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    Create Gmail Button with Email Icon Generator

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    Create Gmail Button with Email Icon Generator

    One of the big problem of putting our Email address in proper format [email protected] is, email harvester bots add those Emails in their database and spam them. This is a big headache for bloggers like us, who have to put Email address for some reason in contact or service pages.

    Though, simply way is you can replace at with [at] and that will stop bots from harvesting your email address, but believe it or not, some user will actually mail you without @. One easy solution to this problem is by using Gmail button or any other Email icon, so that it not only look good but easier to understand.

    Free Email Icon Generator service:

    One major benefit of this service is, you can also create custom Email icon. Saying that, what I meant is apart from Gmail button like [email protected], you can also create custom Email image for example, [email protected] You can customize the look and feel of the image, but default feature is good to go with. There are many pre-defined Email services which are popular and mostly used, if not custom option is going to save your time and effort.

    Anyways, using this email icon generator service is super easy and lets see how I created Gmail button for my Email address. Simply go to their homepage and add your Email address as shown in the screen. From right drop down, select Email provider and in my case it’s Gmail.

    Create Gmail Button

    Here is how my icon for EMail address looks like: Email icon

    The service is free to use and there is nothing much you have to do apart from entering your Email address. If your email provider is not listed there or if you are using any custom email address you can click on Provider not available, Click here! and create icon for your choice of Email. Though, you need to customize the color using Color picker to give it a feel and look of your personality.

    Link: Custom Email Icon genertaor

    Do let us know if you know any more such service or anything else which you are using?

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