! I need tips from you to earn that much so that I can also leave me job :p

    • says

      @ Ravi
      I have a feeling that you have lots of potential but for now you seems to blogging just for the fun ….
      Lets meet sometime next month and we guys can discus lots of thing…

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