[Blogging] Why commenting is Very Important for Your Blog

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[Blogging] Why commenting is Very Important for Your Blog

Importance of Blog Commenting

Few days back one of my blogger friend Abhishek asked me a question :

I just came to know that you are active commenter on most of the blogs.
Your comments easily cross 100’s within a week.
Well, I feel lazy for commenting.

Can you please tell me, if there is any profit from commenting like traffic or relationship or SEO or anything else? You do you just comment out of your interest?

Though Abhishek already answered the question by mentioning important points. To answer his question in details , instead of replying him. I thought it would be better I should write a detailed post on the importance of commenting for any bloggers and social media person.


Despite of other reasons this is the most important reason you should start commenting on other blogs. You always complain that your site is not getting enough traffic from other search engine, that is because your site is not gaining enough authority in search engines. When you comment on blogs, it helps you to create backlinks and build traffic to your blog. Though most of these links are nofollow and carry little value, but again it helps a bit. For new blogs, commenting will help in faster indexing of your blog.

Read more on backlinks :


Another important aspect of Commenting is Traffic. Commenting helps a lot to drive traffic into your blog. Though there are few things which you need to take care of, instead of adding comments like thanks nice post, try to add more values to comments. Another thing which can easily be done is take advantage of threaded wordpress comments. Reply to any question asked on any post, be it your blog or others blog. Anything which add value is appreciated by everyone.   To take the maximum advantage of commenting follow these simple rules :

  1. Try to be the First commentator to comment
  2. Write detailed comment. (Minimum 4 lines)
  3. Make sure you have an image added with your email address. Use Gravatar.com

Commenting with your Keyword as a name has a great advantage in terms of SEO, though many bloggers might find it as a spam and they don’t accept such comment. But if you comment without self promotion and add more value to the post, everyone will love to accept your comment.

Search Engine Optimization

We have already told you about importance of SEO for Bloggers, though commenting in a right way can help you to optimize your blog for SEO. It will be offsite SEO and the best way to get backlinks for your blog.

  1. Comment using your keyword as a name
  2. Comment on Blogs with Dofollow comment policy
  3. Comment on Blog using Top commentator Widget.

Needless to say that you need to add comments which add values and meaning to the post.

Relation with other Bloggers

Commenting is the best way to get in touch with any blogger personally. Though it takes time to create such connection but once you are regularly commenting, you will be noticed by the Admin and order co bloggers. If you think of long-term, this will help you a lot in long run.


Commenting is must for any blogger and it will give you benefits in the form of :

  • Backlinks
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Traffic
  • Relations

Recommended Reading

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If you still wondering despite of quality posts, you not getting enough traffic on your blog. I will highly recommend start commenting and you will see the difference in real-time.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1037 articles.

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  1. says

    My experience is that nofollow links do have a very important place in the SEO game so getting loads of nofollow links via commenting can make a significant difference in ranking especially for new site that has great content.

    But there is one thing I am not sure of, How much do the comments actually add up to the content of a site ? I mean are the comments included in site content like rest of the article or do the search engines treat it differently and do not include it in the content of the post!

  2. says

    Initially didn’t even know what SEO is all about but your blog helped me.Thanks for your awesome blog Harsh. :)

    My question is about blog commenting. Commenting is not working for me. Tried many times, always treated as a spammer never accepted :( help me out. Alexa Ranking is going up but not traffic.

  3. says

    “People are social.” EXACTLY. It’s all about engagement.

    You are not benefiting fully from your blogs if you don’t enable your comment section. Of course it will help your traffic, but more than that, it will help you establish relationships that will never happen if you don’t allow your readers to impart their opinions and feelings.

  4. says

    For last 3 months , I am following your all articles and have also subscribed you. Though I noticed you yourselves have made commenting rel=”nofollow” , but its ok as far as you are really helping your commentor by replying about their queries.
    All the very best for more earning at blogosphere. :-)

  5. says

    Hi Harsh, Thanks for all your posts. I’ve just started a blog and going through many of your blogs to increase my page views. Its a very very tough job starting from 0. I can only now appreciate what others have done to get that many pageviews or likes. Submitting a post or view is easy but the toughest part is to get audience. I’m sure I’ve some interesting posts but where do I get the audience. Tough real tough. Your articles are helping me to understand these better.

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing this info. I wasn’t sure if “blog commenting in SEO meant getting people to submit comments on your blog or getting link juice for your websites by commenting on other blogs and linking back to your site.

    Does anyone know if it matter’s what type of blogs you submit comments to? Should you only link back to your site by commenting on blog posts contextually relevant to the webpage or site you’re promoting?

  7. yogesh says

    Thanxx for sharing these golden information.Most of the new blogger dnt knw the importance of commenting.But you explained each and every point.I personally work on this and it improves my visitors anf rank !!

  8. sachin says

    earlier I didn’t feel commenting can increase traffic but I think after reading your blog I am convinced. nice post.

  9. maxwell ivey says

    Hello; One of the best things you can do for yourself is to subscribe to blogs in your niche or blogs that cover topics you are interested in. This way you will be one of the first if not the first to know about new posts giving you the best chance to be the first person to comment on a new topic. good luck, Max

  10. chronic says

    WordPress blog commenting is no longer useful according to me as every wordpress blog as comment attribute as nofollow

  11. TechTushar says

    I have one question that : all blog comments are “nofollow” and acording to google it will not pass any SEO advantage to nofollow link then how is it possible to commenting?

    • says

      For backlink building it’s better to comment on dofollow blogs..but as I mentioned there are other advantages like brand building and traffic, which can come from a blog with nofollow comment box.

  12. Honda says

    Blog commenting is really on of the best way to build links pointing into your blog and not only that,it is also a good technique for making a good conversation with the other commentators and the author of the site you commented.I hope this is helpful to you!!

  13. rizwan says

    Nice post. Commenting brings lot of free traffic and good backlinks also. But I have one question in mind that if you are commenting on a post which have low PR but the blog itself has high PR5. Whether commenting on such post will gain any backlink by Google.

  14. Mama Mia says

    I personally think that commenting is really not that hard to do. Eespecially, if the blog you are commenting on has the exact same theme as yours do. In my case, I’m a mom blogger. So it’s very easy for me to place comments on other mom blogs because I can relate to them. But I also enjoy commenting on helpful blogs like this one, Harsh. Because, although you are obviously a techie, you explain topics in very understandable terms. Thank you for that and I’m sure you are being rewardded with very good karma for all your help to other bloggers. More power to you!

  15. Jenny says

    And, commenting actually helps the site you comment on too. It shows true readership, adds unique (user generated!) content and shows the blog gets traffic. So, it helps both the commenter and the page created for the comments! Thanks for the post.

  16. Kevin says

    always enjoy reading your blogs, will show this to my daughter who believe it or not was asking me about this today.

  17. Albert says

    Using our keyword as name will helps to build backlinks. But Is all of the webmaster approving those comments… ?

  18. Anupum says

    I realized late that it is always good to leave a mark. This helps to acknowledge the author for his hard work and is also good for building back links and relations with like minded people.
    I read most of the posts on your blog. My blog belonging to a similar category helps me a lot. Love them.

  19. Anupum says

    I realised late that it is always good to leave a mark. This helps to acknowledge the author for his hardwork and is also good for building backlinks and relations with like minded people.
    I read most of the posts on your blog. My blog belonging to a similar category helps me a lot. Love them.

  20. Ezuca says

    I strongly agree with this post. Commenting is really more on being beneficial to both the commentator and the author of the post.

  21. Fun By Earn says

    So, I used to do lot of commenting for my blog when i started. now reduce a bit. 5 comments per day.. sitting one hours for commenting is useless.

    better write one article for your blog post.

  22. Brian R Cline says


    I wanted to say thank you for this extremely interesting blog entry and leave some thoughts.

    I think that anyone that depends on comments for seo or website traffic should ensure that the comments being left are of the highest quality.

    SEO may also be hurt by commenting on blog posts that aren’t necessarily relevant. For example, my blog is about Computer Programming with a very general linux slant. If I’m commenting constantly on blogs that are related to food, this may hurt my SEO efforts.

    I agree that backlinks will help any website owner as long as the content is relevant to the website or any SEO goals.

  23. Curious Little Person says

    Harsh, All that you have mentioned is true….

    Do you by chance have a system where we can find blogs who have this:

    2. Comment on Blogs with Dofollow comment policy
    3. Comment on Blog using Top commentator Widget.

    Or does this have to found manually through trial and error

    .-= Curious Little Person ´s last blog ..How to Cloak your Affiliate Links =-.

  24. Manpreet Singh Rehsi says

    I started commenting on some blogs I truly liked their content. The idea of getting the backlink and traffic is important but the most important is the quality of comment. the comment should be relevant and should make impression so that the visitor get curious to see your site or blog.

  25. Phaoloo says

    Well, I agree with you in most cases except one thing: the sort of items. The most benefit of commenting is for relationship between bloggers. Most of comment backlinks are nofollow so they don’t help us much in getting PR juice. Then, they just click on those backlinks for their curiosities and the bounce rate is quite high.
    A great post need votes and votes here are useful comments. It helps you make friend with the author, then you may have him as a friend on your social network who will vote/retweet/digg/thumb your content.

    • says

      with the recent update added by Google engineer, that Google is ignoring nofollow attribute, that’s why you will notice many blogs are removing comment link from their old blog posts.

  26. Ajith Edassery says

    Commenting on any blog/post topic may not yield the desired SEO advantage though. With the desired keyword and context it may do wonders. If the particular blog that you are commenting on do not allow keywordluv or keywords, use you name instead and link to your about page.

  27. Aery says

    Hey Harsh,

    Thanks a lot for explaining me the concepts.

    I would like to add one more point and that is “Diverting other blog users”.

    Suppose, you leave a intelligent comment on someone else blog and when his readers read it, they would automatically start following you. Chances are they leave the original blog and subscribe yours. But for that you need to leave intelligent and valuable point what the author has left out.

    Bonus: replying comments makes strong bond between author and readers, which eventually turns to permanent readers.

  28. Stefan says

    As I’ve said before, blog commenting is the single most important part of running a popular blog. You gain so much by simple writing down your thoughts on a post you’ve already spent time reading.

  29. Greg Ellison says

    Commenting has helped my blog because I get traffic back but also the blog owners comment on my blog. When I comment I always put my name so I can brand and get my name out there. Greg Ellison

  30. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Well said Harsh ! ;)

    And my experienced tip is .. always brand your comments ! It drives lot of traffic to your blog. And don’t comment like a robot or something.. be involved in the topic. Cheers and thanks for linking ! :)

  31. Nihar says

    Very well written post. It is always good to share the direct question to you via post instead of just replying to the person who put a question to you.

    It is very much true. from Last 20 days, comments on my blog has reduced by more than 75%. It is purely due to the inactivity of me in commenting on other blogs.

  32. George Serradinho says

    With leaving comments on other blogs, you expose your site for more traffic. Although it is very hard to be the first commentator, it does help in the long run as some will visit your site link.

    Commenting plays an important role as you receive more visitors and you could also have the visitor sign up for email updates.

    I also visit the users site when they leave a comment as I could find some valuable info or even sign up for their email updates.

  33. Rajesh says

    really commenting helps a blogger to gain more traffic to his/her blog . . a good makes the visitor curious and makes him to have a look at our site..

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